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Xtian Dela is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Xtian had at least 1 relationship in the past. Xtian Dela has not been previously engaged. He was originally born and raised in Ngara, Nairobi, Kenya. According to our records, he has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Xtian keeps his personal and love life private. Xtian Date Plus. The number one dating portal for Nigerian Christian Singles. Join the largest Christian dating site. Sign up for free and connect with other Christian singles looking for love based on faith. G-d's days do not follow the Xtian dating system. Shabbat begins sunset on the Xtian day 'Friday' and ends sunset on the Xtian day 'Saturday.' We follow the Biblical day, not the Roman Catholic day in accordance with G-d's definition of 'day' not the Catholic definition of day. The 39 Melachot were created by G-d's authority laid out in the ... Date Xtian Singles. The purpose of this site is to help Christians interested in on-line dating start off right by providing reviews of top Christian singles sites. She is not dating anyone currently. HeXtian had at least 1 relationship in the past. HeXtian has not been previously engaged. He is from the United States. According to our records, she has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, HeXtian keeps her personal and love life private. Hi guys! I'm currently dating a lovely lady whom i intend to spend the rest of my life with. The problem here is that i'm a Xtian and she is a muslim.THat not withstanding, I love this lady so much but parents are saying we cant get married due to the conflicting religion.WHat do i do? Date Xtian Singles. The purpose of this site is to help Christians interested in on-line dating start off right by providing reviews of top Christian singles sites. ... Best 5 Christian Dating Sites in the UK Christian Dating for Free Review Christian Cafe Reviews Overview ChristianCafe.com is the largest Christian-owned and operated on-line ... Xtian Dela has never disclosed details about his dating life. He is secretive kind of a young man. Xtian Dela Net Worth. His estimated net worth is approximately over Kshs. 1 Million. He gets most of his income from brand endorsements due to his social media following. XwhY: [email protected] 08036053446Kindly send the following info to [email protected] ABOUT YOURSELF Name: Gender: Age: Location: ABOUT YOUR PREFERRED MATCH

The joys of a non-Christian relationship

2020.09.15 15:11 kasparovv96 The joys of a non-Christian relationship

My boyfriend (23M) and I (21M) have been dating long distance for over 5 years now and nominally our relationship has always been non-religious. Nominally. At the start I was a lapsing Catholic but this never really interacted much with our relationship besides his offers of support (he has never been religious besides attending the occasional Baptist service as a child). Our relationship has had ups and downs like any but I would say that it has always been strong. We dislike argument due to various traumas and we have become excellent communicators. Sometimes he's an idiot; sometimes I'm an idiot, but we always work it out and are better off after than before.
What I didn't realise was just how much the Catholic mindset had ingrained itself into my perception of relationships. In Catholicism (and many other Xtian denominations) a relationship is almost like an ownership. I put a lot of stock in getting married. I cared far too much about how he modified his body (piercings and such - as if it was any of my business!). I was painfully jealous. Some of this came from other places but a majority came from the controlling and codependent model that Christianity gave me. In retrospect I'm horrified. It's no excuse for what a complete ass I was; I'm grateful that I began to think differently about relationships. I no longer see marriage as the vital end-all of a relationship, and I don't need anything to define our care for one another. I'm not possessive of his body or how he looks. I just want him to be happy. We've even started talking about ethical non-monogamy and my jealousy has abated in favour of excitement and an acceptance that I can't be everything he needs and he can't be everything I need. In letting go a bit we are happier and our relationship is stronger than ever.
I only wish I had known from the start that relationships can be so different and that love doesn't require you to hold on as tightly as you can. I don't own anyone and nobody owns me - I choose to stand with my partner and that's much more powerful.
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2020.07.09 01:05 CFreyn Unofficial (Tentative) Global Banner Roadmap (AUG 2020)

APOLOGIES TO EVERYONE ON MOBILE. I realize this is showing up super ugly and not how it is on my Mac. I'll try to find a workaround.

  1. Characters in BOLD = New (Will head to Platinum Summon Pool at banner's conclusion)
  2. Characters in BOLD and ITALICS = Limited New (Can only be obtained during a future reissue)
  3. Characters in plain type = Previously Released (Already in Platinum Summon Pool - Greater %)
  4. Character with a free superscript = Free Character (Obtained via event exchange, as a gift, or a boss raid in-game)
Without further ado.

CHRISTMAS BANNER #1: JP (DEC 13, 2018) GL (JUN 30, 2020)
(SS) X-Mas Monika (SS) X-Mas Julian (S) X-Mas Azami (S) X-Mas Flurryfree (A) X-Mas Windie

CHRISTMAS BANNER #2: JP (DEC 21, 2018) GL (JUL 8/9, 2020)?
(SS) X-Mas Albert (SS) X-Mas Ginny (S) X-Mas Cat (S) X-Mas Sophiafree (A) X-Mas Tatyana

NEW YEAR'S BANNER: JP (JAN 1, 2019) GL (JUL 19, 2020)? (Untranslated? May be supplanted by a later, translated banner.)
(SS) NY Katarina (SS) NY Hector (SS) NY Polka (SS) NY Grayfree (S) NY Red

SEVEN HEROES PICKUP #1: JP (JAN 11, 2019) GL (JUL 29, 2020)?
(SS) Noel (SS) Azami (S) Noelfree

SEVEN HEROES PICKUP #2: JP (JAN 21, 2019) GL (AUG 8, 2020)?
(SS) Rocbouquet (SS) Barbara (S) Jeanne [RS2 Amazon] (S) Rocbouquetfree

(SS) Gerard - Old Art Stylefree (Unknown if we will get this.) u/xtian has pointed out this is the style we got in our mailbox during launch.

(SS) Princess White Rose (SS) V. Rocbouquet (S) V. Ellen (S) V. Cordeliafree (A) V. Aisha

SEVEN HEROES PICKUP #3: JP (FEB 14, 2019) GL (AUG 31/SEP 1, 2020)?
(SS) Dantarg (SS) Emerald (S) Eirik [RS2 Saigo Clansmen] (S) Dantargfree (A) Thetis [RS2 Nereid]

Let me know if anyone spots any mistakes or has anything to add. As always, if interest is high enough, I'll look into maybe doing another Global Banner Roadmap for the following three months of SEP-OCT-NOV as they get closer. Hopefully this is useful to give everyone an idea of how many gems to have saved and for when.
Disclaimer: This is all contingent upon Global keeping the same pace as JP.
Resources: Will continually update.
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2020.06.08 06:57 not-moses Modern Pentecostalism

Given the rapidly increasing dominance of posts about local congregations that fit the bill, and a need to pull everything together in one place so that one can more easily refer to it in the future, here's an introduction to the largest, worldwide "Christian" movement outside the Roman Catholic Church. Constructive comments are welcomed.
(Actually, even "destructive" comments are welcomed, if you catch my drift. And -- considering the very first one received -- it may be useful to just put this right up front: Are you in a Religious Cult? Take the test.)
Low church Puritanism came to America in the 17th and 18th centuries, moved West in the 19th, and went verblungent via the influence of African slave "charismatic" emotionalism and Caribbean voodoo in the old "slave states" in the mid to late 1800s. Modern Pentecostalism appears to be a 19th century assembly of those roots with an overlay of 20th century of Watsonian and Skinnerian behavior modification and neuro-linguistic programming.
From the Wikipedia entry:
"Pentecostalism emerged in the early 20th century among radical adherents of the Holiness movement who were energized by revivalism and expectation for the imminent Second Coming of Christ.[3] Believing that they were living in the end times, they expected God to spiritually renew the Christian Church thereby bringing to pass the restoration of spiritual gifts and the evangelization of the world. In 1900, Charles Parham, an American evangelist and faith healer, began teaching that speaking in tongues was the Bible evidence of Spirit baptism and along with William J. Seymour, a Wesleyan-Holiness preacher, he taught that this was the third work of grace.[4] The three-year-long Azusa Street Revival, founded and led by Seymour in Los Angeles, California, resulted in the spread of Pentecostalism throughout the United States and the rest of the world as visitors carried the Pentecostal experience back to their home churches or felt called to the mission field. While virtually all Pentecostal denominations trace their origins to Azusa Street, the movement has experienced a variety of divisions and controversies. An early dispute centered on challenges to the doctrine of the Trinity. As a result, the Pentecostal movement is divided between trinitarian and non-trinitarian branches, resulting in the emergence of Oneness Pentecostals.
"Comprising over 700 denominations and many independent churches, there is no central authority governing Pentecostalism; however, many denominations are affiliated with the Pentecostal World Fellowship. There are over 279 million Pentecostals worldwide, and the movement is growing in many parts of the world, especially the global South. Since the 1960s, Pentecostalism has increasingly gained acceptance from other Christian traditions, and Pentecostal beliefs concerning Spirit baptism and spiritual gifts have been embraced by non-Pentecostal Christians in Protestant and Catholic churches through the Charismatic Movement. Together, Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity numbers over 500 million adherents.[5] While the movement originally attracted mostly lower classes in the global South, there is an increasing appeal to middle classes.[6][7][8] Middle class congregations tend to be more adapted to society and withdraw strong spiritual practices such as divine healing.[9][10][11]"
(There's a LOT more there, but what you see above should be sufficient for this purpose.)
Fringe (and, well, NOT so fringe) Pentecostalism (in not-moses's reply to the OP on that thread) is -- in terms of sheer numbers and political influence -- by far the largest, most cult-qualifying and dangerous of the English-speaking "cults", so far as I can see after about a decade of primary and secondary academic research into the topic. See...
  1. the brief presentation on “charismatic Pentecostal glossolalia” in not-moses’s reply to the OP on this other Reddit thread, as well as
  2. Pentcostal Methodology in not-moses's reply to the OP on that thread, then
  3. Chanting & Affirmation Recitation
  4. "Prosperity Theology," the "Alt Right" and the Political Purpose of Evangelical Totalism and
  5. Religious Trauma Syndrome.
But, bear in mind that current day Pentecostalism in the "religious products" of the Assemblies of God and Calvary Chapel -- as well as most of the smaller sects, independent congregations and "mega-churches" -- is a thought reform system that harks back through Wesleyan Methodism to the severely terrorizing pre-Reformation Catholicism of Dante Alighieri's (intentionally parodying, but easily and equally intentionally misused and) terrifying "Inferno" and Hieronymous Bosch's widely published triptych painting of hell... with the mind-numbing, mass-hypnotic wrinkles of glossolalia and rhythmic chanting added.
As was the case in the Holy Roman Empire of the 12th century, post-revolutionary France in the 1790s, post-Civil-War American in the 1870s and 80s, post-revolutionary Russia in the 1920s and 30s, post-revolutionary China in the 1950s and 60s, post-revolutionary Iran in the 1980s and '90s, etc., scare tactics work really well among the less educated who have few or no skills for critical thinking.
Totalism works so well on the minds of those already deeply conditioned, in-doctrine-ated, instructed, socialized, habituated, and normalized) to polarized dichotomizing -- as well as the infection of sin, guilt and shame -- as mechanisms of social manipulation, they are pretty much invisible to the +/- 80% of the population that never bumps into critical thinking in college.
The principle complaint about Pentecostalism is that it installs debilitating anxiety by double-binding the True Believers with accusations of irremedial sin that is pretty much no more than normal human behavior in most (though not all) cases... leading to ever deeper guilt, shame, worry, remorse, regret, morbid reflection, Learned Helplessness, Dread & Victim Identity. And then promises relief from all that via rejecting all information and awareness other than what "The Word" is claimed to mean and whatever else the authoritarian pastor preaches.
At the risk of some repetition here, Pentecostalism's principle manipulative -- or, if you will, "thought reform" -- mechanisms include...
  1. charismatic and emotion-stimulating, quite energetic glossolalia" as a form of trance induction (similar to Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome in Asian-Style Meditation Cults) to make further manipulation possible,
  2. repetitious chanting of conditioning, in-doctrine-ating, instructive, socializing, habituating and normalizing) beliefs (usually via the singing of hymns),
  3. Wesleyan Methodism, the major proving ground for the scare-'em-to-death, "hellfire-&-brimstone" evangelism so popular in mostly rural white and urban minority America since the late 1700s,
  4. gaslighting, and...
  5. emotional blackmail within a congregational...
  6. pyramid structure utilizing the dynamics of the...
  7. bait-and-switch, bait-and-bite, rescue-then-persecute-then-appear-to-rescue-but-actually-double-bind-the-victims technique of the Karpman Drama Triangle in a scheme of...
  8. Codependency as "Soft-Core" Cult Dynamics... and Cult Dynamics as "Hard-Core" Codependency...
  9. in which the faithful become "damned if they do... and damned if they *don't*.
The basics of that same Triangulation set-up can be seen in the Egyptian pharaonic, Hindu, Abrahamic and Mosaic, culture-organizing religions dating back about 5,000 years, as well as pretty much any other type of cult built on coercive persuasion. And it should be pointed out America is also seeing the rapid and increasingly widespread importation of a hybrid form of Pentecostal-gone-Zen-Buddhist cult form from South Korea (see the OP and not-moses's reply to it on that Reddit thread).
Prothero's God is not One: The Eight Rival Religions the Run the World examines glossolalia and chanting in the section on Xtian Pentecostalism, as well as Wesleyan Methodism. Sargant's Battle for the Mind gets way into WM and explains the mechanisms nicely. Arterburn & Felton's Toxic Faith, Bellah's Religion in Human Evolution: From the Paleolithic to the Axial Age, Carpenter's Revive Us Again: The Reawakening of American Fundamentalism, Ehrman's Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife, Hallman's The Devil is a Gentleman: Exploring America's Religious Fringe, Hoffer's The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, Kimball's When Religion Becomes Evil: Five Warning Signs, Miller's Reinventing American Protestantism: Christianity in the New Millennium, Tobias & Lalich's Captive Hearts Captive Minds and Ross's Cults Inside Out are also useful to understand Pentcostal methodology (see not-moses's reply to the OP on that Reddit thread).
Debray's God: An itinerary, Phillips's American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religions, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century are also significant with respect to the long term sociopolitical development and political upshots of radical evangelicalism. The latter in particular speaks to The Political Purpose of Evangelical Totalism (see not-moses's reply to the OP on that reddit thread, not-moses’s reply to the OP on this other Reddit thread, and not-moses’s reply to the OP on this other Reddit thread).
References & Resources
All of these books and many others are listed in more detail in Recommended on Religion from Outside the Box. And the dynamics of cult structure and technique can be explored in exhaustive depth and detail in A Basic Cult Library.
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2020.04.23 04:49 BrautanGud Xtian fundie asked these "probing" questions on a first date.

Xtian fundie asked these submitted by BrautanGud to atheism [link] [comments]

2020.04.06 07:44 dharmavaan Maridhas is being arrested - Spread the word to save him #ISupportMaridhas

Maridhas the activist who constantly exposed the breaking India forces is being arrested.
The video he made was against the Tablighi Jamaat's activity and not against Islam.
Tweet if you can to the cm of tamilnadu, Share widely and circulate. This man cannot go down.
For those of you who are not familiar with Maridhas - here is a summary.
He is a professor and covers with proof various breaking India forces. From some of his videos:
This happened earlier and I had shared a similar plea -
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2020.03.15 05:24 HaHa_Hyena Dating as a Closeted Exchristian

I'm deconverting and I feel as though I'm at a weird crossroads when it comes to dating.
I'm not out to my family but I wonder if dating anyone who declares themselves as not xtian may out me. I know it would be unfair to date someone and ask them to pretend for some time, so I refuse to do so. But I'm not free enough yet to out myself (still living with religious family.)
I have family trying to set me up with xtian dudes and I do my best to dodge any potential meetups. What's worse is my family is super traditional (get married, have kids, man is head of the household and keeps family in the faith). The potential husband must ask the father for daughter's hand in marriage (such a stupid thing imo to still occur in the 21st century). I'm 23 and the questions about marriage keep coming and I just change the subject or say don't pressure me to get people off my back. I want to live my life without a book ruining it for me and I'm in no rush either.
I guess I just wait until I'm out of my current living situation and date secretly...
Anyone else in this situation?
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2019.08.27 11:08 dharmavaan Help Maridhas in Tamil Nadu - Very important for all Hindus to stand behind him

Hi All,
Maridhas is one of the few Tamil voices speaking for Hindus. He has recently made videos full of facts as to how the DMK and anti-India forces operate. The DMK, DK, outside India nexus has ganged up against him and started silencing him in full force. They initially threatened him on twitter with several resorting to death threats. Now the DMK IT wing has made hashtags #mentalmaridhas etc trend. If he is silenced, it is a big win for the breaking India nexus. Edit: Please show your support on twitter and other social media channels..
Maridhas' channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0lfcRcYiMzLzGn1SnSsXw it's in Tamil but I can assure you he is one of the finest when it comes to dealing with facts and logic.
Those of you who are active on Twitter please trend stuff favorable to Maridhas . Let us make sure India stands with maridhas. If a few DMK goons can make this trend, we should be able to do better. As someone who has seen what goes on in the south, I cannot tell you how important Maridhas is to the India narrative. Help share this message to all.
EDIT - What Maridhas covers in his videos
He is a professor and covers with proof various breaking India forces. From some of his videos:
In short, Maridhas is what TN needs at this moment. If he is silenced then the next person will think twice. As Hindus, we need to do what we can to highlight his arguments and protect him. Perhaps if someone with good connects can ask some of the more popular Hindu youtubers to interview him he could get a better stage. Been following several such channels (some much less popular) that are rendering yeoman service to the Hindu cause.
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2019.02.11 09:53 GiversBot /u/XtianMayte [COMPLETED] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2019-02-11 (t3_ak9wc0 up 15.08 days, LONGTAIL, ACCOUNT DELETE/SHADOWBAN)

XtianMayte deleted from /borrow

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[REQ] (£70) (#Leicester, Leicestershire, UK) (£100 Repayment - Neg - 14/02/19) (Paypal/Bank transfer)

Post contents

Typical post Christmas struggle where it feels like it's 6 weeks between paydays.
Had to help my sister with some money for uni and was blindsided by a couple of emergencies.
Did plenty of extra time throughout the month and this is paid 14th and as I don't have a date I might as well pay interest.
Hope this formatting is clear on mobile
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2018.12.19 06:30 circleisasquare This is just anxiety, right?

I met someone recently who I really enjoy talking to, when we do talk. We've gone thru similar but different hardships, have hobbies and nerdy things in common. The more I get to know them, the more I want to know about them. But they're shy, and I have to initiate a lot. I don't mind, but it makes it very hard to judge if they're interested in me.
I went against my usual rule and invited them over one night, our first 'date'. I insisted there was no pressure to hook up, as we both have said we prefer to get to know someone for a while before having sex. But of course we did end up fooling around and I got them off. It was nice, they were also really affectionate and cuddly.
We messaged a little the next day. I mentioned how much I enjoyed spending time with them and would like to meet up again. I didn't hear back after that for a day, so I checked in and followed up on a shared interest they mentioned. They got back to me right away, apologized for seeing my message and forgetting to reply. Didn't actually reply to my saying I wanted to see them again. They brought up shared interest instead.
We had a nice conversation and found out we have even more in common. I asked about plans for the holidays (we're both not xtian, staying in our city) and if they wanted to get together. They said yes, we made tentative plans for Friday. I even offered to take that day off since they have more availability during the day and I'm otherwise working thru the holidays. They said they'd back to me by today with their schedule so we could nail it down.
I haven't heard from them since that conversation. I feel irrationally sad about it. Part of me is sure they'll just get back to me tomorrow, things come up, they were too busy today. Most of me is sad I'm doing all this mental work this early, on someone who isn't showing me with their actions that they're interested. At least, def not as interested as I am. I know it's probably just the season, and the inevitable result of getting too intimate too soon that's fucking with me. And tomorrow all will be forgiven. But i just feel hurt right now.
I know the best thing to do would be to talk about how I'm feeling, and what my needs are. I'm just not sure how to bring this up with someone I've only just started to get to know without sounding absolutely crazy. Help?
EDIT: I messaged them that I felt things were off since we got too intimate too soon, and that it felt like I was more interested in getting to know them than they seemed to be in me. I said that if they still wanted to meet again to let me know, but if not I'd understand. They replied that they do want to meet again...and then nothing. So I pushed a little more about it and no reply. I know I should just leave it, so I'm doing my best to forget about them and move on :(
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2018.05.12 19:06 xtiansimon How to clean up "Your branch diverged" message

I have a simple script I develop at home and deploy to my work computer.
The workflow goes in one direction (as my job does not afford time to do any programming):
  1. At home: work on changes in dev, then merge into master
  2. master is the most current stable version, and I push master to remote central repo
  3. At work: pull remote repo, and overwrite work copy
  4. Repeat.
Recently, I notice this pattern.
git checkout dev; Your branch diverged (use "git pull" to merge the remote branch into yours)
git merge master; Already up to date.
[email protected]> git checkout dev Switched to branch 'dev' Your branch and 'MyParsedev' have diverged, and have 3 and 1 different commits each, respectively. (use "git pull" to merge the remote branch into yours) [email protected]> git merge master Already up to date. [email protected]> git reflog 5a79efc (HEAD -> dev, MyParsemaster, master) [email protected]{0}: checkout: moving from master to dev 5a79efc (HEAD -> dev, MyParsemaster, master) [email protected]{1}: merge dev: Fast-forward 2a0bf62 [email protected]{2}: checkout: moving from dev to master 5a79efc (HEAD -> dev, MyParsemaster, master) [email protected]{3}: checkout: moving from master to dev 2a0bf62 [email protected]{4}: checkout: moving from dev to master 5a79efc (HEAD -> dev, MyParsemaster, master) [email protected]{5}: commit: FIX(MyParser): Added optional argument for client name 2a0bf62 [email protected]{6}: merge master: Fast-forward 85587fa [email protected]{7}: checkout: moving from master to dev 
5a79efc is the most recent change
What's the cause; how do i fix this?
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2017.12.19 16:47 farah_fireworks Anybody else feeling some holiday anxiety with the approach of Christian family gatherings?

My sis and I are for the fist time hosting a Xmas dinner. We're super excited because we grew up without Xmas, being raised in an SDA conservative family. But we celebrate it as a western tradition and don't attach any religious meaning to it. Anyway, The only thing is that we're having a lot of close family and friends over which are all church folks. And since I've been shining with my absence on church pews for the past 2+ years I expect some very intrusive awkward questions on church attendance and xtian/sda beliefs (I won't even get into questions about my dating life). I didn't come out yet as an ex Christian. Besides having my personal stash of liquor to discretely deal with all that human interaction at once, I really don't know how to turn down or avoid those questions as a host. If I were a guest, I could manage to just talk to one person or take refuge in the basement, but I'll be mostly in the kitchen (open room). Any tips at hand for pagans hosting religious family for Christmas dinner?
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2017.12.02 21:40 SexyBleuBox IL's Can't Adult: MIL cries and plays the victim when I invite the whole fam (who all dislike me) to come do something with DH and I Xmas Day. [Advice]

Idfk what's going on with that family, but somehow I have become the villain in their narrative.
Background: DH and I have had plans to go see Jumanji for MONTHS, ever since we've known it was coming out. It happens to come out Xmas Day. Now I'm no stickler for tradition, but the one tradition that is really important to me, is to go to the movies on every holiday (or at least when we have the money to). I love the movies, DH loves the movies and I even gave all the couples in the family 4 movie tickets (3 couples, 2 movie dates each as I started Xmas shopping in September and made sure everyone got something that they would enjoy, movie tickets were only some of the gifts) last year, saying that my favorite tradition is going to the movies on Xmas. No one got me (or DH) anything except MIL, who got us a $50 giftcard when I had asked for money for bills IF they were getting us anything, and we later ran out of money for food/bills. It was a hard winter. No one thanked us for the gifts either, which hurt because they were all me.
Background cont.: I moved 1000 miles away from my fam August 2016 and the IL’s have made me feel increasingly unwelcome, to the point where I am letting DH shop for them all for Xmas 2017, thereby insuring no one gets anything except his 3 ½ year old nephew who is getting a shirt and some pants. I have also not seen my fam for ANY holiday since moving and I haven’t seen my Mom at all since I moved. Last Thnxgiving, DH’s fam was fighting so we went to dinner at SIL’s and then dinner at the IL’s. I didn’t go to the IL’s for Xmas 2016 because I was so fed up with their Thnxgiving behavior. DH and I opened gifts together Xmas Day 2016, and he went to the IL’s by himself afterward, leaving me home alone.
This year they told us to be at their house for Thnxgiving at 6pm but didn’t have dinner till 8:10 and I regretted not letting DH make a frozen pizza before going over, we were starving. Before giving thanks, BIL asked if there was anyone who’s religion wasn’t Xtian, and I raised my hand. EVERYONE saw me raise my hand. BIL said “you don’t count” and no one defended me. I laughed it off because BIL is an idiot but it bothers me now :/ After dinner, BIL and FIL went upstairs to play videogames together on tv’s in separate rooms and BIL came down later to go on a rant about how he isn’t racist, which went so far that he actually went full circle and became racist. There was one African American guy, and two Puerto Rican girls, one of which was me. Note: We went to see Coco on Thnxgiving day this year. Also, the IL’s have never said anything to me about being Puerto Rican, but as soon as someone comes around with the slightest bit of ethnicity, they have all these questions for them. DH now celebrates 3 King’s Day with me. I WILL be posting photos.
ANYWAY, MIL posted a video of two guys with blindfolds on, walking across a wood floor with a bunch of mousetraps on it, saying it would be great fun to play on Xmas Day, tagging her 4 kids and their respective spouses. So I commented back (new phone, idk how to edit screenshots) "we've had plans for Xmas Day for months, but if you guys want to play the redneck mousetrap game afterward, go for it! We can bring DH's Xmas gift to play. You are always welcome to come with us as well, no pressure."
DH commented "I just wanna see this in action lmao" and MIL commented "I think it would be funny as hell! But unfortunately it sounds like you cant participate cause y'all have plans already...." DH: "come one she's just messin around lol our plans are a movie lol" "I'm not doing it (the mousetrap game) tho, I have enough foot pain as it is."
Now my one comment prompted SIL, (who NEVER texts DH unless she wants something) to bomb his phone for a good hour. Apparently, DH thought he was doing damage control with his comments, but I feel like he's throwing me under the bus and MIL thinks I'm destroying her Xmas with her kids (all adults) that she is working so hard for. I’m 100% positive MIL read my comment and started crying.
IDFK how me wanting to spend some quality time with DH on a holiday has turned into this mess. I invited them to what we are doing, and I also said we would be there to spend time with them. It seems like no one has given me the slightest thought and when I continue living my life, they all flip their shit. DH is now offering to go visit my fam for Xmas but it’s difficult because it would mean he would have to take time off work, and we need money for bills which I totally get, but omfg I just wanted to spend some time with my SO on Xmas and it turned into a major shitstorm.
DH is planning to have MIL over to work this shit out one night when she's off work.
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Submission I am an Ex Jehovah's Witness. AMA
Comments I am an Ex Jehovah's Witness. AMA
Author Iamaexjw
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Posted On Thu Nov 23 23:21:20 EST 2017
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Author paddjo95
Posted On Fri Nov 24 10:35:25 EST 2017
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So, dedicated Roman Catholic, theology and philosophy nerd here. I have couple questions.
1) I've studied with some JW in the past, and I've heard about the rule of blood being sacred, in that even if a child were dying of a blood disease and a transfusion could save him or her, they would have to refuse the transfusion. Can you explain the why aspect of this to me?
2) Almost every JW I've met has been unfailingly kind. Is this something you guys are taught to do, or is it just your culture?
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Author Riothegod1
Posted On Fri Nov 24 02:10:33 EST 2017
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I didn’t know they had those, i suppose it makes sense though considering what you can get away with with implied consent (in Canada atleast)
My other question is do you think I could tell Jehovah’s witnesses at my door I was disfellowshipped to try and get them less often?
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Author JD_Observer
Posted On Fri Nov 24 05:27:16 EST 2017
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So my Nan is a Jehovah Witness, she has tried to tell me about it since I was small but I have never been sucked in to It. She was married to my Grandad who was not a very nice person (atheist) and since he has passed away she has been getting further in to It, she goes to the ministry several times a week and I am starting to get worried about her as even though we have these differences I love her to pieces and it's making me very upset. Other than her sister she is the only other Jehova Witness in my family. Do you have any talking points to open up with her about this ?
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Author campos3452
Posted On Fri Nov 24 04:19:21 EST 2017
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I don’t consider myself a JW, but I have learned the truth of the world and they are correct. But it is very, very hard to walk with God with a lot of temptations in the world. I can understand where you’re coming from. My father is a JW and when I was younger I studied as well. Then I grew up, stopped caring for a while got older time passed. Then I started to question things. Then one day I went to a public library of all places and found a special book that explained everything. I was amazed at what I had learned. All I’m going to say is that if it hadn’t been for a man from the USA man today would be lost. He basically saved the world by preserving true Christianity and to help maintain Jehovah Gods sovereignty. USA should be blessed, but they fail to realize it and accept the truth as do other nations therefore no country is blessed.
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Author rfinn4
Posted On Fri Nov 24 02:11:48 EST 2017
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I’ve always thought because of the difficulties involved in preaching in this way that JW’s would make fantastic sales people...
So now I am curious, what line of work are you in and Have you ever considered a sales position?
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Author Jaz_Allen
Posted On Fri Nov 24 02:33:00 EST 2017
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Yeah, Herod had John the Baptist beheaded as a birthday present to his daughter Salome, who had been told to ask for it by her mother Herodias. Pretty dark really, and the JW justification for not celebrating birthdays.
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Author thelonelywolf96
Posted On Fri Nov 24 13:48:49 EST 2017
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I've seen JW's in my neighbourhood with their carts out and simply standing there. I kind of feel bad for them because I can't imagine many people go up to talk to them. But I've gone up to them a few times and asked generic questions. I'll obviously never convert but they seem like kind people - just brainwashed by all the crap they learned. What's the actual goal of cart witnessing? Is it supposed to be an effective way to recruit people?
Also, if you want to leave and not be a JW anymore, do they respect your wishes and let you leave, or do they force you to stay?
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 12:44:15 EST 2017
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1). It is sacred to them, therefore it is a serious sin to ever take blood. They view it as more of a "hey if you refuse blood, and die, you're guarunteed to make it into paradise!" Whereas, if you do decide to take blood, one can only hope that Jehovah forgives you for bringing someones sacred life juice into your own. It's hard to explain, precisely because it doesn't make much god damn sense.
2) Yes, they are essentially taught this. They believe they are so different from everyone else, they are told day after day after day that they are different than everyone else. They don't want anything to reflect bad on Jehovah's Witnesses, and are very very kind. However, that doesn't mean that behind closed doors they are any different than anyone else. When I was a kid, me and my mom used to cuss and fight (extreme), I'd pull knives on my family, my mom would slam my head on the ground, and then we would all go to pretend to be a perfect christian family both at the Kingdom Hall, and in public.
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Author sneakpeekbot
Posted On Fri Nov 24 21:51:57 EST 2017
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#1: I thought my parents loved me unconditionally 70 comments #2: Can we get this to the top of Reddit so everyone will see that JWs don't care about sexual abuse? 53 comments #3: My lovely wife and I are finally able to come out publicly as apostates! Happy Friday everyone! 122 comments
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Author Rockin_the_Blues
Posted On Fri Nov 24 22:12:39 EST 2017
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Hi! ExJW here. I worked for the local Lutheran Church for about 5 years, as their custodian. They are much more accepting than Jehovah's Witnesses. I loved the fact that their concept of evangelizing involves good works, and helping the community.
About the holidays and Jehovah's Witnesses. They give so-called "Biblical" reasons for not celebrating anything, but in reality it's to make them separate from the 'world'. It really goes to the fact that they are more 'cult' than most other Xtian religions.
Edit: added a phrase for clarity
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Author VanGoghAwayPlz
Posted On Fri Nov 24 00:39:25 EST 2017
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My dad’s side of the family is Jehovah’s Witness as well, so I know a little bit about the religion (my dad left it when he moved out and my mom was not religious until they divorced). I’ve never felt like part of the family because I don’t believe the same things they do, so I can’t imagine what you might be going through leaving the religion after being part of it for 17 years. Have you experienced any increasing distance in your family since you left the religion, similar to Catholic excommunication? (I’m not super familiar with specific terminology in that regard, sorry!)
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 12:37:46 EST 2017
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The best way to get a witness to never come to your door is to ask them to put you on the "do not call list", tell them that next time you will not be so polite. They don't know that you will never go to church, they think there is ALWAYS hope for everyone, so they will just keep coming and coming if you don't say "look , i never want to see you here again". Or just put a note up on your door explicitly stating no Jehovahs witnesses.
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Author 2lovewild
Posted On Fri Nov 24 14:26:27 EST 2017
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mainstream christians believe JW is a cult because of the whole false prophet / other scriptures thing. Even now as an agnostic, I would still not call JW "christian".
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Author rfinn4
Posted On Fri Nov 24 02:19:25 EST 2017
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What is the one thing I can say to a JW to get them to leave right away. I admire their effort, but how the hell do I get them to get off my porch??!
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Author Rockin_the_Blues
Posted On Fri Nov 24 21:45:24 EST 2017
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Hi, there. ExJW here, just joining the conversation.
  1. They take great issue with transubstantiation. I remember as a child, hearing adults talk about how disgusting the taking of the Eucharist is. In fact, they do a lot of sermonizing on how the RCC is evil and tied up with governments. They do have a ceremony once a year, at Passover. At that service, a glass of wine and a small plate of unleavened bread, is passed through the congregation. You pass the glass and plate, but none are to partake unless they are of the 'anointed class'. This leads into another of their crazy beliefs, that 144,000 special, chosen Jehovah's Witnesses will be resurrected to reign in heaven with Jesus.
  2. They seem to be kind, but do they volunteer? Do they give to charities? Do they even help their own? The answer is a resounding "no". It's an appearance of kindness, and more of a shell than a true benevolence to other people. That being said, of course there are Jehovah's Witnesses who are truly kind and good people. It's not because of their faith, though. It's in spite of it.
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Author Rad_Association
Posted On Fri Nov 24 18:43:05 EST 2017
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Not completely. The only thing this gets you is an, annual visit by the elders of the congregation instead of the rank and file. The best thing to say is "put me on your 'do not call list' immediately and don't return." They keep lists on the backs on their territory cards of the addresses of those on their do not call list.
Source: exjw with 25 years spent as a jw and my family is still in.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 22:03:20 EST 2017
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Jehovah's Witnesses is a millenarian restorationist Christian denomination with nontrinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream Christianity.
This is the first sentence on Wikipedia. They area sect of christianity. They are Christian. I was one. Why are you still arguing this? They are a Christian sect!
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Author paddjo95
Posted On Fri Nov 24 12:48:25 EST 2017
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Thank you for the prompt answer!
1) I suppose they take issue with our belief of transubstantiation then? ;) I haven't found any biblical or otherwise reasonable evidence to support that belief so it confuses quite a bit.
2) That makes sense. When I worked in a bakery deli, my kindest coworker was named Tonya, a devout Jehovah's witness. She is the sweetest woman I know, as were the kids that would come through after temple. As for the behind closed doors, in all fairness that can be applied to any of us. I am truly sorry that your household was like that though
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 12:46:50 EST 2017
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No blood, no holidays, culturally try to "be no part of the world", don't associate much with non JW's, no birthdays, never speak to your family again if they leave "the truth", the governing body is the direct line to god, other religions can't be inspired by god, all other religion is completely false religion. The list goes on. They are much more culty about everything than most mainstream christian religions.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 22:07:48 EST 2017
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Any real JW will follow this rule. They aren't allowed to vote because they are supposed to be no part of the world, and put their faith in God to rule the world, not imperfect men. They are waiting for God to take over the world again. They believe the current world is ran by Satan and his demons.
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Author Mykem
Posted On Fri Nov 24 01:59:08 EST 2017
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Serena Williams- the tennis player and the mother to baby Reddit (and femmefrau to Lord Reddit aka u/kn0thing) was raised a JW although she admitted not being a practising JW. She does, however, thank the Lord Jehovah the many, many times she'd won GS (23 and counting).
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Author Rockin_the_Blues
Posted On Sat Nov 25 10:16:15 EST 2017
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1 - I agree with you wholeheartedly. It's also disrespectful. There is no 'live and let live' in JW world. 2 - Because they are alike in many ways. Also, except for the physical abuse of members, Scientology is even more like the JW.
That's why those of us who left the Jehovah's Witnesses feel blessed, even though most have lost their entire families by making this choice.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 01:35:27 EST 2017
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They have reasons for each one, in a book called the "reasoning book" LOL. Mostly, it boils down to "be no part of the world". So whatever people do, do the opposite of that. For instance, with birthdays, I think it was King Herod who had John the Baptist beheaded on his birthday. So JW's view that as a horrible tradition. So it's not "oh it's just celebrating the day of my birth". It's "if you celebrate your birthday you are carrying on a tradition of beheadings". Really I think it's just so they can be as prudish as fucking possible.
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Author Cripnite
Posted On Sat Nov 25 01:29:48 EST 2017
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Thanks for your response. I know a lot of people are pretty rude to JW's when they come to the door (my mother being one of them). I personally just say "no thanks" as soon as I see the name badges and wave them off and close the door. I just feel that if I were to want to find religion, I'd go find it. There must be better ways to acquire new members to your church than attempting at the same houses over and over.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 00:43:09 EST 2017
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It has a lot of qualities of a cult. For instance, if you get baptized , and then decide to no longer be a part of it, you will be "disfellowshipped", that is, shunned completely by all your family and friends, until you repent for a period of time and are welcomed back by being "reinstated". You can see how this absolutely DESTROYS families. My best friend's dad will not speak to him. That is one of the major things, there's plenty more where that came from too. I think that being a JW made me socially anxious as an adult. I feel like such an outsider now.
Edit: also i forgot to mention, a HUGE reason they are a cult is because of their brainwashing. For instance, just me typing this post now, they prepare witnesses to see stuff like this, and convince them that I am basically just influenced by Satan. So they are prepping them for a response to things before they are even said, if that makes any sense. This means that it is VERY HARD to convince a JW that they may be brainwashed or not in the correct religion. They are preconditioned to view any pushback as an attack from "Satan's wicked system". Also , since I speak out against them, I am considered an "apostate", the worst of them all. In their eyes , I have committed the only unforgivable sin, sinning against the holy spirit. So to them, I'm worse than a child raping serial killing mass murdering racist maniac. Because at least those people could repent. But not me . Hah.
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Author senectus
Posted On Fri Nov 24 03:09:35 EST 2017
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Whats the one (or more i guess) thing that JW's often find hardest to reconcile with their religion in the face of reality?
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 00:40:40 EST 2017
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Good and bad. Some of it was normal, but as far as the Jehovah's Witness part goes, I always had to be different. I was the one that didn't stand up for the pledge, the one that couldn't sing christmas songs, the one that couldn't celebrate someone's birthday. The witnesses make you feel very guilty about sinning so I think it led to me being pretty secretive about stuff, even as a child. Went to 3 meetings a week, grew up wearing suits, and always thought that I knew the "truth". Funny, I thought as a 9 year old that I knew all the most important questions of the universe, even much more than the millions of older people around me. Because when you're a witness, you think you are the only one who knows the "truth". Really it's the furthest thing from the truth. Brainwashing.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 00:46:33 EST 2017
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When I was about 14, I started smoking marijuana with a "worldly" (non JW) neighbor of mine. We would go for long walks at night, just talking about all sorts of things, philosophy, history, sociology, etc. I tried actually preaching to him during this time, and he would point out major major major flaws in the JW reasoning. I quickly realized that he was right, and I had been fooled . I still went back and forth, still believing maybe they had the truth, for a couple of years. But by the time I was 17 I was pretty much sure that they were total BS. I've only went back once or twice out of pure curiosity since then.
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Author kooldeela
Posted On Fri Nov 24 06:09:26 EST 2017
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Not really. As a kid knocking on doors you're always hopeful you'll find an interested 'lost' person. None of the children feel humiliation, except maybe if they knock on a door of someone they know like a friend from school.
Your parents commend you for your bravery in the face of adversity, as the abuse you get tends to be from those you're trying to reach out to through the ministry. Ultimately, the abuse from strangers strengthens ones resolve while showing evidence the world does truly hate JW's, as foretold through scripture.
You will get verbally abused as a child by strangers, threatened with dogs, spat on, screamed at, and it can go either way as you get older. It can make you anxious or it can make you fearless. If it's a type of abuse both parents and child are unaware until they leave and reflect back on the life. I lived it and got out and don't think of it as abuse. If you're good at preaching the skillset you get as a kid will set you up for life in terms of public speaking, and confidence in the face of a hostile audience. You just zen the fuck out and carry on with your pitch.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 00:50:07 EST 2017
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Disfellowshipping. Well, I fortunately was never disfellowshipped (DF'd) . I did not get DF'd because I didn't have any serious sin that the elders were aware of me committing, I just sort of faded out. They contacted me a couple times because I had been accused of sins (smoking). I just denied it since they didn't have 2 witnesses and was never DF'd. So my family talks to me. However, there are SOME members of my family who take that rule seriously, and if I ever am DF'd, will never speak to me again. That is even a "hello" . They explicitly state to not say hello to a Disfellowshipped person. But I got lucky by not being DF'd , but I don't speak to most of my extended family who are JW's anyways, so it wouldnt matter much. My mom and step dad are my only immediate family who are still JW, and they would most likely still speak to me even if I was Df'd.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 12:49:04 EST 2017
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Haha, ok yeah you're right. It is creepy in a lot of ways. Scientology I think is just a step above it. I wouldn't be worried for my LIFE or for getting KINDAPPED by leaving Jehovah's witnesses. They do some very creepy stuff aside from that though. I've seen circumstances like yours above. I remember being a kid and someone would come to the kingdom hall and try to give their own beliefs in a comment and just thinking "hahahaha oh my god, dont they know that they are totally wrong!?!?!?! thats not what the society says!" And we refer to them as "the society", which now that im thinking of it, sounds creepy as fuck.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 01:19:52 EST 2017
Score 21 as of Sat Dec 16 00:11:12 EST 2017
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It sort of depends on how open minded she is. It also depends on how it will affect her leaving. If her entire support group (other than you) are JW's , then it will be very hard for her to give it up, or see out of it. I think the best way to get someone out is to spend time with them, and show them all of the GOOD things that "worldly" people are capable of doing. If you hang around her and go out and do charity work, introduce her to great people, then she will likely enjoy that, and see that the world has great things to offer. If you only bad mouth JW's and don't have any real positives of the "world" to show her, then she might just think that the witnesses are correct and the "world" really is completely evil and corrupt. Witnesses think they are basically the only good ones. They think that the whole world is filled with wickedness, and they are kind of the shining beacon of goodness within that.
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Author Cripnite
Posted On Fri Nov 24 02:38:01 EST 2017
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I imagine the success rate of recruiting new JW's from going door to door must be quite low. Why does the church continue to pursue such an outdated and frankly quite annoying practice?
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Author itsacalamity
Posted On Fri Nov 24 10:14:57 EST 2017
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What's the difference between mainstream christianity beliefs and JW's? Besides the "only so many people into heaven," what is different?
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Author Rockin_the_Blues
Posted On Fri Nov 24 21:51:48 EST 2017
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If you go to the subreddit, exjw, there's a lot of information on how to talk to relatives who are 'in'. I'm sorry to hear this. The last thing you want to do is alienate her, and one of the things they drill into their followers, is that people who speak against the religion are motivated by Satan. Tread carefully. x
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Author analdelrey-
Posted On Fri Nov 24 16:39:56 EST 2017
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My best friend was one till she was 19! We started celebrating her birthday after she got out, so this year it’s technically her 3rd birthday lol. I️ was dating her half-brother and I️ met her like 6 years ago. She has explained it to me and I‎t is definitely like a cult. I️ always tell her she should write a book. We went down to North Carolina (where she grew up) to visit some of her old friends (who were disfellowshipped as well as she was) but we had to stop by to see some family and since (I’m sure you already know) you can’t talk to someone who is disfellowshipped, they completely ignored her. Completely. I‎t was so hard to watch she was so upset obviously, but JW’s are pretty fucked the fuck up,basically a quote. Just wanted to share! My question for you is did you leave on your own or disfellowshipped?
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 00:38:07 EST 2017
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Hah, well, all Jehovah's Witnesses are supposed to preach. So I got baptized when I was 12 years old, and had been preaching door to door since I was a baby (going with parents), so people of all ages preach door to door. Every single on of them do it. It's very awkward having to preach to people about something you don't believe in, probably why I have some social anxiety today. I hated knocking on doors, with a passion!
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Author earthgarden
Posted On Fri Nov 24 09:17:15 EST 2017
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IDK I thought being in a JW church was pretty creepy. I think when you're raised up in the religion you don't realize how bizarre some of your practices are. For example, a former friend invited me to her kingdom hall and gave me that Watchtower magazine to read. I was curious and said ok. Flipped through the magazine, and the mag alone is super creepy because it's fatalistic as hell.
Then at the church, after the talk or sermon or whatever it's called the dude asked a question and invited anyone to answer. So dummy me, I thought it was an opinion question based on your understanding of the bible and christian principles. As I talked I looked around and everyone was looking at me with these confused, WTF faces. So I shut up. The deacon guy (I'm not sure what he's called) who had led the talk/sermon thanked me and recognized me as a visitor and invited someone else to answer. That lady then said exactly what was in the Watchtower my friend had given me to read!
I told her after the service I had no idea I was supposed to memorize and repeat verbatim what was in the magazine. I asked Well are you allowed to have opinions. She then laughed the whole thing off and acted like what happened was normal and not very, very strange.
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Author toomuchpork
Posted On Fri Nov 24 18:25:47 EST 2017
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My old boss married into the cult. Seems odd for a guy raised by hippies to we'd a JW but he did. Mind you her parents are rich and she is the best looking was he would ever get a chance at.
But crazy stuff... all the end of the world and persecution thinking. It is all just a tax haven started by a freemason.
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Author swampbaby985
Posted On Fri Nov 24 11:17:46 EST 2017
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As someone who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness I to do not celebrate my birthday or Christmas. When people ask me why that is my response is that you can not miss something that you never had. By the time my mom left the guy who forced that religion on us I was old enough to know that santa, and the easter bunny aren't real. Therefore any "magic" in those holidays were forever gone.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 01:36:56 EST 2017
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Yeah, I've loved learning about scientology, because I see a lot of similarities. To be fair, scientology seems a lot worse, but they do have similarities. I think I would be legitimately creeped out to be at a scientology place. JW's aren't really "creepy" in the same way. Unless you get totally sucked in and become one. They aren't really out to hurt anyone for the most part.
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Author ossi_simo
Posted On Fri Nov 24 01:31:02 EST 2017
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Lots of churches and cults (like JW) give Christianity a bad name. Kinda sad.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 00:59:00 EST 2017
Score 28 as of Sat Dec 16 00:11:12 EST 2017
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Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians. They believe that Christ dying for man's sins can redeem humans from death. That is basically the qualifying mark of Christianity. They are just very specific in a lot of teachings that deviate heavily from mainstream Christianity. (no hell, you don't go to heaven, but a paradise earth, only witnesses primarily will survive, etc)
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Author BadKarmaKitty
Posted On Fri Nov 24 01:16:04 EST 2017
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My cousin is a JW and has always been pretty tight into the religion from what I think are possibly pressures from other family members. Is there any way I can become a part of them so I can kind of infiltrate from the inside and get her to leave with me?
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Author euclid047
Posted On Fri Nov 24 01:36:01 EST 2017
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I heard that JW do not give to the poor. Is this true? If so how do they rationalize Christ giving to the poor?
Edit: To add another layer if it is true. I assume people give money to the church. What do they spend it on after the standard overhead of building, power, water, etc?
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Author Memelord718
Posted On Fri Nov 24 00:56:18 EST 2017
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Interesting. Another question, what is the difference between Christianity and Jehovah's witnesses?
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Author pipermaru_07
Posted On Fri Nov 24 03:19:00 EST 2017
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Would you say that the church aims to pressure JW's to "donate" to the church? Is there a push to give a certain amount of your income to the organization? Because everything else you're describing sounds a lot like the brain washing/insulation/cult mentality of Scientology, and this added piece would make it even more similar
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Author Lightdaze
Posted On Fri Nov 24 03:04:49 EST 2017
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Do you have plans to vote? I was surprised that JW are discouraged from voting.
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 12:51:18 EST 2017
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Most denominations would say that to be THEIR denomination, you have to believe that Jesus is God. Jehovah's Witnesses absolutely believe that Jesus is the son of God, so it's very very similar. JW's do repeat the line of god being the alpha and omega. But yeah, they don't do the trinity, which seperates them a lot from mainstream christianity.
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Author goofyman91
Posted On Fri Nov 24 16:25:33 EST 2017
Score 1 as of Sat Dec 16 00:11:12 EST 2017
Body link
Bingo! Former JW
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Author Rad_Association
Posted On Fri Nov 24 19:04:18 EST 2017
Score 3 as of Sat Dec 16 00:11:12 EST 2017
Body link
Regarding number 2, they use "love bombing". But it's a way to always have others perceive you as a happy, joyous, content person with few problems to attract the attention of others to get you into their group.
Don't get me wrong, Jws on the whole are very law abiding people and usually very honest. But try showing a hint of interest in their religion and they'll turn it up to 11. Scientology and Mormons do the same things. If you were to end up accepting an invitation to a kingdom hall you'd have a ton of people trying to talk to you, asking if you want to sit by them etc. Obviously this in an of itself isn't a bad thing but the second you decide it's not for you they'll drop you like a bad habit. They're trying to recruit you. The flock is essentially on recruitment work 24/7 and on a weekly basis they're shown demonstrations about how to recruit people and how to act.
Source: jw for 25 years. Been out for 8
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Author Iamaexjw
Posted On Fri Nov 24 02:04:28 EST 2017
Score 5 as of Sat Dec 16 00:11:12 EST 2017
Body link
Yeah there's a few JW affiliated famous people. Michael Jackson, pretty sure some of his very close relatives are still in it. Prince was a Jehovah's witness, even was fully practicing before he died. Ja Rule, Dwight Eisenhower.
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Author TsuNaumy
Posted On Fri Nov 24 15:42:06 EST 2017
Score 2 as of Sat Dec 16 00:11:12 EST 2017
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Hey 4chan_c00kie! ExJW here (not DAd or DFd, just faded). I'm curious to know if the carts have been more/less/same as effective as the door-to-door ministry. I left just before the carts became a thing so I never got to experience that particular method.
Just curious.
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Author itsacalamity
Posted On Sat Nov 25 09:07:20 EST 2017
Score 1 as of Sat Dec 16 00:11:12 EST 2017
Body link
Thank you! That brings up some interesting stuff I didn't know. The governing body is the direct line to god-- what does this mean? Is it like LDS where the leader is a living prophet and can 'receive testimony' that changes the rules? That whole "other religions can't be inspired by god" and that... hmm, would you say that they believe all other religions are equally false? Just in not ...
This post would be too long for Reddit and has been truncated
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2017.05.11 06:43 BrautanGud Why do I even try?

After engaging with a young earth creationist about the glaring problems their religion presents I walked away in disbelief. Their assertions:
  1. Radioactive carbon dating is unreliable and wildly inconsistent when analyzing artifacts.
  2. Even a four year old child is sinful and in a "fallen state" requiring gawd's forgiveness.
  3. The Bible didn't sanction slavery; they were indentured servants.
  4. Evolution is not actively occurring today.
  5. Believes "chem trails" are a real conspiracy.
Your head starts spinning wildly out of control when you try to wrap your reasoned mind around so much unadulterated bullshit. I sometimes think they are pranking you with all this incomprehensible goobledegook.
But they did say they were not convinced dinosaurs were really on the Ark. Hey, now there's a faint glimmer of hope!
The one question that really proved a stumbling block for them was why our state ever enacted legislation to prohibit atheists from holding public office. He couldn't offer any rationale. Probably because they knew me well enough to realize I was equally as moral and ethical as any Xtian.
Working with this person will be a heavy lift.
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2016.08.16 15:39 PadmeLives Where to begin (TW: all the above)

Nmom is a hoarder and lost custody for six years to equally N but did me less damage aunt. Nmom works for a big pharmaceutical company and has studied law and medicine as well as being in the Who's Who of American Women in Law for several years in a row in the 70s. So she is very intelligent which makes her waaaay more dangerous than the average fundie Xtian Duggar type Nmom. I was not allowed to work outside the home; I was not allowed to drive or to learn how; I was not allowed to date or have a social life although my mom was 1000% okay with me having one night stands; I went to college on campus my first semester, secretly worked, and when she found out she started pulling me out of class (second semester 8 weeks in; third four weeks in; fourth semester she pulled me out and we moved away and I did online only--for 4 semesters--but she would pull me out in a week or two and get her money back)(now I have no credit and my students aid status is ruined); I was told that I am retarded and fat and I should have been aborted and I ruined her life, and that's just the tip of the iceberg; I wound up getting into a little more than arranged marriage to a very abusive man who is a narc AND a paedophile, who is now behind bars for his actions and Nmom still says that it is MY fault for trying online dating; I am trying so hard to find work but my Nmom held me back for so long that nobody wants to hire me due to lack of experience (and Nmom says it's my fault because if I had just gone to school and not ever worked i would have a mansion now LOLOLOL); I don't have enough to get divorced from my ex yet (because he thinks I'm just a bigoted jerk for not being pro paedo, he insists that I'm the one who must pay for it all (because I want the divorce EVEN THOUGH HE THINKS I'M UGLY AF); Ex's mom (also a raging n) is angry at ME because she can't move to Ireland now (she wanted me to get a second full time maid job and basically pay for her son for the rest of my life) and thinks it's my fault he is what he is; I have a very serious health problem (gastroparesis) which my (thank goodness as far from N as it gets) boyfriend and his family understand, but I have no insurance and no money and I can't keep solid food down often anymore; I am still on ex's car insurance and mine runs out in less than 3 weeks; My boyfriend and his family can't afford it; My Nmom wants me to come home in order to "help" but she has also stated what she wants (back to the old drawing board). I just need to get it off my chest before I have a total breakdown. The worst part is how she screeches when anyone calls her on this either "I AM THE PERFECT MOTHER!!!!!!" or something similar. I have not even touched the tip of the iceberg... I am so angry at her. She ruined my life.
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2015.08.24 11:26 n0oo7 Just had sex, What now?

Ok. I seriously think I've encountered my first "plate" (as in noticing that she is a plate when she is playing a plate position.) I probably had plates before but since I've only been reading TRP for a few months now I just didn't have the knowledge.
ok this girl is your regular by the book no sex before marriage xtian 6-8 depending on how she dresses. This is the first time ive applied red pill knowledge to every interaction with a woman.
We were supposed to go bowling at 9 but from 8:15-10:30 her phone went dark (no texts straight to voicemail her phone could've been off) so I acted upset (really wasn't) and went grocery shopping. She called at 10:30 and asked if we can still do the date, I told her I was grocery shopping and I will see if I can hang out with her later. she tossed a shit test my way. she muttered something negative like "oh its okay if you dont want to see me" or "guess you don't want to see me anymore" so I literally fired back in a few minutes and said "calm yo tits" she said "guess you don't understand sarcasm" so I said "just because I don't say what you want me to say doesn't mean I didn't catch the sarcasm" fast forward. 11:15 I tell her i'm done shopping and that we can meet up but bowling is out of the question(closing at 12 midnight, didn't tell her that but she picked the bowling alley out). We meet up and hang out in the car and I drive to the park. an hour later she is sucking and fucking me while I finger her. Now its done, what to do NEXT.
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2014.04.15 10:10 theaftstarboard Guy with hard on for his own power does not realize it doesn't impress.

I had two dates with a very possessive guy. Said guy was likely a narcissist, and very unable to admit he can make any mistakes.
He knows I am in an open relationship and yet after one coffee date together he texts me "I'll make you mine" and then later after I don't text him back for a few days, says "Are you alright am I wasting my time?"
His "precious time" includes working at a Walgreens. He doesn't even own a car.
I give him a long talk via text about how that was rude and inappropriate but agree to swap some cooking for computer repair with the understanding that we will simply be friends.
I invite him home (of course I'm not alone there!) but while cooking for him, and teaching how to cook, he cannot stop making snide/joking comments as if he cannot believe my cooking skills, and before I finish the meal I am completely flustered. He will not shut up and pretend he knows more than me (I am a trained chef with over 6 years experience.)
He's an amateur pro-wrestler and I told him that I am not comfortable with mixing romance with martial arts (as I was abused by a martial arts bf when I was younger, and I do not condone people who enjoy power tripping with physical violence.) I told him its fine as long as he keeps the fighting in the ring, because it doesn't impress me if you can't keep it under control. (As well as it being triggering and a HUGE turn off)
Anyway even after I told him all the conditions of our meeting, he had to corner me (literally cornered me in the kitchen) and let me know that "He wants to really gorilla press me right now." He's a very large 200 lb plus man. I'm a 5'2 woman who weighs barely 100 lbs.
He did not touch me however, when I said that makes me uncomfortable, he backs off and asked me...
"What? Do you think you can take me?"
And I said "I'm not comfortable answering that question.Why do you ask?"
Then he said," Well because you need to know is no way you can hurt me."
When I said why is that important...he shrugs and refuses to answer... he mumbles some bullshit about that's how he talks with the guys...Now I am REALLY scared!
When the food was done, and I invite him to get some he pushes my arm away and says "Move woman, a man needs his food!"
I think I nearly had a panic attack just to get him out of my home.
He was so dominating, rude and crossed my boundaries...IN MY OWN HOME he ordered me around. . .as MY guest! Before I escorted him out the door he said "Have you ever loved someone so much you would die for them?"
And I said, " That is not something I would ever casually admit to anyone, or even brag about it. That could even be considered a threat."
Its like he didn't register that this was a weird thing to say.
Anyway, he was fundie xtian who ordered me around in my own home (as I cooked MY food for him) did not respect my requests to stop joking about physical violence with sexual allusions included and to top it off said a very creepy last thing to me before leaving! He made sure to tell me (even after I told him I'm in a poly relationship) that adultery is the source of a lot of societies sicknesses. Um....fuck you...I'm not an adulterer...I have mutually consensual non-cheating relationships where the men RESPECT ME.
My doors are all locked tonight...
EDIT: BTW we had NO SEX AT ALL. It was simply two dates...He couldn't stop talking about how no one can hurt him because he takes real hits all day at practice and that I definitely could never hurt him. ..Ummm okay....I have some martial arts training btw, but why would he consider me a threat? I'm 5'2' like I said...very tiny. What the hell reason does he have to think that impresses me?
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2014.04.06 18:06 tumbleweed664 Go from ortho to tengri?

So the plan is to start as some Rurikid ruler under the Golden Horde at the Hansa start date. Take it over from within, storm western Europe, maybe go Mongol and go Tengri in the process.
But I'm realizing I have never gone from one of the organized religions (Xtian/Muslim) to one of the pagan religions. How do you do that? Will my wife try to convert me if she is Tengri? Will my chaplain if I set him to certain tasks?
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2014.01.08 04:45 blackflag415 I think most men that complain about feminists on reddit are losers. CMV

Start off, I'm a regular dude. I have dated a decent amount of women, and I have some female close friends. I often refer to women as chicks, or broads. When I feel it's necessary I use more derogatory terms that start with 'b' or 'c.' I would call myself a feminist in the broadest sense - I believe women should be equal with men socially, romantically, and in the work place and that gender roles should be challenged.
However, on reddit I often see men complaining about feminists. Almost everyday there is a some CMV post about how feminism is wrong, to extreme, outdated, does more harm than good, or some similar hogwash. I think that most men that complain about feminists on reddit are losers who either can't handle women as equals, or because of rejection on the dating scene take out their frustrations against outspoken women. CMV
My definition of loser: A socially inept individual who blames external scapegoats for their unhappiness.
Here are my points:
1) I grew up and lived in the Bay Area for 27 years. This is probably the most liberal area in the United States. I traversed activist circles, and had many interactions with feminists, even the extreme type who insisted on the spelling 'womyn' for example. In theory, I had personal interactions with the 'worst' feminists. If anyone should have a strong opinion against them it should be me. Honestly, it's really not that bad. I got in trouble with them sometimes but it's not that hard to end a bad conversation if you're an adult.
Side note: I have never, ever personally or heard of anyone ever being yelled at for opening a door or pulling a chair out. I strongly suspect that it's a myth of the internet.
2) Of course some feminists are extreme, insane whatever. It's true of any group. However, it's the minority and no reason to write a CMV or complain about them on the internet. There are far more annoying groups we need to attack such as evengelical xtians or weeabos. The super extreme 'kill men' type rhetoric is funny at best and harmless at worse. If it bugs you so much you really need to get thicker skin. If my gender had been second class for most of recorded history I'd be pretty pissed too.
3) The one point that swayed me slightly was single dads losing their kids to the (unfit) mother just because they are male. But then I remembered that these kids of social gender roles (women as better caretakers) are exactly the kinds of things feminists are against too.
4) False equavilency. Sometimes I see posts that condemn both feminists and men's rights stuff or the red pill as equally bad. Sorry, they aren't equally. This is creating a false equivalency and on par with questions like 'Why can't white people say the n word?' and 'Why isn't there a white history month?' Open a history book and you'll see the answer.
Anyway, either you think women are equally or you don't. If you do, you shouldn't have a problem with most feminists. Even the annoying ones aren't so bad to warrant to amount of hate they get on reddit. If you have a problem with feminists, just talk to a girl like shes a human being, get laid, and calm down.
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2013.07.11 14:05 namer98 Raw flair analysis!

115 Reform
112 Christian
83 Atheist
71 Conservative
68 Jew-ish
35 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
31 Agnostic
26 Modern Orthodox
25 Humanist
23 Muslim
20 Conservadox
13 Orthodox
13 Reconstructionist
12 תורה עם דרך ארץ
11 Chabad
10 Agnostic Atheist
9 Catholic
9 Jewish
8 Traditional
5 Drowned God
5 Edit this as you like
5 Other
5 R’hllor
5 Talos
4 Buddhist
4 Deist
4 Roman Catholic
3 Chosid
3 Jewmanist
3 Noahide
3 Secular
3 Ukrainian Catholic Gentile
2 Anti-theist
2 Atheist Jew
2 B'nei Noach
2 Conservative Atheist
2 Cultural Jew
2 Eastern Orthodox Christian
2 Egalitarian Conservative
2 Fuck the Jews
2 Goy
2 Hindu
2 Humanistic Jew
2 Ignostic
2 Jew
2 Jewish Agnostic
2 Jewish Deist
2 Just Jewish
2 Messianic
2 Modern Yeshivish
2 Nice Jewish Boy
2 Postmodern Orthodox
2 Rabbi's Daughter
2 Reform/Agnostic
2 Secular Jew
2 The Seven
2 Unaffiliated
2 Unitarian Universalist
2 Unsaved Trash
2 baal teshuva
2 learning
2 דתי לאומי
2 עם ישראל חי
2 תורה ומדע
1 (שומר תורה ומצות (כובע חום
1 !שלום
1 "East Coast Liberal Jewish Atheist"
1 "Normal" Orthodox
1 #hipsterjew
1 'נפשי לה
1 (not modern, just) Orthodox
1 (only) Human
1 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
1 ): wзяdзH bзnяɒзl язvзи I
1 *
1 ...בְרֵאשִית, בָרָא אֱלֹהִים
1 /pol/ack
1 /exjew
1 4cubits is a hate group
1 6th generation Reform
1 A Reform Perspective
1 A conflicted 15 year old looking for peace, love, and The Lord
1 AEΠ Jew
1 Abu Imran Mujahideen Al-Yahudi
1 Agnostic (Former Chabadnik)
1 Agnostic Atheist Reconstructionist who doesn't like labels
1 Agnostic Atheist
1 Agnostic Conservative
1 Agnostic Jew
1 Agnostic atheist
1 Agnostic
1 Agnostic, Consevative
1 Agnostic, raised Modern Orthodox
1 Agnostic/Conservative
1 American Principessa
1 Animistic Pantheist
1 Anti-Theist
1 Apprentice Punching Bag
1 Ashkenazi
1 Aspiring Assyriologist
1 Aspiringly Orthodox, yet woefully ignorant
1 Atheist - mostly harmless
1 Atheist Jew-Raised Conservative
1 Atheist, aspiring jewish comedian
1 Atheist, non-Jewish
1 Atheist/Goy wonder
1 Athiest Jew
1 Awesomedox
1 BBYO and Agnostic
1 Ba'al Teshuvah
1 Baal Teshuva
1 Bad Jew
1 Balabusta
1 Baptist
1 Baptist- Christian
1 Barely practicing
1 BlackHat Working
1 Blood and Soil
1 Born'aJew
1 Buddhist (Married to Reform)
1 Came late to the fold
1 Cashew
1 Centrist Orthodox
1 Chabad Chosid
1 Chabad Fryack
1 Chabad Miss in the Towns
1 Chabad on weekends
1 Chairman, Society for the Desecration of Shabbos
1 Charedi
1 Christian
1 Christian (Methodist)
1 Christian (Orthodox)
1 Christian with a Jewish heritage
1 Christian with an obscene amount of irrelevant prefixes
1 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1 Circumcised
1 Classical Reform
1 Collegiate
1 Conservadox / Karaite / Doing my own thing
1 Conservaform
1 Conservative, confused, and in need of a shabbos nap.
1 Conservative-Agnostic
1 Conservative; Raised Orthodox but not observant
1 Convert
1 Converting Conservative
1 Converting conservative
1 Converting to Orthodox Judaism
1 Converting to Reform
1 Converting-Traditional
1 Copying Louis_Farizee
1 Cultural
1 Cultural (dating a shiksa)
1 Culturally
1 Culturally Jewish
1 Curious
1 Curious Gentile
1 Currently Noachide, converting Conservative
1 Devout Reform
1 Dread Cthulhu
1 Eastern Rite Catholic
1 Ecclectic
1 Eclectic Judeo-Spinozian Pantheist
1 Egalitarian
1 Ein Keloheinu
1 Enthjewsiast
1 Epikoyres
1 Episcopalian
1 Ethnic Jew/Atheist
1 Ex
1 Ex-Litvak, Atheist for 7.5 years
1 Executive Jew
1 Feminist Jewess
1 Formerly Jewish
1 Free Spirit
1 Friend
1 Friend of Judaism
1 Friendly Neighboorhood Ahasuerus
1 Future Jew
1 Gaudiya vaisnava
1 General of gorilla warfare
1 Gentile
1 Getting There
1 Getting on the derech
1 Gnostic Taoism
1 Gold Merchant
1 Goy she'yodea l'yahadut
1 Grand Wizard (╯°□°)╯
1 Green's my favorite color
1 Halakhic Egalitarian
1 Half Jew, half Episcopal, all awesome
1 Half a Chabadnik in Japan
1 Half breed
1 Half-Ashkenazi Goy
1 Happy to be jewish
1 Hates Labels
1 Hebraic punk rocker
1 Hebrews coffee for hipsters
1 Heebie Jeebie
1 Heimish
1 Humanist Conservative
1 Humanist Jewish Table Flipper (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
1 Humanist/Christian/Agnostic/Jewish
1 Humanist/Conservative
1 I am not a clever man
1 I just find Judaism really interesting
1 I'm in it for the Kugel
1 I've not finished my philosophy course yet.
1 Igtheist...ish
1 Inclusive
1 Irish-Catholic
1 Irrational love of long flairs.
1 Israel Historian
1 Israeli Ortho (Litvak)
1 Israeli Progressive
1 J.A.P.
1 Jesuist
1 Jesus is my favorite jew
1 Jew + Pork = Me
1 Jew Boy - 2013 (former long flair runner up.)
1 Jew In Space
1 Jew-ish (non spiritual)
1 Jew-ishish
1 Jew/Atheist/Gay/Punk
1 Jewcurious
1 JewisJewisJew
1 Jewish (Who cares what kind?)
1 Jewish Agnostic-Atheist
1 Jewish Atheist
1 Jewish Enough
1 Jewish Humanist
1 Jewish Parents
1 Jewish Sex Symbol
1 Jewish Student Teacher
1 Jewish Studies Scholar
1 Jewish atheist
1 Jewish with no petty labels.
1 Jewish-Taoist
1 Jewish-raised Agnostic Atheist
1 Jubu
1 Judeo-Atheist
1 Judeophile
1 Judeu
1 Judge me on my argument, not my label
1 Just another Jew
1 Just here for the food
1 Kashrut Inspector for Hire
1 Keepin' it real
1 Kemetic polytheist
1 Level 6 Laser Judaism
1 Liberal (UK)
1 Liberal Jew
1 Liberal Jew (We are total a thing)
1 Liberally Conservative
1 Matzafari
1 Mazorti
1 Mensch up.
1 Messianic Christian
1 Metadivine-worshipper-worshipper
1 Mischling
1 Modern "Orthodox"
1 Modern Ortho-awesome
1 Modern Orthodox Background
1 Modern Orthodox Escapee
1 Modern Orthodox Sephardic
1 Modern Ultra-Orthodox
1 Mom said we were Modern Orthodox
1 Mormon
1 Moses supposes his toes are roses but Moses supposes erroneously
1 Muslim _^
1 Nachson's Streimel was Waterproof?
1 Native American Animist
1 Neither here nor there
1 Noachide Gentile
1 Noahite
1 Non-practicing
1 Non-religious Orthodox
1 Not Jew, Jew-ish!
1 Not Jew-ISH. 100% Grade-A Jew!
1 Not a Jew
1 Observant Conservative
1 Of my own
1 Oh my sinuses
1 Orthodox
1 Orthodox Christian
1 Orthodox Christianity - الأرثوذكسية المسيحية
1 Orthodox Convert
1 Orthodox-Bagel Eating Yid
1 Pagan
1 Paradox Jew
1 Persian
1 Philo Judaeus
1 Pirate.Jewess
1 Pluralistic Postdenominationalist
1 Pop Chassid
1 Post Denominational
1 Post-Denominational free-thinker
1 Post-denominational Reformadox
1 Post-haredi
1 PostModern orthodox
1 Postdenominational
1 Pre-denominational Litvak
1 Pro-Semite
1 Progressive
1 Quit Labeling Me
1 Reconstructionist Ashkenazi
1 Reddit Theologist
1 Reform & striving for more
1 Reform Athiest
1 Reform Bitchez
1 Reform Jewish Buddhist
1 Reform++
1 Reform, trying to become more observant
1 Reform-ative
1 Reform-ish
1 Reform/Culturally Jewish
1 Reform/Reconstructionist(?)
1 Reformadox
1 Reformative
1 Reformed Christian
1 Reformed Deadpoolist
1 Reformodox
1 Religious 3 times a year
1 Right-Wing Orthodox
1 RoboJew
1 Roman Cathoilic
1 R’hllor ♥
1 Searching in NYC
1 Secular Pantheist
1 Secular-Reform
1 Sefardi Dude
1 Sephardi
1 Sephardii with a touch of buddhism
1 Seventh-Day Adventist
1 Shia Muslim
1 Shin/MeM-Iyan
1 ShouldntEvenBeOnline
1 Slowly Improving
1 Some Goy
1 Son of a Bris!
1 Spinozan Deist
1 Spinozist
1 Stam Putz
1 Still Learning
1 Tawroh im Derech Eretz
1 Teaching chickens to swim is just the first step to parve meat
1 Teenage Liberal Reform Jew
1 Temple President
1 That Ashkenaz Jew
1 The Old Gods and the New
1 The Orthodox Teen
1 The Rambam store: Meeting all of your Maimoneeds
1 The best of each tradition
1 The name translates to "Shlomo."
1 The only certainty is uncertainty.
1 Theological Noncognitivist
1 Theologist
1 This isn't even my final form
1 Tikkun olam
1 Traditional Egalitarian, Feminist, Intellectual
1 Traditional Jew, Atheist, w/ a Hasidic Father & Catholic(ish) gf
1 Traditional and feeling guilty about it
1 Traditional חלוני
1 Traditional שומר מסורת
1 Transhumanist-Jewish
1 Tries not to label Jews
1 Trying to convert to Orthodox
1 Unabashed Fundamentalist
1 Uncut Ⓐtheist Goyim
1 Unitarian
1 Unreformed
1 Unsure
1 Very Reform
1 Wandering among the goyim
1 Wannabe Jew
1 Wants to be a famous Jewish blogger
1 Well, just Jewish
1 What does God need with a starship?
1 Who cares?
1 Wiccan
1 Yekkish / MO / confused
1 Yeshiva Bachar
1 Yeshivish
1 Yeshivish Atheist
1 Ziobanker
1 Zionist
1 a land of milkmoustaches and honeybeards
1 ach -- just jewish
1 atheist
1 black hatter
1 blahblah
1 buddhist
1 chassidishe guy
1 conservative
1 cool goy
1 dazed and confused.
1 ex-Chosid
1 ex-frum
1 exploring my roots
1 follower of YAHUAH
1 frum med student
1 g'bruxt eater
1 homo sapiens
1 ignostic
1 is my gee slash dee
1 is not Jewish.
1 jew(ish)
1 judatheist
1 labels are silly
1 learned it in a barn
1 lel lel lel lelelelelelelellelleleelelelelelelelelelellelelelel
1 married-in...
1 misnaged
1 modern Conservative
1 naturalist
1 non-Orthodox -> non-Jew
1 orthodox
1 orthodox feminist
1 perpetually confused
1 proud self-hating jew
1 raised fundamental xtian, some judaism mixed in. <3 u guys
1 red sea pedestrian
1 secular
1 shabat shalom motherfuckers!
1 straitbadass
1 super-mega-ultra-orthodox
1 totally ignorant atheist
1 yourmotherist
1 אהבת ישראל
1 אהרון משה בן יוסף דוד
1 איש תחת גפנו ותחת תאנתו
1 איתן
1 אמור מעט ועשה הרבה
1 אני יודע שאני לא יודע כלום
1 אפיקורוס
1 אשרי העם שככה לו
1 בונדניק
1 בני ישראל
1 בני נח
1 ברסלב
1 געשמאק יהדות
1 דעלך סני לחברך לא תעביד
1 דרך ארץ קודמה לתורה
1 דתי
1 דתל"שית
1 הכל צפוי והרשות נתונה
1 השומר אחי אנכי?
1 חיים
1 חילוני
1 חלוני
1 חסיד
1 טַלִּי
1 יְהִי אוֹר
1 יהודי
1 יהודי הבולשביקית
1 יונה א:ט - Jonah 1:9
1 יידיש
1 יידיש איז גוט
1 יעקׁב
1 כְּנַעַן‎
1 כובע חום
1 כופר בעיקר
1 כנען
1 לאה רבקה
1 לגמרי
1 מאומן
1 מואר
1 מחפשים את האמת
1 מינה
1 מלח הארץ
1 מלך מלך מלך
1 ממש
1 מסורתי ציוני
1 מסרתי
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2012.11.17 10:36 tabledresser [Table] IAm Annie Laurie Gaylor, Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president, AMA

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Date: 2012-11-16
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Questions Answers
Some media outlets, particularly politically conservative ones, like to cast your involvement with state/church separation violations by saying they come from "those atheists in Wisconsin." They then usually follow that up with "why are they picking on XYZ town in ABC state so far away? Why don't they mind their own business in Madison?" Could you tell us how you really get involved with state/church separation violations? Do you proactively look for state/church separation violations anywhere in the United States, or do you just offer support to local citizens whose towns might have, for example, put up a Christian cross on public property? Thank you for asking this question! Individuals in "XYZ town in ABC state" contact us for help. We don't go "roaming the country" looking for violations. FFRF is one of the few state/church watchdogs out there. We're besieged with requests for help - over 1200 requests just in Jan-Sept 2012 alone! FFRF is "atheists (and agnostics) from Wisconsin . . . and 49 other states." We're a national membership group and we advocate on behalf of our members (and members of the public). We think one of the most important things you can do is work to support the First Amendment, and we're proud that our staff attorneys are able to end so many violations without our having to go to court.
How optimistic are you that your lawsuit against the IRS will be successful? In that case is it reasonable to think you could win against the IRS, or is it more about raising awareness of them not enforcing their own rules? We are quite optimistic that our lawsuit will light a fire under the IRS: either require it to prove that it is taking action (investigating complaints) or prompt it to do what it should have done back in 2009 and appoint someone to lead investigations.
Has the IRS ever prosecuted churches in the past for electioneering? If so, how many have had their tax exempt status revoked? Would they be liable for back taxes if you win? And thanks so much for all you do! Yes. I can't give you stats. If we don't settle our case before we get into discovery, we should get some answers. Generally there is wrist slapping or light action taken, such as declaring that contributions for a particular year aren't deductible but allowing 501(c)(3)s to take corrective action. That's a good question about back taxes. We'd have to look at what happened to the groups that temporarily lost exemption over Bork to know more about that. Sorry, I'll have to do more research.
What are the biggest hurdles for FFRF in the litigation process? Which state is nearly impossible to deal with? The biggest hurdle is a 5-4 Supreme Court that is unfriendly right now to keeping religion out of government. i have to say we seem to get so many violations out of Mississippi, but Texas might be the most impossible state to deal with, in terms of the nasty push back.
Might this have something to do with the fact that judges in Texas are elected, and therefore less impartial in their interpretation of law? I'm with Sandra Day O'Connor - State Supreme Court justices should NOT be elected! We have the same problem in Wisconsin. It's a bad idea and yielding bad law. After Citizens United, one can only imagine. And if churches are allowed to electioneer, it will get far worse. Our suit against the national day of prayer really started because a just-elected Wis. Supreme Court justice accepted an invitation to speak at a prayer breakfast put on in a northern county by a sheriff in Wisconsin! We couldn't find a plaintiff in that county, then realized . . . the root of the problem was the Congressionally mandated national day of prayer.
Can one assist FFRF in any way other than donating? One doesn't have to join us or other groups to be an activist. It may sound lame, but it really isn't -- write those letters to editors -- you influence so many people, public opinion, when you see nonbelievers dissed, or the separation of church and state downgraded. Commenting online at news article sites - same idea. Speak up! I think one of the most revolutionary things a U.S. citizen can do is to speak up as a nonbeliever, atheist, freethinker. A 2006 study by the U of Minn found that all the "out" groups (blacks, gays, Muslims, women) had made huge gains in social acceptance since the 1960s -- except atheists. We're at the bottom of the social totem pole. When I asked Penny Edgell who did this research why there are such ludicrous stereotyping and demonizing of atheists, she suggested it's because many Americans have never knowingly met an atheist. (They have met them, they just don't know it.) Join our "out" campaign: ffrf.org/out/
If you weren't the kick-ass female leader and founder of the FFRF, where else do you think you would be in life? Or what would your ideal alternate career be? Thanks for being an inspiration for us feminist and female atheists! I might be involved in another cause (I've been active in abortion rights since a teenager). I think what is happening with fracking is frightening and it's happening right now in Tomah, Wis., where my mother grew up, and is so distressing to her (she will be 86 on Nov. 25). Global warming issues . . . Another option: maybe writing serial mysteries! I have a lot of ideas . . .
I've heard about many of the amusing death threats, such as those found on your Facebook page. Are there any that you (and/or Dan) have had to take seriously? We don't actually consider death threats amusing :). We consider a lot of the hate mail and calls and crank e-mail amusing. We publish the "best of" in every issue of Freethought Today so ask for a free copy at ffrf.org! We have reported death threats and threats of violence to police and take them seriously. After Obama's first election, the level of violent and hateful emails really increased. There's a lot of ugliness right now in our country under the surface, I guess.
Have you ever been directly threatened? In person or online? I imagine some people not taking too kindly to your great work. Yes. My mother was actually bodily attacked after a "People Are Talking" episode in Pittsburgh, I think, where she was on representing FFRF as the president, and a great big Catholic woman from the audience (as soon as the lights were off after the show) grabbed her in a chokehold. My father was fortunately there too. He used a crutch for a bad knee, and had to use the crutch to separate this woman who wouldn't let go! I have also taken phone calls, including a death threat one Xmas Eve morning when I was holding my newborn baby.
Does Dan Barker leave the cap off the toothpaste? I think we both do on occasion. He always puts the toilet seat down, the mark of a real gentleman.
You have love being sent to you from Florida Annie (and Dan)! Thanks for all you do. I am interested in starting a non-religious (atheist/agnostic) program to help the homeless and needy, do you have any ideas or recommendations?? :) Thanks. There are various options out there, including Dawkins' "nonbelief relief" (altho that's for major crises rather than needy and homeless), ways to donate as a nonbeliever, for instance. I would say working with local frethought and humanist groups to suggest a project like this. Many atheists run charities, and there are also many existing secular charities to support. My mother, Anne Gaylor, has run as a volunteer the Women's Medical Fund, a 501(c)(3) charity which is the longest-lived continuously operating abortion rights charity in the US, helping pay for abortions for more than 20,000 indigent women, mainly in Wisconsin. (We have a lot of indigent women in this state, with Milwaukee having so much need.) This is "pure as ivory soap," all volunteer, 99% of money going for the purpose of helping to pay for an abortion ensuring that poor women can exercise their rights under Roe v Wade. this is a religious issue because it's the stranglehold the Catholic church (and fundies) have on our legislatures that has cut off abortion funding in Wis., federally and in many states. So I would encourage you to learn more about the problem, where there are gaps in providing help, where you could make a difference, and go for it! I have mixed feelings about mixing nonbelief and relief - in the sense that I don't think we should help for bragging rights, like many churches do, but just help because we can and there is need. But it may take that kind of thing to overcome all the ridiculous stereotypes.
Are there any in the Congress and Senate who champion church-state separation? I'm very sorry to see the defeat of Pete Stark. I think octogenarians and nonagenarians are the best secularists because they grew up in an era when state/church separation was revered, and when it was just taught. There are about 9-10 "usual suspects" who reliably vote NO when the "gotcha" resolutions come up in Congress to "reaffirm" "In God We Trust," etc. But I would say we are lacking a true champion in Congress right now - in terms of someone who willingly wants to make that their signature. Public officials have not caught up with the changing demographics. Like I always say: when are they going to start to woo us - the seculars - 20% of the population? We made a difference in the presidential election, but I guess our vote is taken for granted.
Is the suit that the FFRF filed against the IRS for not enforcing taxation of churches who use the pulpit politically have a chance of being successful? What can we do to help? I answered the first part earlier (yes). What can you do to help? Support FFRF's legal fund. We are a 501(c)3 educational group so your donation is tax deductible (and won't go for electioneering!). If you are not already a member, could you please become one? We speak with a much more powerful voice, the more who join up. Public officials stand up and take notice the larger a movement you are. Thank you!
How should an attorney get involved with the FFRF? We keep a listing of attorneys who would like to work with FFRF or our members. We'd love to have you contact our Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert at: [email protected] It's helpful to have a resume and know more about your experience. We even appreciate the non-Establishment Clause specialties - if attorneys want to help on other matters. Thank you.
What is the difference between FFRF and American Atheists? Is there any chance of the two organizations uniting? Edit: SSA_Sarah helpfully pointed out that many secular organizations do cooperate through the Secular Coalition of America. However, FFRF does not appear to be a member. Is there a reason for this? It is a sign of health that there are many freethought groups out there chipping away at the same problem. Having only 1 monolithic national group would not be a good sign, but a bad one. Different strokes for different folks. FFRF has 2 explicit purposes: to educate the public about nontheism (serving as an umbrella organization for freethinkers - we don't have a litmus test that a member has to call themselves an atheist altho about 75% of our members choose that term - we like to say that we don't care what you call yourself - we all disbelieve in the same god). And we work to keep religion out of government. We're very dedicated to this work, now as of this year employing 4 staff attorneys who do nothing but work on Establishment Clause violations. We've brought more than 60 lawsuits, so I hope our track record speaks for itself. We think it's super that there are different groups - and approaches. We're stronger because of it.
Can you take a look at our site www.YouthHumanist.org?! We are two high school atheists and we spent a lonnng time making this and any help from the FFRF would be amazing :) I'll try to do that after this comment period is over! Please also take a look at FFRF's student scholarship guidelines. We now have 3 essay competitions for different students, including one for college-bound high school seniors. The guidelines go up every February at our website here:Link to ffrf.org Congratulations on being high school activists! Your generation is going to change the world, I hope.
Do you often partner with other organizations, like Americans United for Separation of Church and State, or the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty? What partnerships are the most successful? AU has been very supportive of FFRF in terms of amicus briefs. We just settled a victorious joint case with the ACLU of West Virginia. The Baptist Joint Committee signed an amicus brief in our behalf in our Hein case before the Supreme Court (thank you). American Baptists are great on state/church separation.
Okay, serious question: I'm a believer in assisted suicide, and the religious fanatics seem to be the main roadblock to that. Are there any cases in the works? Do you anticipate recent developments bringing you to court to defend it? I think most activists for death with dignity are nonbelievers, and the barrier is the Catholic Church and other religionists, who talk about "playing God." We're into denial bigtime in this country about death and dying, and there is so much unnecessary suffering. As my mother as always said: one should be allowed to end one's life whole and sound when it has come to a close. Hospice care may be great in some instances but it doesn't cut it.
Hi Annie! Thanks for doing this, and congrats and being the winner of the Secular Student Alliance's Freethought Backbone Award. I loved your speech. :) I'm from Wisconsin, and I first heard about FFRF right before I graduated college, through some website that said, "the Madison-based group." I found out about the atheist movement due to FFRF's website, and eventually landed a job at the SSA! So, thanks for that. My question is, how would you encourage people to get involved in the movement and support separation of church and state, particularly younger people? One student, one young person, can make a huge difference. I count as my fondest state/church victory ending graduation prayers, a 122-year abuse at the university of Wisconsin-Madison, as a sophomore there. If you are a student at a public college where prayer is going on, make a fuss! FFRF is pleased to write letters of complaint, but administration is more apt to care about YOU - the person paying tuition, whom they are beholden to. FFRF sees so much more activism by students in the last few years that we have given out 3 or 4 times as many Student Activist Awards ($1,000) -- especially to high school activists. By the way, graduation prayer at public high schools is absolutely unconstitutional & there's a Supreme Court decision to back that up, so if you encounter that, let FFRF know right away! We have an online complaint form to report violations: Link to ffrf.org
I have been an ffrf member for 2 years, and plan to be the rest of my life. I do believe the money I donate is used prudently, and I thank you for that. I did, however, recently read your letter to the President asking him to refrain from using the phrase "So help me god" when he takes his oath again. I also read commentaries that suggest if the President is a christian, and if this is important to him as such, he should be allowed and encouraged to use the phrase. In short, the complaint about the request is that this will only further stir the hornets nest and perhaps it is best to pick your (our) battles carefully. Response? FFRF has always picked this battle. Since we began locally in 76 to date I don't think we've ever missed writing a respectful request to ask each president-elect (or re-elect) to please follow the wording expressly given in the Constitution, instead of adding the religious embroidery of a hand on a bible and "so help me, God." Many people don't realize that the presidential oath is given in full in the Constitution, which means the founders felt pretty strongly about it, and they also expressly used the wording "swear or affirm." If a Xtian pres wants a religious party after the swearing in, fine. I feel it is intellectually dishonest and also disrespectful to, while swearing an oath to uphold our godless constitution, to tamper with it to pander.
You are in a particularly good position to observe change in how the legal system handles violations of separation of church and state. Does what you see give you hope? Are things getting better? Do you ever feel like giving up- hopeless? I like to quote Dickens & say "It's the best of times . . . it's the worst of times." There's never been a better time to be a freethinker in America (or the world). Now up to 1 in 5 adults, 1-3 young people being nonreligious. This is huge! We are, on the legal level, constrained by a Supreme Court with a 5-4 voting bloc largely hostile to state/church separation (those 5 all being Catholic, with a 6th Catholic fortunately not voting in lockstep). It is always a very bitter blow to lose a lawsuit; it's almost like a physical blow to me. But you lick your wounds and you move forward (Wisconsin's State motto). Persistence is the name of the game (something the religious right has learned) and we can't let them win by default.
What do you honestly believe will be the outcome of the current lawsuit with the IRS? I know ideally what we would like to see happen, but what do you think will practically end up as the result of this current action? I would repeat that we very honestly intend our lawsuit to make the IRS accountable. Let it prove to us and the public that it is doing its job; if it appoints someone to oversee complaints against church electioneering we will have won.
Thank you very much for the work you do. I am interested in the approximate percentages of matters that end up in court versus matters that do not. Also, when agreements are worked out between the FFRF and another party, what binds the other party to the terms of the agreement? Are there many/any instances of 're-offending' (so to speak)? Very few end up in court - we just don't have the means to do that! We could take a new case to court every day if we did. But we have hundreds of victories every year without going to court - I just learned today, for instance, that one of our attorneys, Patrick Elliott, stopped a village in Illinois from putting up its annual lit CROSS on a water tower! Way to go, Patrick. We have so many victories we have a hard time keeping our non-litigation victories updated, but you can get an idea here:Link to ffrf.org
What is nontheism? Nontheism means being without a belief in theism, the supernatural or transcendent realm. Nontheism is not a belief itself, it is the lack of a belief.
1 - Does FFRF have standing for such a suit? 2 - Is the definition of electioneering clear? 3 - If the suit is decided in your (our!) favor, how do you think things will change? If not? I listen to your podcast and I love you guys. Yes, we believe FFRF clearly has standing. We are a 501(c)(3) which obeys the Tax Code, so we and other secular 501(c)(3)s are being treated differently, churches preferentially. You can read our legal Complaint here for more details: Link to bit.ly
In the long term, do you think it would be more beneficial to enforce the church electioneering ban or to tax church revenues and assets and put a cap on donations to churches. Would changing tax loopholes for churches adversely affect other non-profits such as FFRF, AHA, Beyond Belief Foundation, etc.? I was just rereading James Madison's "Memorial and Remonstrance," in which he warns about drives not to tax churches! and the amassing of coffers and property by religion. (1817) I once transcribed a handwritten manuscript fragment by Elizabeth Cady Stanton where she was campaigning for suffrage in the West and decried the growing number of churches everywhere, and the move to take them off the tax rolls. We need to go back and study the history of this. What other 501(c)(3)s do that churches are exempted from is file Form 990, an annual report accounting for our money. Churches should have to do that, and they should have to actually file for tax exempt status. Currently it's just automatic - no onerous filing fee like the other nonprofits must file. If they PROVED they were truly charitable, etc., that would be a step in the right direction. They get so much credit for things we taxpayers get billed for!
What would you recommend to someone considering a career in freethought activism? Be a freethought activist. It's not something you can really hire someone to do.
Hello from an FFRF member and heathens greetings! i joined after seeing an interview that you did w/ Laura Ingraham on the OReilly Factor. you were so great... calm, rational, objective, while she was trying to provoke you. for some reason you kind of remind me of Ann Druyan, am I just imagining that or do you or the FFRF have some connection with her? My goodness, that's a compliment! Annie Druyan was very gracious and accepted a posthumous award in Carl Sagan's honor at one of our FFRF conventions. We've enjoyed interviewing her on Freethought Radio.
How many members? FFRF has more than 19,000 members -- thank you to the more than 100 new members who joined within 24 hours after we filed our lawsuit against the IRS! Unfortunately our website went down, so those of you who couldn't get thru, come and visit FFRF.ORG again. We'd be glad to sign you up as members, or send a complimentary issue of our newspaper!
Thank you for taking on the IRS & Billy Graham. Just because he's a feeble old man doesn't mean he's harmless. We don't feel this is anything personal against Billy Graham, but he has done a lot of harm to the Establishment Clause. He's the guy who suggested the National Day of Prayer legislation, for instance, and he's had quite a record of encouraging war, hasn't he? By the way if you've never read the beautiful federal court ruling against the NDP (we lost standing at the appeals court level), I encourage you to. You can find Judge Crabb's ruling here (with a lot of history about Graham): Link to ffrf.org
I'd just like to say "thank you" for Freethought Today. Everyone involved does a great job in letting members know of victories and ongoing cases. I always get a kick out of reading the Black Collar Crime Blotter and fan mail, as well. Thank you - our editor Bill Dunn is hard at work on the next Black Collar Crime Blotter. Part of what we like to do with Freethought Today is not only share victories but to be sure our members see what we're doing with their dues - accountability!
Okay, fun question: If you could be any God, which god would you be (you can also make up and describe your own god and religion). I don't warm to any of them, sorry. When I was little, I think I understood the ancient Egyptian feeling of worship toward cats, however! I still admire them, tempered with an understanding of what they've done to the bird population, but I admire from afar, because to my sorrow, cats trigger allergic asthma now!
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2012.09.07 04:33 iamtotalcrap "Why I am really happy right now" or "What I learned on my road trip" [self]

author: FireInTheNight (4 months) author karma: 19/45 original story's comments flag

So recently I moved from LA to Bloomington, IN. To get there, I went on a road trip that took me 4 dayse straight through the USA. What I saw was truly astonishing. As soon as I left LA - it can't have been more than 20 miles outside the city limits - it became almost impossible to get a decent radio station. All the sudden, every station my tuner stopped at was blaring Christian bullshit in one way or another.
There were those stations with the fire and brimstone charlatanes, screaming how I'll be going to hell if I do or don't do this and that and the other thing and first and foremost if I don't pick up the phone and donate money to them right now. Then there were those Christian help channels where people call in and then they get some bullshit, pseudo-psychological advice based on some random bible passage that vaguely fit their current predicament. Others were Christian "educational" (ha! What an oxymoronic phrase!) channels, where idiotic hosts told kids that just started going back to school and were "confused" by their text books (you know, because they had already been indoctrinated by their parents that those text books are a work of the devil) that the world is less than 10,000 years old and that evolution is a conspiracy theory and global warming is a lie.
And then there was the Christian music. It's almost like normal music but not as good and it makes you dumber as you listen to it. I was baffled at what a variety there was! Christian pop, Christian hip-hop, Christian r 'n b, Christian country (lots!) - almost every musical genre could be heard. It's almost as if Christians have to make a Christian version of every musical genre so that they don't have to leave their pathetic little echo chamber and never need to be exposed to differing ideas within music. Come to think of it, that's really how the whole of Christianity works, isn't it? Find an alternative to something popular that only includes your own ideas so you can pretend that they are actually good and correct ideas. Wikipedia? Too liberal. Christians have Conservapedia where they can go and enjoy all the Christian lies and misrepresentations of the real world. reddit? Let's have a Christian sub-reddit and shut it off to posts with differing ideas and criticism. Comic books? Let's turn the Bible into a comic so they can keep their children safe from all those satanic things in real comics. Dating sites? christianmingle.com so they can continue to pretend that not having sex before marriage is a good thing and that marriages last longer among Christians (hey, did you guys know that the divorce rate is quite a bit higher the more religious a demographic gets and drops quite a bit the less religious and more secular a demographic gets?)
But I digress. Back to my road trip. I also saw 2 massive crosses along the road. Both were more or less in the middle of nowhere. Both had a little building next to them but those weren't churches. Maybe just little prayer rooms or something. Isn't that bizarre? Giant crosses along the road that aren't actually part of churches and are sort of out of the way of populated areas? And by giant I mean really, really big. I'm not good at guessing but I'm over 6' tall and those things were at least 10 times as high as me, so they must have been about 60' high or so. Nuts.
Lastly I'd like to mention the billboards. Much like the radio stations there was a great variety of them. Most of them telling me I'm going to hell for whatever the fuck arbitrary reason the morons behind the billboards wanted to make me feel guilty for. Many told me that Jesus was Lord and Truth and Love. Obviously, none of them told me the actual truth that the Jesus of the Bible never existed and that the historical Jesus most likely didn't exist either. That wouldn't make for a very good Christian message, would it?
Needless to say, there was no seculaatheistic equivalent of any of those things to be found anywhere. No seculaatheist radio shows, no seculaatheist music, no seculaatheist billboards, no seculaatheist sculptures or landmarks anywhere (not that I would want them. I'm just sayin'). The best I got was NPAPM when I was in the vicinity of cities big enough to have those stations and the IU student station in Bloomington, which was playing good jazz at the time.
So after seeing all of these aweful things on my trip, why does the title of this long post say that I am really happy right now? Well, the first and minor of the 2 reasons is that from now on, when a Xtian starts telling me how there is a "war on Christianity" going on in the USA and how Christians are being "persecuted" and how they are the victims of the horrible, abusive secular powers to be I will tell them to shut the fuck up and I will tell them my observations from this road trip and then I will laugh loudly at them. That makes me happy.
But what really makes me happy, the thing that really makes me smile is this: Despite all of this massive indoctrionation, despite the proseletyzing and the lying to children and the threats of hell and the giant crosses trying to tell everyone that this is a Christian nation (which it isn't), despite all of this bullshit that one is bombarded with at all times and from all directions in this country, religion is fucking dying. Despite all of this, atheism is the fastest growing "religious" group in the USA and especially the young-uns are rejecting religion more rigorously and in greater numbers than any generation before them. The infection of Christianity is being met by seculaatheistic antibodies in rapidly growing numbers. Christianity is losing ground left and right. This makes my chest swell. Especially the fact that young people are rejecting it, seeing how religious people are aggressively trying to indoctrinate their young. I'm mighty proud of them. Despite all the shit I've seen and heard on my trip, Christianity's days are numbered and that makes me very happy.
tl;dr It's a nice, uplifting, heartening story. Don't be so lazy. Just read it. Seriously, what else do you have to do right now?
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How Kenyan Campus Girls Make Money!! #RuakaExposed (PART 1) IS Runtown dating South Sudanese Model Adut Akech? (videos) Nilijua Me Ni Side Chick, After 6 Months Of Dating - YouTube J.L. Haxton - YouTube XTIANDELA: I WOULD RATHER MARRY A PROSTITUTE TRAPS of MIDNIGHT MOMBASA 2019 !!!  iam_marwa - YouTube LESBIANISM & GAYISM AMONG KENYAN YOUTH!!!! (PART 1) - YouTube

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Hello,Mombasa Kenya Nightlife,Mombasa is a seaport city on the coast of Kenya, along the Indian Ocean. It is the country's oldest (circa 900 AD) and second-l... Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/xtiandela Other Socials: Twitter: @XtianDela Facebook: @DelaXtian Got an Expose? WhatsApp: +254728710543 -----... We’ll stop supporting this browser soon. For the best experience please update your browser. runtown is definitely in a relationship with south sudanese model, adut akech after the two were videoed sharing a kiss. KUTV is a Digital Television that brings you up to date news, entertaining,educative and informative programs. FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: @XtianDela Their Handles: Imali = @_imali__ Brandy = @this_is_brandy Fabrino = @MendozaFabrino -----... Send in Your Feedback And Comments to SMS 40920 Like our pages and follow us on Twitter for more hot entertainment. Twitter: https://twitter.com/EbruTVKenya ... DATING? HOW I MAKE MONEY? - Duration: 28 minutes. Xtian Dela. 56,197 views; 3 months ago; 17:07. ... Step By Step ~ Xtian Dela X Magix Enga (Lyric Video) SMS 'Skiza 8086011' to 811 - Duration: 3 ... Amina Abdi Rabar speaks to Ruth Ambogo and Xtian Dela on the dark side of social media. Skip navigation ... marriage and the false dating rumours - Duration: 17:14. NTV Kenya 49,327 views. 17:14. ...