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Navicat Data Modeler is one of the most widely used Database Design tools which will help you produce high-quality conceptual, logical and physical data models.. More than a mere modeling tool, Navicat Data Modeler's Export SQL feature can generate .sql scripts to create database structures. Every part of your models may be converted to actual database entities, including referential integrity ... Online database design and modeling tool used and loved by more than 315,395 users including 50,000+ organizations, from leading government agencies to enterprise-class firms to smaller-sized companies and more than 150,000 freelancers, database admins, developers and engineers. 700 Lavaca Street, Austin, TX 78701 [email protected] A data model refers to the logical inter-relationships and data flow between different data elements involved in the information world. It also documents the way data is stored and retrieved. Data models facilitate communication business and technical development by accurately representing the requirements of the information system and by ... 5) Toad Data Modeler. Toad is a data modeling tool that maximizes productivity using extensive automation, intuitive workflows, and built-in expertise. This software manages code change and promotes the highest levels of quality. Features: Access key data quickly for in-place analysis and single-click export to an Excel instance Data management partner Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. It gives you the freedom to query data on your terms, using either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources—at scale. “Vertabelo has been tremendously valuable during a major overhaul of our internal systems. It has allowed everyone on our team to collaborate on the design process, the visual tools have allowed non-technical team members to understand what is being built, and the modeling features make it completely self-documented. Data modeling is the process of developing data model for the data to be stored in a Database. Data Models ensure consistency in naming conventions, default values, semantics, security while ensuring quality of the data. Data Model structure helps to define the relational tables, primary and foreign keys and stored procedures. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a free, stand-alone product with a full spectrum of data and database modeling tools and utilities, including modeling for Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Relational (database design), Data Type and Multi-dimensional modeling, with full forward and reverse engineering and DDL code generation. Data flow diagram maker to visualize the flow of data through your systems. Data flow diagram templates and all DFD symbols to make data flow diagrams online. Database Diagrams Online Easy and fast. GenMyModel is an modeling editor with powerful features for creating database diagrams online. GenMyModel helps you create database diagrams right away, there's no install, no setup and no learning curve to get started.

Live Data: Storing data in DB and allowing refreshing of data, hard to do?

2020.09.19 23:51 AndyOHart Live Data: Storing data in DB and allowing refreshing of data, hard to do?

Hi all.
I know that the rules say no help me posts are allowed, however I sort of see it as a discussion around LiveData/Room/ViewModel and its complexity.
I have started a sample project to try and learn more about all this as I am currently doing job interviews and I think it would be good to know more about the newer components. In the app I am making, I want to do a server requests, store it in a Room DB, and allow the user to clear the DB (Which with LiveData will remove everything from the Recycler View), and then also allow pulling to refresh/pressing a refresh button. This is the actual part that I'm finding hard with LiveData and ViewModels.
From what I have read, it seems you should only have 1 instance of a LiveData object that will perform the callbacks. The issue I'm having is that from all the examples I have seen online, it seems complex to do a network request and save to a DB. The code I followed had me do the network, DB and save calls in one method that returns an instance of LiveData, however it seems you can't call this method more than once as there should only be 1 instance of LiveData.
Any ideas on what is the best way to handle this use case?
There is code examples here:
Hope this is okay but if not feel free to delete.
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2020.09.19 21:44 My_Gaming_Companion Digital Vs Physical Gaming? What should you choose, a little guide by me.

__This is a guide, so best you read it full thoroughly to get some information and some tips. It's for new players or for those who are quite late in PS4 era who are confused deciding whether to buy PS5 digital or PS5 Physical edition? While old PS4 players are also welcomed, who knows what might change your mind?__
Let's get this straight! I will be telling pros and cons of digital games, while cons being obviously pros of physical game. This guide will then proceed forward to next topic of who should switch? Ending with important NOTES.
*Digital games are not physical entities, therefore they are damage proof, scratch proof, water-proof, dust-proof, overall they can't be destroyed, which means in case something like natural calamity happens like a earthquake your huge physical library will just came crashing down with all your sweet games discs shattered into pieces (off topic but Nintendo users are safe from most this stuff). While over time your physical games will accumulate scratches and small damages which may render them useless or make them full of problems to play on a console as it couldn't read the disk properly.
*Digital games are very easy to access. Imagine you want to play all your games just for fun and you have this huge ass physical library. With digital games, and with now the power of PS5 fast SSD you don't have to stand up, and sit down again and again in your couch for changing the disks just exit the game and start next one. Laziness on another level, but that's what every one wants right? But with many games you might end up using HDD which will slow down your load time, but hey! You still haven't stood up from your cozy couch, so it's a win win!
*Digital games let's you experience a true day one launch. Imagine you have this game (CYBERPUNK 2077) and you are so hype for this you decorated your whole room with posters, changed wallpapers of your devices to that damn beautiful night city and now just waiting for the release to happen. But wait? If you have digital copy, you can just pre load the game on to your console and start playing exactly from the time the game is launched! HYPE ++, but alas you have ordered physical copy, which will take days to come. While all your fav youtubers and friends are enjoying the game while you are sitting and just waiting for your game to come. HYPE : (
*Digital games go wherever you go! Let's say you are rich af and have over 1000 games in your library, or not so rich but still have a nice 50 games in your library. Now you are going to a vacation for few weeks to a nice spot but don't have enough space to carry all your 1000/50 games with you at once, leaving to you only mere 10-20 games you have. Well Digital games have no problem like that, no matter how many games you have you can take them with your PS5 anywhere and whenever you like, just pick up PS5 and go. (considering you have enough storage solution to store all the games, otherwise you could download them too, I mean not bad considering you don't have to worry about disks right?) Even bad when you are shifting your home you have to take headache of taking them too, and if some mishappening occurs, your disk, well goodbye.
**Cons:** *Enough I guess, let's make all physical gamers too happy about themselves too!*
*Digital games are just yours, which means you can't lend them to your far off friends, and in case you made a bad purchase and refund system is not available or you just don't want that game anymore, well you can't resell them. With digital games your money spent is just spent and you can't get it back anyway , while physical games can be shared, re-sold, and can be given for rent, Overall you can do whatever you want , keep, throw whatever, which means you are in CONTROL! And who doesn't like being in control ?
*Physical games have not to be downloaded again and again. Imagine you need to download a new game, but you don't have space, and you delete a digital game. But later you got some space and you need to download that 50GB game again. Well congrats! The game you just downloaded before have to be downloaded again with net you paid for. While physical games have no such things. Just insert the disc, download minor updates*, or hell even start playing without updating the game. No need to worry about deleting a game and thinking you need to download it again. Physical games save so much data for real. (*doesn't consider updates of modern warfare 2019). And if you live in a bad internet area, then well buying a digital console is just like Going to school without books.
*Physical games get cheaper faster. So you are not rich af and can't own 1000 games, but you are a gamer by heart and need those sweet juicy exclusives for your ps5, and luckily you are a physical gamer! Well physical games get way faster cheaper than digital ones. Both launch at same prices, but the digital stays on that grossing 60 dollars for months. Even after a year they hardly go below 30 while physical games can be get for like 10-15 dollars from ebay. Now that's what i call a deal!(NOTE: I only took data of around first two years based on my country experience, for more time than this, digital games get way cheaper than their physical brothers most of the time, with few exceptions. Results might differ in your country so see a little statistics of prices of games)
*Physical games are great for show-off. Now you got some guests in your house, or a annoying child who treats you like shit when you are at his home. They all see your huge gaming library in all it's glory with those physicals cases and those fancy artwork and names written in their spine reading (GRAND THEFT AUTO V). And they all just see that awestruck while you stand their smiling on your beautiful collection. With digital games, meh. If you decided to open your PS5 then it's only possible moreover those fancy cases with artworks and physical items are still no match for those digital photos (it's another level feeling to hold a game in your hands). Physical games are just good for anyone who likes to praise their collection and see them all day and say, it's beautiful, I have seen it for 5 hours now.
*Physical version doesn't steal your digital fun right? SO yeah by spending 100 more dollars you can get a console that do both physical and digital, and if you are kind of hybrid guy, then this is a extra pros of physical version for everyone.
So that's all I guess. If there are enough please tell me, I will add them here. And I hope that answer much of your questions, so you either have decided till now which is better and what to go with. But you still confused? Well then here comes PS PLUS
**PS PLUS:** I tell you about how good is ps plus actually, consider reading it or skip to conclusion.
*I intend no console war, these are just my opinion. Xbox game pass is great but that doesn't make PS PLUS weak anyday. Read full.*
It's a subscription service which gives you 2 free games every month (oof everyone knows that, now's the real deal) For just 60 dollars a year you get 2 top titles to keep every month. Fall Guys, Morder warfare 2 remastered, Street fighter V, PUBG are some of the recent amazing games that this subscription has given. And if you are having this subscription for multiple years like 4 years then you have probably made a 100+ games library which has games even better than whole xbox game pass (except flight sim ofcourse, that game is too amazing imo to be beaten by any PS exclusive). So when you think critically PS PLUS is much more financial and give you much better games than xbox game pass. HOW? LEMME EXPLAIN!
You get two great games, say fall guys, you played it for month and then you get another games while you keep all your previous games. You can continue playing whatever you like. Like this a casual gamer will be happy with these offerings, and don't need to worry about running dry of games, and occasionally you will get top hits like uncharted 4, last of us, or hell even blood borne (GOD OF WAR isn't free until now, so get your damn horses cause it will most probably follow every other exclusive and be free before ragnarok release, only prediction though but quite undeniable). So a see you just pay 300 dollars for 5 years and get over thousands of dollar worth of games while xbox game pass for consoles cost 120 dollars a year(as it cost 10 dollars a month) i.e. 600 dollars for 5 years (holy hell) , with those extra 300 dollars you could buy so great exclusives during sale, while ultimate cost 900 dollars for 5 years . If you don't have pc, then very well, microsoft played you very well (considering some games exit the service too, and xbox live games are so bad most of the games are not even recognizable by many people). And if you have pc powerful enough to play those games, then this is ever better than PS PLUS any day handsdown. In PS PLUS games are being added in your library one by one. Now in xbox game pass they throw all games at once, and as I know you won't be playing every game right? Only 10-20 or ok even till 50. But you still paying for others game you don't play? See the point? That's the secret behind game pass successful model. No console wars here, but to proof that PS PLUS is a very great and financial subscription model for all casual gamers and that many people actually play the game they paid that 60 dollars for. You can buy just exclusives and few other top titles like cyberpunk while all other gaming needs would be fulfilled by a cheap 60 dollars subscription service which grants more than those free games for a whole year wow. See your library once, they are full of gems and you didn't even notice them. PS PLUS is literally a very great subscription service I ever came in hand with considering you not only get free games but other benefits too! (This is all obvious when you see the long run and not short run. This doesn't mean Xbox game pass is bad it's great, but I just wanna prove that PS PLUS is very great subscription model, and I love sony for this as much as I love xbox for their services)
In PS5 you get a PS+ collection which give you instant access to more games, even some you have missed in regular giveaways.
**So after all this we can come to 3 conclusion:** These are my opinion.
1: If you are totally new, then go with digital (but not when you have bad net. No chance. See if you have some cyber cafe or some place with fast net nearby to download games, otherwise you only have one option). Digital is only best option for casual new gamers rightaway. Sure cost of exclusives are 70 dollars? But you can either stick with you PS PLUS games, and wait for a sale, or just buy that yeah. I mean how often are exclusives released? Trust me, PS PLUS games will keep you busy for months and now you have that PS PLUS collection along with free gta online for first free months too! As you are totally new, you probably wanna buy old games which are obviously dead cheap during PS PLUS double discount sales
2: If you are PS4 gamer, and have quite small physical collection and wanna play new games rightaway, then go with digital. Prices are same for both version initially so it wouldn't bother you much. While see how many games you want from you small physical collection, sell all of those and buy digital version on sale (as they will be very cheap now, mostly).
3: If you are either rich af physical guy, or wanna buy exclusives/games for very cheap just after few months of release, go with physical. Although i would suggest try bending towards digital as i don't see physical games working for such huge budget games in future, but as for now, yeah physical PS5 edition is quite viable and you can enjoy them surely for next console genration.

**NOTES:** These are some important thing i wanna share, suggest me more if you think so.
*DriveClub digital edition is not available. So if you wanna play this game badly, go with physical or just ditch this game for good.
*With games getting update and patches as big as MODERN WARFARE, moreover blu-ray disk achieving their capacity , it is safe to assume digital media is what everyone have to do mostly. Honestly if you could update modern warfare then you could download any game (except if your intentions are far beyond my imagination)
*This guide as told was designed for totally new players or quite late players in PS4. Although I have gave conclusion covering as much audience available.
*Overall you are the one to decide I just given you a direction, but ultimately you have your own decisions so make whatever suits you best. I hope I helped you significantly with this guide.
*(Physical gamers)Also if the game is asking for mandatory update, try deleting the game, and then open your PS4 offline and then insert disk and start game upon installing. Most of the time it will work, but you just have not to go PS4 online again if you don't wanna update. But if not possible it's probably because of NOTE number 2
*Don't Buy PSNOW and EAPLAY with PS PLUS at all. PS PLUS is great and you need just time to make a good library. Sony licensing thing is quite messed like PS5 pre-orders, and if some game is given free by EA PLAY or PS NOW, and it was previously given free on PS PLUS, the current license of PSNOW and EA PLAY will override the PS PLUS license and if the games exit the service, there are high chances your PS PLUS library game will also be gone. SO don't buy any other service as it messes all sorts of licensing things. PROOF:
Read the thread by user JakolZeroOne

**EXTRA TIP FOR PLAYERS WHO READ TILL LAST:** Hmm did I wrote this good or you felt click baited?
Ok, now time for a extra tip which is legal (ooh!) and might be life savior. For all you players who read till here, cause that's what heroes do right?
Say you got a whole bunch of library of digital games. But one day you do something and you get permanently banned, and literally you become now broke af, frustrated af, and angry af. But all of that could be prevented, if you did this one thing.
First of all make two legal accounts on PSN (by legal I mean everything you enter should be 100% accurate and no faking of anything, seriously). One with which you purchase games, and another with which you will play games now. Log both accounts in to your PS4. Now with you main account, buy games , PS PLUS membership and set it as primary. And with your play account play your games. Now if you get banned you will lose all your game progress. But hey those sweet games and your PS PLUS library are still saved in your another account right? Make another account and play your games (again from starting though, rip my 2000 hours in SKRIM)
However I honestly condemn racial shit and slurs, in online gaming. If you do it, you are the lowest scum in this earth. However I found out this method because company can ban you many times for no obvious reason, and then we have nothing to do except remorse.
So this was my method, it's working great from 2 years for me. And it will do so cause it's not illegal to buy games in an account and don't play it in it lol? And hope this method will make you feel more good about buying digital games, as it was considered one of the biggest problems of digital gaming, that your whole library is whoooshed if you get banned. That's why I didn't state it as a pros or con, cause here is the solution (for anyone wondering). And save files are lost both in physical and digital method as they are tied to your account.
So that's it all I had to share. I hope it was much helpful for you, and I hope you have a great next gen gaming experience. Was having free time so decided to spend it by helping others.
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2020.09.19 21:32 8-o_O_X_O_o-8 It's 2020, I have been using Macintosh products since the Apple 2C, I opened the newest "iTunes" Store, and I literally have spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to search for a song, WTF happened to Apple? Are they actively degrading the user experience on purpose? This isn't progression.

First off, let me say, I had an Apple IIC. I was hip to apple when I had an Apple IIE. I had the first iMac, I had the first Mac Tower, I settled on Mac (circa) 2015-17 iMac builds as my workhorse for my entire artistic and musical writing lifetime legacy.
I played Oregon Trail on Macintosh DOS systems at school in 4th grade, WHEN IT WAS RELEASED, as part of my History lessons, no less. I remember when there wasn't a "Bong" when an Apple Computer started up. I remember when "Logo" was the coolest thing you had ever seen.
Ok? I'm livid right now. I'm absolutely emotionally annoyed. Like, I want to kill our masters and start anew, metaphorically. This is absolute drone salesmanship. This is 1984, ironically, the very thing that was "smashed" through in the famous Mac commercial.
So, I'm a musician. I write my own music, daily. For the past, like, 20 years, I have relied on apple to help me sort my music I buy and also put my own music on computer, iPod, phone, etc.
There was a time when my user requests, unspoken, were attended to. All it took in the realm of computing was for YOU, yourself, to understand file hierarchy, how to group music into different folders, playlists, etc.
There was a time, many years ago, when I was making electronic music in the late 90s, that I could use my mac to make an original piece of art (in my case music) and no one else was involved. No one was pushing me to "share" my creative juices with anyone else. I put machines together and they talked and out came what we know as beauty in transience, sounds organized by a human being - music.
I didn't have to be online to create. I could make my album artwork in Photoshop and Illustrator. I could bounce my songs out of my DAW into a folder, and eventually, apple stepped up and said, "Here's a program that will allow you to sort all your music quite effortlessly, integrating your creative experience made fro your soul through your computer with songs written by geniuses, I could listen to my ambient avant-garde or trip hop or drum n bass track in my playlists and compare the sounds, freely.
  1. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint."we do have some freedom of choice"Similar:right toentitlement toprivilegeprerogativedue

This past year, I updated to an iPhone 8 (because, I don't care what you say, buying a "New" iPhone that just came out for $800+ makes you a complete mark, sorry, you're the reason that feature creep exists, you're the reason we can't have nice things and technology companies are scarring your soul and lowering your life quality, scoff all you want, I've bought refurb iPhone 2 years ago models because I'm aware that an $800 iPhone is literally just putting your hands up and telling advertisement driven corporate life hack bots that know your spending habits better than you know your own kid's unnerving internet choices you've provided them), and Apple rolled out Music.
For a month, I was having to try and understand what the hell my iTunes library even was, what my phone "iTunes" even was, how to even press play the right way, how to search my phone library vs the GOD AWFUL CLOUD SITUATION in tandem with the growth of my ART AND MUSIC.
I'm sitting here confused, like, wasn't it just like 10 or 15 years ago when technology wasn't literally completely bent on selling ME to ME? Wasn't it, like, a few decades ago that Billy Idol made Cyber Punk the first album to be completely recorded on Mac hardware?
(side note, if you don't know Billy Idol - "Adam in Chains" - you literally are missing a piece of human music evolution)
So, let me tell you this: Once upon a time, people were driven by movement. Not business. Movement. Forward.
I remember the feeling of growth and newness and a bright future, standing on the corner of Lexington and 91st in Manhattan in the humid summer of 1989. I remember what San Francisco was like before the dot com bomb, I lived there. I remember not being tethered to every other mean, soulless, angry, anonymous and damaged persona in the world. I remember when I could speak a thought that wasn't compacted into 280 characters, and John Q Random didn't have his jaded, narcissistic, faceless and factless and juvenilely written say on my thought.
No one was cancelling me, I just was a kid, I breathed in the West Coast air most of the time, but sometimes I spent summers sleeping in a loft bed a few blocks from the New York Public Library.
I could ask questions of people. And they were actually polite, in person. Attentive to my growing mind. It was a part of humanity that no longer actually exists, save for moments of extreme beauty and occasional goodnesses that occur, it was called communication. And, if I asked, in 1989, a random stranger, what they thought lay ahead as far as technology and cohesion of the world theater, they would say nothing but hopeful, positive things. Technology was going to save us. Technology was going to make people live longer lives. Technology and human progress were going to end hunger, poverty, give dying malnutritioned children some hope of science delivering some sort of aid.
What are we now? Do you even think about human beings being human beings? Because, companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, these are what we call technology now. Currency flowing increasingly in a projected profit margin supercedes the human experience. Period.
Show me CEOs, 35 years after home computers became a possibility, through time that have absolutely been pioneers of human ingenuity that benefited the entire planet. You can't name 5. Because you don't care about the continuation of humanity, you care that Spotify works seamlessly, you care that your instagram builds veracity. You care that you made sure that your Facebook friends knew how incredibly outraged you were for George Floyd, or you were stuck being a mark wondering if Black Lives Matter is an affront to Blue Lives Matter, and you have, 100% assured, done 0% research on Black Lives Matter as an actual organization, or you probably are a barn animal herded into being scared to love black people because your Facebook feed sent misinformation into your gullet, and you reacted to it, and you fought hard on the internet, like a Cro-Magnon fat fingered, lumbering idiot, for "American Values," but you couldn't, without Wikipedia on your phone, tell me how many people died in the Holocaust or what the literal definition of socialism is, because you spend 100% more time caring about being force fed weaponized advertisement sales driven technological advancements then you spend thinking about whether that kid in the commercial, starving, emaciated in Africa lived past 5, and whether his mother, at 23, watched her son die from lack of food.
Do you think your life is better now? Do you think that you're doing a fraction of the work that people on the street corner in Manhattan did for me as they passed by - strangers on their way to somewhere - did for me when they told me the time, told me how to get to the park, gave me a high five or told me I need to go inside the Statue of Liberty?
Have you been inside a museum in the last 5 years of your life and looked at ancient African tribal art and let it sink in that that was technology? That technology once was figuring out how long to make a tube with holes in it to make a musical instrument out of a tree branch? Have you looked a Kandinsky in person, have you ever known what it looks like to see a canvas painted on both sides?
I'm not asking what are you, because you are a human, but why are you? Why are you getting up every day? Why are you making babies and not freaking out that we're knee deep in fossil fuels like we were 80 years ago and literally destroying our planet for the sake of business and not investing in renewable resources of the future that save people money and save people from dying? Why are you actually spending $4000 on a top of the line Mac computer when you literally do NOTHING creative with it and let the bastard grandchildren of the original programmers, who respected user requests as the front door to technology, shape the actual outcome of the arc of your life experience?
You tell me, citizen, what's wrong with my iTunes, why can't I easily figure out how to have a cloud for all my "purchased media" that won't sync my original pieces of art. I have to choose between being a sheep, having Apple dictate my user experience from toe to forehead, belly button to buttocks, and then get paid to sell off my habits to the highest bidder who intends, with premeditation, create computer intelligence that will devise ways to make me live my entire life spending money to whatever trend they want to maximize profit and minimize user control for financial gain, most likely so they can live in a comfortable place, have snacks available, or have food delivered to them by people just trying to survive.
I don't care, honestly, in the end, I know what the ocean feels like. I was born before the world became the horror show of weaponized and mechanized technology driven ignorance and greed that it is. If smart devices were a part of your life from the time you born, I am so heartbroken for you. If you have a Facebook profile, I mourn the loss of your awareness of the commoditization of your literal unique soul being part of a fluctuating imaginary number relating to currency that will reach literally NO ONE in need. I absolutely will cry at some point today out of nostalgia for a time when you looked out toward the horizon, and if you saw people, you said words to them. If you knew people important to you, you memorized their phone number so when you were actually by a phone, you could communicate with them through effort of logistics that meant you were alive and actual, a real person, not a choice of emoji.
So, you know what, I'm still going to make music, and I'm going to make it on technology that is a decade old on refurbished machines that don't cost 1/2 what an average Ethiopian makes in a year. Why? Because I know how to maximize the use of technology. I don't desire to have my user interface be literally driven by AI devised ways to force me, through hacking my actual instincts as a singular consciousness for the benefit, largely, of a room full of white people who smell each other's technological farts and pride themselves on manipulating user experience JUST PERFECTLY so that you get JUST enough control to tell your soul you have freedom, and you'll buy feature creep products the day they come out, at full price, because you work and spend the currency of your life clock on trivial technology you literally don't understand because the people making you pay EXACTLY as much as you are predictably willing to spend, based on other sheep buying trends so that you have a device that makes it so your brain doesn't have to store data, like how to transport to the New York Public Library from Queens, and you can update your friends on your brilliant, completely trivial, factless, opinions on defunding inner city police or how to fight privileged Antifa trust fund revolutionaries.
Give me back my handhold on the future, get your hand off the throbbing member of monetized human data trafficking, get off your phone and raise your kid, stop making me have to listen to your lack of ability to interface with your child while you exasperatedly shove your phone, at full volume, at them to stop them from having a moment where they actually want interaction while you supplant it with YouTube Kids on your "old phone" and talk to text your friend about whatever thing you are stressing about because society pushed you into a meat tube where you made a baby but literally don't honesty know how to raise a person without Googling how to do it.
Once, upon a time, there was blackness, and against that blackness were strips of green pixels, and you drove the engine of technology in your home, unmonitored by villainous money grabbing twenty somethings who actually are promoted by society to do what they successfully do, move currency faster, with less effort, with less care, with a goal of ZERO human to human contact, where machines that were once created to bring the quality of life of humanity are now programmed and tasked to dictate the user's request before the user knows they want to make it.

TL/DR: Can anyone tell me how to search for stuff in the iTunes store, I can't honestly figure it out. No Bigs. I was just wanting access to art on demand and not figuring out how to do it on a platform literally made to make money by me doing so. Oh, dang, someone just tweeted that Steve Jobs just turned over in his grave and wept.

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2020.09.19 21:11 RaRaRaHaHaHa Learning Path for Layperson to someone who can intelligently converse about Data Science

TLDR: where can I learn the fundamentals of DS without having to learn the technical skills?
I’m not a DS or someone who knows coding languages.
I do know that just grabbing data pulls and handing them off to people to create descriptive analytics is not using data to it’s full potential.
I want to drive change in my organization. I want us to adopt real Data Science with industry standards and reap the rewards of the opportunities it can discover.
We have a lot of the data architecture getting in place but we need a cohesive strategy to guide us the next 3-5 years.
Are there any courses (cheap, online access, youtube channels) that I could take to help me understand the Data Science Jargon, understand the standard tools and practices? The fundamentals outlined so I can talk with experts and guide Business leaders.
I also would love to see semi-detailed examples of successful DS models and the thought process and tools used to build it.
Is there a reliable online resource community for external data or methods?
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2020.09.19 18:43 MrLexo £1500-£2000 Gaming PC - 3080 RTX Help

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
This is what I managed to come up with but I'm not 100% sure if that all works well! PCPartPicker Part List
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2020.09.19 17:37 kims681 Online System For Dry Cleaning?

My aunt owns a dry cleaning business and wants to add an online business model. I found and, but I was wondering if you had any other ideas I should consider as well. So, here are the things I need:
  1. Customers can view current or past invoices.
  2. Customers can schedule pickup (and delivery, or pickup in store).
  3. Customers can drop off (and have their clothes delivered).
  4. Customer and employees can communicate with each other through text and emails.
  5. Customers will be able to access the geolocation of the delivery driver.
  6. Customers can make payments online OR through in store.
  7. Store can collect transactional data.
The store will also hire delivery drivers, so we just need the system in place. Thanks!
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2020.09.19 17:10 th3suffering How to save data from web to local db?

Self taught, and working on my own app. Ive been working on a cataloging/collection app. I have it right now speaking with a web API which will provide the info needed such as image urls, product names, release dates, etc. I can view all of that, and view specific items from the tableview. Im now to the point where I want the user to be able to choose items from the tableview for their own collection and have that persist and be viewable and modifiable . I have so many questions and have googled 1000 different things, and have watched countless youtube videos but im still a little lost. Id love to find a tutorial covering my use case, even it was a paid tutorial. Heres what im trying to get answered.

Are there any tutorials, or books, or sites, paid or free that cover this? I dont have a mentor or anyone to really bounce these questions off of, and hope what im asking isnt too amateurish. I want to put in the time and effort to learn this but Im just not sure where to look to get an idea of how to implement this in the way im looking for. Basically what im looking for is someone to say learn this ,this, and that and give me the guidance on where to look to implement what im looking to do. I just want to take the items i get on my tableview and be able save them into my. own collection where i can sort or edit the data and persist. What are the steps and places I should be looking to make this happen?
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2020.09.19 16:40 freeuser89 [Test Invite]New AI-based Spam SMS Filtering App for iOS

[Test Invite]New AI-based Spam SMS Filtering App for iOS
Hello everyone.
I am happy to tell you that I have developed a new deep learning based spam SMS filtering app that is fully compatible with iOS 13/14.
It has the following features:
- Artificial Intelligence Filtering
- Samples Submission
- Online Update AI Filter Model
- Custom sender filters
- Custom keyword filters
Although I got some spam SMS samples from the web, I still don't have enough sample data to train him.
So, I would like to invite friends who are interested to experience and test this app, and hope that everyone can provide some sample SMS to help me improve the classification accuracy of the app.
Get the app from Testflight:
Feel free to try it out and give us your feedback and suggestions, thanks!
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2020.09.19 12:48 malornwsx FusionFall Graphics - Fan Creator @Jorge Correia

FusionFall Graphics - Fan Creator @Jorge Correia
\ - originally posted via* /fusionfall sub-channel via /reddit site. Because the posts were redacted meaning the general public is unable to view I could access the content & forward here to our new sub-channel /fusionfall2
#FUSIONFALL GAME PROJECTS referenced in a past post - + via FusionFall2 ;)
Be sure to read the other posts via FusionFall2 (especially media content) for useful game data/intel use the new flair tags to easily check content. Review the new tags/flairs located by the reddit banner including Game Media / Media Update / Universe Content posts to access & download FusionFall game assets old/new content [via external links]. Vice versa the assets I've uploaded to Google Drive & the sub-folders in FFU CLIENT.
X1 - (FAN ART) via discord/twitter [GD]
X2 - (MEDIA) [GD]
\*Use the links added in the captions to download media [video] content ;)*
Thanks to Jorge Correia#3026 [discord] for the exclusive FusionFall media. The man is quite impressive has a variety of skills primarily graphic design & software data knowledge. Not surprised if Tom & other users are working behind the scenes to focus on REFUSE a new game basically an early Legacy demo created in a newer version of Unity -- read new Academy (OF) post O.O
via Jorge Correia#6494 [discord] -
via Jorge Correia#6494 [discord] -
Jorge Correia#6494 [discord] -
Jorge Correia#6494 [discord] -
Jorge Correia#6494 [discord] -


Jorge Correia#6494 [discord]
X -
FusionFall MANGA - FF [2008] - + FFL [2016] - / x
-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - + + {FFU Client} + + + + + [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
@Bambeptin @Dogon_McBanana @DrawsKem @Funske32 @Kevman95 @KuroArtist @KyraXyreSpace @Lunar_Seastar @MattWavesx @MeModelZenpock @panman_music @przzyfied @RealWilttilt @TechTheNoob @virtanderson @WileyTheKoyote @womayhem #fusionfall #fusionfalllegacy #fusionfalluniverse via TWITTER


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2020.09.19 07:29 Heron-Intelligent Node.js Development Trends for 2020

Node.js Development Trends for 2020
Whether node.js is a framework or runtime environment remains a lot of confusion. Many people say it’s a runtime, and others call it a system. It runs JS from the browser.
In addition, a package that contains the compiler, the interpreter and the runtime environment is built into a Chrome V8 engine. The core function of this package is to increase performance and reduce latency. Therefore, node.js may be an ideal option for both server and client development. Let’s discuss the top 5 trends of Node.js:
MEAN and MERN Stack
The stacks are both robust and powerful. It is AngularJS and React which makes it powerful. MEAN Stack is the MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS combination. While the stack of MERN uses react rather than angular.
Angular JS uses three components, i.e. templates, classes and metadata, to produce clean and easy code. It is a model view control framework. It is a model view control framework. When the developers work on a simple project, then linking the two-way data is advisable.
MERN has in its own bag a young and new tech stack. MERN benefits from the success and user acceptance of React.

Dms Infosystem
Applications in real-time
The real-time apps are trendy and are always at the top of the charts. These are the applications that need a strong and powerful backend. The perfect examples are video messaging, instant chat, online gaming and many other related applications.
Node.js uses the Web socket and Event API for the two-way communication in real-time applications. Briefly, we can say that in real time apps, there is a bright future and it is always on demand.
The web of things
Nodejs is a responsive runtime environment that allows developers for data-oriented, on-time and micro-service deployment.
Techniques and improvements have been embraced by the world. You will adapt to this new technology if you want to cope with it. Seeing that real time systems have several user applications to manage, node.js has proven a helping hand. It offers not only high-quality software but also a secure solution.
Node.js will also help you create IoT applications for your customers.
Solution without server
Why wouldn’t want to save money and boost developers’ performance and productivity? Node.js is a server less architecture one-stop solution. This has no operating costs and does not allow businesses to take this into account in their determining success factors. It also has an omnipresent collective. It is one of the inventions of Pros Node.js. Telenor benefits from server less architecture most of major corporations, such as Netflix, AOL.
Solutions for cloud
The above point is the solution to construct cloud applications. The server less structure makes it easier to create a cloud app from scratch or to scale already developed apps. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning models will rule the world, according to the information week study.
Node.js is very popular, and its simplicity and effectiveness are the reason. Many large corporations have invested in and demonstrated their faith in nodejs.
It is easy to know, but it’s not a cup of tea for everybody. It also needs experience and one of the leading node creation companies with years of expertise will take advantage of this. Therefore, once you understand the project criteria, you can employ a NodeJS developer on a part or full time basis.
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2020.09.19 06:06 thetorontobot Toronto Daily - Sep 19th 2020

Welcome to the Toronto Daily Thread.

This thread serves two purposes:
1) To collect and make visible new posts in smaller Toronto based subreddits.
Feel free to visit, comment and be generally helpful in posts indexed below. Please also remember to stay on your best behaviour when travelling outside of /toronto.
2) To act as a general off-topic conversation hub for the day.
To that end, use this thread to talk about whatever is on your mind, regardless of whether or not it's related to Toronto.
No matter where you're posting, please remember to be excellent to each other.


Post Title Author Comments
Is there anywhere in the city I can study for a day? MethDickEpidemic 1
Bell 100/10 or Rogers 1000/30? GoodShark 0
Know a good place that can grind my coffee beans? komalkaur97 15
Online stores for clothes? Awkward_Homework 1
Truly private clubs potlacedwithcray 2
Mt.Pleasant/Yonge&Eglinton/Davisville residents, what are your thoughts on the area? butterflyhatcher 3
Is there a place I can volunteer to tutor online? randallparkinsons 2
Best winter boots? Allboobandmoreboob 13
Anyone ever test those War Amps keychain tags? henry_why416 8
Lost/neglected dog? InformalDetail 1
Zipcar experiences? TheOGKingOfPop 5
How feasible is renting a 1 bedroom apartment with 3 roommates with all of us on Minimum Wage? realistrealson 22
Advice on Covid testing Ive_got_work_to_do 3
Does anyone have a referral code pineapple express they can DM me? One_Gate 0
I have 0 experience with anything i am about to ask about regarding drilling holes in masonry. Help! ForteFZ 19
Can you fly if you have a cold? Easttorontogal 8
Looking for cheap plants/ Flowers brodree 1
I hate it when restaurants use emails collected for contact tracing for promotional emails! Is there a place to report this behaviour? grangerize 16
[Serious] Why does CBC News the national have such a high dislike to like ratio? Dapper-Obligation-17 8
If you could live anywhere in the GTA, where would you pick? PralinesNCream 10
Is there a shop/pawn shop preferably north York. Where I can purchase an old tv?? BabyYodaSippinSoda 4
Who/where in Toronto would buy a second hand electrical appliance with UK plug? jusL0u 7
International student looking for advise kowsikkiko 4
Recommendations for psychotherapist or psychiatrist, specializing in trauma counseling? lady_fresh 2
Toronto hair trends? Tdottv 2


Post Title Author Comments
New in Toronto (Self-Employed) Help Marken66 6
[FOR HIRE] UI/UX Designer looking for work techvinci 0
4 New Toronto Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs boinabbc 0
[[For Hire] Experienced and Versatile Graphic Designer Logo Design and Branding, Stream Graphics, Marketing Materials, Web Design and more]( JohneryCreatives


Post Title Author Comments
RUSTIC ORACLE msirotich 0
Sept 25 -Critical Mass bike ride for BLM sprungy 1


Post Title Author Comments
[SELLING] Brand New in Box AirPods 2 $200 burns3310 4
[SELLING] BRAND NEW UNOPENED - Jeda Hub & Jeda Dock Charger for Tesla Model 3 $200 87321 3
[SELLING] iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Rose Gold, Like New/Mint Condition, Unlocked $400 MiNuN_De_CoMpUtEr 0
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2020.09.19 04:34 programmerChilli [D] Quality Contributions Roundup 9/14

Last quality roundup thread can be found here:
To encourage quality contributions, the mods will periodically collate a set of quality technical discussions on /MachineLearning. Of course, we haven't read every comment on /MachineLearning, and what we consider to be quality discussions will nevertheless reflect our biases and what we're interested in.
In the future, if you see an insightful comment, please report them with the reason "Quality Contribution". Alternately, bring them up in the comments, and we may add them to the main post.
In general, these roundups will consist of any post since the last Quality Contributions roundup. We will focus on technical discussions - that is, we will ignore comments like Geoff Hinton's response to Schmidhuber. Thus, here we are!
Mode collapse approaches, data augmentation for GANs, and StyleGAN vs BigGAN by u/gwern
Data augmentation historically just screws up GANs, causing G to emit artifacts, but apparently all you have to do, turns out, is always apply data augmentation to all images before training or scoring (rather than the usual approach of augmenting just reals), and then it Just Works. So you can get surprisingly good results out of StyleGAN training from scratch on just thousands of images, even.
Breaking the Quadratic Attention Bottleneck In Transformers, ft. u/gwern and u/Aran_Komatsuzaki
One of the most frustrating limitations of GPT-3 is the context window: 2048 BPEs runs out fast when you start prompt programming something hard, and hacks like BPEs have nasty & subtle side-effects (eg no puns or rhyming ;_;). How do we get future Transformers with reasonable context windows and/or memory?
Best GAN tricks, ft. u/felixludos and u/ihaveunitdeterminant
larger batches are more representative of the distributions such that they cover more of the modes. One thing to note from the BigGan Paper is that larger batches (eg. batches of size 2048) lead to overall better results and that faster, but also less training stability.
Tensor Programs, with lots of intuition by the author, ft. u/thegregyang
I'm writing a series of papers on a new way to think about neural networks called Tensor Programs that I'm really excited about. The first paper was published in NeurIPS 2019, but I figured it's never too late to share with the community! I'll put the paper link here and also say a few words about the content.
Discussion of GraphCore's new chip, ft. u/Veedrac and ml_hardware
Like most AI accelerators that aren't just dumb systolic arrays (cough TPU cough), Graphcore's chips are intrinsically model parallel. This means they can run at very low batch sizes, saving memory, increasing responsiveness and adding more flexibility in what sort of training algorithms you can run. They also support sparsity very well.
The advantages of light-based AI processors, by u/ml_hardware.
Once your data has been transformed into laser light, adding numbers and multiplying pairs of numbers by unitary matrices (rotation matrices) takes zero power consumption. Yes, zero
Should you use spectrogram or waveforms for ML?, by u/respecttox, u/idsardi, and u/kamalski
But most interesting works are either raw-only (WaveNet, Jukebox), or compare raw audio with spectrograms, because it's not obvious when one approach is better or not. Raw audio is more end-to-endy but spectrograms are more bio, human ear ignores phase information. So in case of raw audio you can spend more resources on processing phase you won't hear, in case of spectrum you can get weird artifacts a-la lossy audio.
A discussion of the relevance of researchers in a compute-driven world, by u/Kalsir and u/Yisong-Yue.
Machine Learning Professor here. I think there are absolute some kinds of "high energy" science that absolutely need resources & scale in order to make progress. Studying scaling learnings of deep neural networks is definitely one such area. I think what OpenAI is doing is incredibly exciting and a great contribution to the field.
A brief summary of the reinforcement learning landscape, by u/mind_juice
Though the community continues to develop new algorithms, state-of-the-art results have stopped improving in the last couple of years. Since RL algorithms that use a tremendous amount of online data to learn from scratch are infeasible to apply in the real-world, much research has moved to fields such as Meta-RL, offline RL, and integrating RL with domain-knowledge, integrating RL and planning, etc.
How do you unit test end-to-end ML pipelines?, by u/farmingvillein
As perhaps a bit of tldr: once you've got the bare minimum data-replay testing in place ("yeah, it is probably working, because the results are pretty close to what they were before"), I'd encourage you to consider focusing your energy toward thinking of testing as outlier detection. Outliers, in real-world ML systems, tend to be harbingers of things that are wrong systematically, upstream data problems, and logic (pre-/post-processing) problems.
How do you transition from a no name international college to FAIBrain?, by u/r-sync
Coming from a no-name Indian engineering college with meh grades, you do have to get a bit creative, very persistent and build credibility for yourself. The examples above are one way to do so, but you can also maybe articulate your thoughts as really good blog posts and arxiv papers, or show great software engineering skills in open-source (i.e. without having to land a stint at a big research lab first).
How do you mitigate mode averaging in flow-generative models, ft. u/asobolev and u/konasj
So, a theoretical way to overcome this problem is to increase model's capacity (including training it longer). This is the reason the likelihood-based models that produce decent samples (Glow and NVAE) are so huge, in my opinion. One might say: fine, let's instead optimise KL(pmodel(x)pdata(x)) and benefit from its mode-seeking behaviour. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to actually do this with only samples from pdata(x).
Why does the Wasserstein loss work in W-GANs?, by u/jeanfeydy. Also check out this and this comment from u/jeanfeydy, which are also very informative.
Unfortunately, over the last few years, there has been a lot of confusion around the definition and properties of optimal transport (OT) in the ML literature. Many authors define loss functions that are inspired by the Wasserstein distance but do not really fit into the scope of OT theory: crucial distinctions are often lost in translation between geometry, stats and ML papers. The last few pages of Chapter 3 in my thesis explain the issue and may be of interest to you.
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2020.09.19 00:21 kirant Covid-19 Update for September 18: 107 new cases, 165 recoveries, 1 death + Unscheduled media update

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's media appearance by Dr. Deena Hinshaw (a last second meeting). Dr Hinshaw's next scheduled media availability (and the next public data update) will be Monday.
Top line numbers:
Value Current Total
Total cases +107 16,381
Active cases 1,424 (-59)
Cases with "Unknown source" 362 (36.7%) in last 7 days (Change: -10 (-0.5%))
Tests +11,318 (~0.95% positive) 1,180,696
People tested +7,295 909,443 (~210,666/million)
Hospitalizations 44 (+3/+1 based on yesterday's post/portal data) 756 (+6)
ICU 7 (-1/-2 based on yesterday's post/portal data) 140 (+1)
Deaths +1 (1x 50-59) 255
Recoveries +165 14,702
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths:
Zone Active Cases (Change) New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 450 (-20) +2,682 366,316 +40 8,315 +0 120
Central 24 (-5) +565 76,562 +1 650 +0 7
Edmonton 711 (-40) +2,181 302,203 +39 4,274 +0 69
North 197 (+4) +1,397 87,000 +22 1,306 +1 34
South 38 (+0) +350 61,236 +3 1,798 +0 25
Unknown 4 (+2) +120 16,126 +2 38 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Calgary 6968 (+36) 397 (-19) 6464 (+55) 107 (+0)
Edmonton 3780 (+34) 629 (-43) 3085 (+77) 66 (+0)
Brooks 1132 (+2) 5 (+2) 1118 (+0) 9 (+0)
High River county 559 (+0) 4 (+0) 548 (+0) 7 (+0)
Mackenzie county 387 (+2) 50 (-4) 324 (+6) 12 (+0)
Fort McMurray 216 (+8) 48 (+4) 167 (+4) 1 (+0)
Lethbridge 169 (+0) 6 (-1) 161 (+1) 2 (+0)
Cardston county 105 (+0) 4 (+0) 96 (+0) 5 (+0)
Red Deer 104 (+1) 9 (+1) 95 (+0) 0
Grande Prairie 97 (+0) 9 (-1) 86 (+1) 2 (+0)
Medicine Hat 79 (+0) 7 (-1) 70 (+1) 2 (+0)
Wheatland county 74 (+0) 1 (+0) 72 (+0) 1 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 64 (+0) 4 (+0) 60 (+0) 0
Warner county 62 (+0) 2 (+0) 59 (+0) 1 (+0)
Rest of Alberta 2585 (+24) 249 (+3) 2296 (+20) 40 (+1)
Other Counties/Cities with 10+ active cases (change compared to yesterday, if I have it recorded):
City/County Active
City of Spruce Grove 10 (-1)
Okotoks 12 (-1)
Sturgeon County 12 (+2)
Foothills County 13 (+0)
Sherwood Park 16 (+0)
St Albert 22 (-1)
Smoky Lake County 19 (+3)
County of Northern Lights 25 (-2)
No regions were removed from this list today
Schools with Outbreaks listed online (2+ cases in last 14 days):
  • St. Wilfrid Elementary School, Calgary
2-4 cases
  • Notre Dame High School, Calgary
  • Lester B. Pearson High School, Calgary
  • Henry Wise Wood High School, Calgary
  • Auburn Bay School, Calgary
  • Crescent Heights High School, Calgary
  • Chris Akkerman School, Calgary
  • Centre High, Edmonton
  • Ross Sheppard High School, Edmonton
  • McNally School, Edmonton (added today)
  • Waverley School, Edmonton (added today)
  • Chinook High School, Lethbridge
  • Foothills Composite High School, Okotoks (added today)
Current list of regions under "watch" by the province (new in bold):
  • Calgary Lower NE
  • Calgary Upper NE
  • City of Edmonton (as a whole, plus the regions below)
  • Edmonton Abbottsfield
  • Edmonton Castle Downs
  • Edmonton Eastwood
  • Edmonton NE
  • Edmonton Northgate
  • Edmonton Rutherford
  • Edmonton Woodcroft East
  • County of Northern Lights
  • Foothills County
  • Mackenzie County
  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
  • Smoky Lake County
No regions were removed from the "watch" classification today.
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on yesterday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 15 (+0) 5 (+1)
Edmonton 22 (+1) 2 (-2)
Central 0 (Since Sept 8) 0 (+0)
South 0 (Since Sept 11) 0 (+0)
North 7 (+2) 0 (+0)
Statements by Dr Hinshaw
  • Fully committed to updates as it comes
  • AHS has identified a case in school which is likely transmitted within a school
  • Not unexpected, nor a cause for alarm
  • Knows it is important to Albertans and wants to speak about it directly
  • Waverley School in Edmonton. 2 cases identified in school. One appears to be the source for the other
  • While difficult to say with 100% certainty, the facts make this a likely explanation
  • Parents and staff have been alerted and will receive additional instructions from AHS this afternoon
  • All potential exposures will be contacted asked to self isolate
  • Discourages shame or stigmatizing those with Covid-19 or their close contacts
  • AHS is investigating whether additional measures needed. No evidence to suggest school needs to transition to a new learning model or that additional measures are needed
  • Parents should know the school has done nothing wrong
  • Asks media to not target the school (notes this happened at St. Wilfrid when it rose to 5+ cases)
  • 78 cases in province have attended school while infectious in 57 schools. There is only one likely case of school transmission, the one reported
  • Stresses that more cases in community = more cases in school
Q&A - School Transmission
  • Are any of the school cases in the hospital?: None reported in school have had severe outcomes, to her knowledge
  • Are we seeing a lot of blaming/shaming of people with Covid?: Has heard school stakeholders and colleagues "on the ground" that anxiety is being caused with increased media attention and scrutiny (e.g. - the schools with cases are discussed as an "unsafe environment")
  • Why do you think the media "reporting on the realities in Alberta schools and reporting perspectives about those realities from parents" is targeting the school?: The physical presence of media at schools or amplification of one perspective over others ("not telling that whole story" was used)
  • What is the role of the media in pandemic?: Media to report diverse perspective and report accurately what happens in schools. If parents and students want to express stories, they shouldn't be restrained but must be done while respecting the impact on the school community. Everybody is asked to balance concerns of others and media is no different
  • Is a wider spread expected today for this transmission?: Possible. Will be monitoring closely
Q&A - Other
  • Update to federal Covid app?: Announced weeks ago that Alberta will eventually use federal app. Details being worked out. No firm time frame
  • Are there any adjustments to what symptoms are used to send students home?: Realizes that even mild symptoms can "throw a wrench" into things (and has had to deal with it firsthand)...working on better determining what "close contacts" in a school classroom are. Asks for patience over the next few weeks while health officials better define this so entire classrooms aren't being isolated. Recognizes that some students will have allergies/ongoing symptoms. If a student tests negative and symptoms do not progress, they may be allowed back to school but must be monitored. New symptoms require a new test (and focus is on improving turnaround time)
  • Thoughts on BC mouth rinse test for schools?: Discussing with lab. Logicstics and validation must be worked out before it can be used widely
Additional information will be logged below:
  • Edmonton Northeast's active cases: 94 (-10)
  • Edmonton Northgate's active cases: 94 (-15)
submitted by kirant to alberta [link] [comments]

2020.09.18 22:13 malornwsx FusionFall Graphics - Fan Creator @BerryRed

FusionFall Graphics - Fan Creator @BerryRed
#FUSIONFALL GAME PROJECTS referenced in a past post - + via FusionFall2 ;)
Be sure to read the other posts via FusionFall2 (especially media content) for useful game data/intel use the new flair tags to easily check content. Review the new tags/flairs located by the reddit banner including Game Media / Media Update / Universe Content posts to access & download FusionFall game assets old/new content [via external links]. Vice versa the assets I've uploaded to Google Drive & the sub-folders in FFU CLIENT.
X1 - (FAN ART) via discord/twitter [GD]
X2 - (MEDIA) [GD]
\*Use the links added in the captions to download media [video] content ;)*
Thanks to BerryRed#4895 [discord] for the exclusive FusionFall media. She's quite impressive has a variety of skills. Not surprised if Berry & other users are working behind the scenes to focus on REFUSE a new game basically an early Legacy demo created in a newer version of Unity -- read new Academy (OF) post O.O


Berry Red#4895 [discord]
X -
FusionFall MANGA - FF [2008] - + FFL [2016] - / x
-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - + + {FFU Client} + + + + + [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
@Bambeptin @Dogon_McBanana @DrawsKem @Funske32 @Kevman95 @KuroArtist @KyraXyreSpace @Lunar_Seastar @MattWavesx @MeModelZenpock @panman_music @przzyfied @RealWilttilt @TechTheNoob @virtanderson @WileyTheKoyote @womayhem #fusionfall #fusionfalllegacy #fusionfalluniverse via TWITTER


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2020.09.18 21:52 malornwsx FusionFall Graphics - Fan Creator @Piyush

FusionFall Graphics - Fan Creator @Piyush
\ - originally posted via* /fusionfall sub-channel via /reddit site. Because the posts were redacted meaning the general public is unable to view I could access the content & forward here to our new sub-channel /fusionfall2
#FUSIONFALL GAME PROJECTS referenced in a past post - + via FusionFall2 ;)
Be sure to read the other posts via FusionFall2 (especially media content) for useful game data/intel use the new flair tags to easily check content. Review the new tags/flairs located by the reddit banner including Game Media / Media Update / Universe Content posts to access & download FusionFall game assets old/new content [via external links]. Vice versa the assets I've uploaded to Google Drive & the sub-folders in FFU CLIENT.
X1 - (FAN ART) via discord/twitter [GD]
X2 - (MEDIA) [GD]
\*Use the links added in the captions to download media [video] content ;)*
Thanks to DeathPiyush#6586 [discord] for the exclusive FusionFall media. The man is quite impressive has a variety of skills primarily graphic design & software data knowledge. Not surprised if Piyush & other users are working behind the scenes to focus on REFUSE a new game basically an early Legacy demo created in a newer version of Unity -- read new Academy (OF) post O.O
Piyush#6586 [discord]


X -
FusionFall MANGA - FF [2008] - + FFL [2016] - / x
-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - + + {FFU Client} + + + + + [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
@Bambeptin @Dogon_McBanana @DrawsKem @Funske32 @Kevman95 @KuroArtist @KyraXyreSpace @Lunar_Seastar @MattWavesx @MeModelZenpock @panman_music @przzyfied @RealWilttilt @TechTheNoob @virtanderson @WileyTheKoyote @womayhem #fusionfall #fusionfalllegacy #fusionfalluniverse via TWITTER


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2020.09.18 21:42 malornwsx FusionFall Graphics - Fan Creator @tomthehuman

FusionFall Graphics - Fan Creator @tomthehuman
\ - originally posted via* /fusionfall sub-channel via /reddit site. Because the posts were redacted meaning the general public is unable to view I could access the content & forward here to our new sub-channel /fusionfall2
#FUSIONFALL GAME PROJECTS referenced in a past post - + via FusionFall2 ;)
Be sure to read the other posts via FusionFall2 (especially media content) for useful game data/intel use the new flair tags to easily check content. Review the new tags/flairs located by the reddit banner including Game Media / Media Update / Universe Content posts to access & download FusionFall game assets old/new content [via external links]. Vice versa the assets I've uploaded to Google Drive & the sub-folders in FFU CLIENT.
X1 - (FAN ART) via discord/twitter [GD]
X2 - (MEDIA) [GD]
\*Use the links added in the captions to download media [video] content ;)*
Thanks to TomTheHuman#3026 [discord] for the exclusive FusionFall media. The man is quite impressive has a variety of skills primarily graphic design & software data knowledge. Not surprised if Tom & other users are working behind the scenes to focus on REFUSE a new game basically an early Legacy demo created in a newer version of Unity -- read new Academy (OF) post O.O


TomTheHuman#3026 [discord]
X -
FusionFall MANGA - FF [2008] - + FFL [2016] - / x
-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - + + {FFU Client} + + + + + [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
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2020.09.18 21:05 Polynomality Post-2017 information on already known peptides:

I tried limiting the numbers to 8 links
Alarelin 1 2 3 4 5 6
BPC-157 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cerebrolysin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cortexin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
CPP-ACP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Epitalon 1 2 3
GCMAF 1 2 3 4 5 6
GHK-Cu 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
GHRP-2 1 2 3 4 5 6
GHRP-6 1 2 3 4
GLP-1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Hexarelin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Humanin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Ipamorelin 1 2 3 4 5
IGF-1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
IGF-2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Kisspeptin-10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
LL-37 (CAP-18) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Melanotan I 1 2
MOTS-c 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Orexin-A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Oxytocin 1 2 3 4
Phoenixin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Pinealon 1 2
Retinalamin 1 2 3 4 5 6
Rubiscolin-6 1 2 3
Selank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Semax 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Setmelanotide 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
TB4 1 2 3 4 5 6
Thymalin 1 2 3 4
Thymusin a1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
VIP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Xenin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Data on known peptides that weren't mentioned on my previous list:
BPC-157 modulates serotonin and dopamine. 1
PTD-DBM since this peptide is a CXXC5 inhibitor, it might help with longitudinal bone growth. 1
IGF-1 for Autism 1 2 3 4 5
IGF-1 for Schizophrenia 1 2 3 4 6
IGF-2 for longitudinal bone growth 1 2
MGF (IGF1ec) maintains the health and growth of the tunica albuginea 1 2
Oxytocin on Autism 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Oxytocin for BPD 1 2 3 4 5 6
TRH is oral 1
VIP helps with REM sleep 1 2 3 4
VIP on Myopia (nearsightedness) 1 2 3 4 5
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2020.09.18 21:01 malornwsx X - Developer Blog [@RE:FUSE]

X - Developer Blog [@RE:FUSE]
\ - originally posted via* /fusionfall sub-channel via /reddit site. Because the posts were redacted meaning the general public is unable to view I could access the content & forward here to our new sub-channel /fusionfall2
Be sure to check FusionFall for RE:FUSE updates via u/brodan100105 ;)
#FUSIONFALL GAME PROJECTS referenced in a past post - + via FusionFall2 ;)

FusionFall Re:Fuse (abbreviated as Re:Fuse) is an unofficial singlelayer recreation of the Cartoon Network MMO FusionFall, created in a newer version of the Unity engine. It is currently unknown if the game will be recreated in it's entirety, or only include the Future section of the original. The project is lead by a FusionFall community member by the name of Brodan, and he has gotten help from others during the development of the game.
A demo was released on August 23, 2020, and it has received an update to fix the most major bugs of the program. The most recent version of the demo can be downloaded in the link below. However, it is still pretty unstable in places.
Posting select data via RE:FUSE's official discord server - [img] [img] [img] [img] [img] [img] [img] [img]
\images via RE:FUSE discord server click discord links in captions full resolution ;)*
A1#3119 [discord]
Piyush#6586 [discord]
TomTheHuman#3026 [discord]



  • Discussing exporting game assets via FusionFall & importing files into Unity
  • Conversation happened in REFUSE server via u/brodan100105
  • Check the links I added for extra resources extracting game assets
Of course without my assistance various FusionFall teams wouldn't have been able to extract the game assets (generic files) & audio for select characters for their projects glad I could assist. ;)

X -
-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - + + {FFU Client} + + + + + [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
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2020.09.18 19:35 humanapoptosis How are you dealing with online learning?

I just transferred this semester into the top 40 4-year university of my dreams ready to show the course work who's boss, but now, three weeks later, I am behind on EVERYTHING. I have no clue what's going on in physics II, I have a zero so far in my Mathematical Modeling of Operations class, I'm barely keeping my head above water in Astrophysics, and my Data Structures homework is taking up 20+ hours of my week when I can focus on it.
I was doing just fine when I was in community college (3.7 GPA). The only classes I got less than an A in were the ones with two hour lectures opposed to the regular one hour ones.
Now every class is a 2 hour lecture, and it's in my room full of distractions, on my computer full of distractions, and it's all just homework review and the occasional quiz because now that we're online we're expected to pay thousands in tuition after financial aid and go into debt to teach ourselves in our free time apparently.
I got the double whammy of ADHD and Dyslexia, so reading is both hard to do and hard to not get distracted from, and I cannot find any youtube videos or other resources that teach the class content with enough depth to substitute in as a live in person lecture.
Does anyone have any advice?
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2020.09.18 19:02 vermdawg Start-up looking for feedback on our service

Start-up looking for feedback on our service
I recently started a company that uses Low Power Wide Area Networks to allow wireless monitoring of refrigeration and freezer temperatures among other things. The sensors give periodic readings the frequency of which can be adjusted (currently set at 20min) which are then forwarded to an online dashboard. When getting the sensor all that has to be done is turn it on and give it a name it in an online dashboard and the service will:
  • Display all active sensors and allow drill down to show graphs and charts (see attached screenshot)
  • Send SMS & Email Alerts when temperatures exceed or fall below customizable levels to eliminate product loss
  • Allow data to be exported to automate any reporting and reduce the burden of compliance requirements
I'm curious if anyone has systems like these in place, if so how much they cost? I'm debating between doing a full-on rental model with no up-front cost or and upfront cost with a cheaper monthly connection fee.
How much time do people normally spend checking refrigeration and freezer temperatures? How many times a year does a unit fail and how much product is lost?
Which would be the best division to contact to getting into a store, my thoughts are QA/Food Safety or Operations?
Thank you in advance for any replies :)
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2020.09.18 18:58 twohammocks Climate Change: Problems vs. Solutions, from a Canadian perspective

New GHG sources discovered:
1. Thermokarst Lakes. Have been expanding and releasing more CO2, methane than expected. More recent evaluations, same topic, July 2020 2. Entire islands melting into the sea up north. 3. CO2 measurements at the oilsands have been using innacurate methodologies in Canada. 3. New Volcanism discovered in Greenland and Antarctica 4. Climate models predicting 65% (excluding Antarctica) loss of worldwide glaciers by end of the century. See pg 337 Arctic
Timelapse – Google Earth Engine Note that most models under-represent the effects of plastic breakdown by microbes (both bacteria and fungi) speeding up decomposition in the environment (releasing CO2) , and nitrous oxide releases (see point 7 below). 5. Canadian stats on loss of forest due to forest fires much larger in 2018 than predicted BC had its worst fire season ever And this needs to be updated by the Amazon and Australia in 2019 and 2020. And forests are getting smaller 60 million hectares down to 40 million since we got here.
6. A million species gone because of humans.
500 species under 1000 individuals left
Mass Extinctions Are Accelerating, Scientists Report - The New York Times
  1. New and unaccounted for GHG’s that they have yet to be included in models as of 2020. Increased nitrogen oxide. Possibly caused by rhizobium being killed off by microplastics/nanoplastics? Nitrogen oxide also produced by bird poop . surprisingly
Perspectives and challenges of micro/nanoplastics‐induced toxicity with special reference to phytotoxicity - Maity - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library
  1. Major pipelines currently being built and airports projected to be under water under low carbon scenarios: New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding Nature Communications
Massive migrations going on in the oceans towards the poles
The Solution:
1. Use solar and wind power to pump water back up into dam reservoirs, where the water can be released as necessary to generate power This will also help salmon with hot water in rivers. 2. Convert all existing gas and liquid stores of CO2 to coal. Use Dr. Daeneke’s process, and refill existing defunct coal mines and oil fields with amorphous carbon or 3D print graphene to add value for building space elevators to replace airports. (see point 6) 3. Stop making plastic. Use edible and compostable single use packaging instead. And if it breaks down quickly in the ocean make sure these byproducts feed sea life. 4. All existing carbon pollution energy generation in BC can be converted to saltwater power(hydrogen) married up with floating solar farms where near saltwater 5. Convert all oilfields over to graphene production for the space industry. Or use a biological process to create aerogel (so long as the bacteria doesn't get into the wrong environment) Coupling CRISPR to smart hydrogels Nature Methods A giant graphene plant near the oilpatch using the above power sources and carbon dioxide inputs, to turn the supercapacitor quality carbon from Dr. Daemekés process into 3D printed graphene, hydrogen-filled or vacuum filled graphene chain links. Could even recycle cellulose for the graphene For a north pole space tower. Yes you heard right. Space tower. A FLOATING space tower. Aerogels are super light and there are several new ways of making it.
'The printed silica aerogel objects can be used for thermal management, as miniaturized gas pumps and to degrade volatile organic compounds, illustrating the potential of our protocol.'
The tower could be held upright by using sensitve air pressure sensors inside and outside the tower that automatically increase or decrease the hydrogen gas pressure within the graphene membrane, in order to keep that section floating/upright at exactly the right altitude. Piezoelectric wind could be used to power this. Decrease pressure in the cell with any slight change in elevation down, increase pressure with any slight change in elevation up with integrated altitude sensor. Power for this could come from piezoelectric wind strands at the jet stream. (For examples see ) Each section piled on the other like an extension of the earths gravitational north pole, using a hydrogen filled (kevlar? graphene?) balloon to float to the top of the tower, similar to other proposed ideas,, At the top a solar-powered valve would compress the hydrogen that was used to float up into a liquid fuel cell for travel along the graphene rail. The tower would have a rotating base, and with a floating graphene chain rail/ramp at top that slowly ramps up to space elevator terminal/ISS at the equator The centifugal force of the earth would provide some of the acceleration up the ramp, the rest would be a combination of hydrogen cells and maglev train (to reduce friction and wear and tear on the graphene) with the rail. This gentle accelleration/decelleration might help those with soft stomachs. 6. Space suits would have to be built with cosmic radiation blocking capability since both poles are exposed to relatively high levels (CsI lattice doped with Sodium is currently used to block neutrinos. If it can block neutrinos, what else can it block??? Could be the ultimate solution for space suits and even moon bases....Could also give travellers bacterial elixir which protects from radiation? Or this one recently used on ISS.
7. Develop experimental solar powered mobile carbon extraction equipment (again using Dr. Daenekés process) to capture methane and CO2 bubbles trapped in the refrozen bottom of thermokarst lakes before or during the spring melts so it cannot escape into the atmosphere. Scientists are already developing mobile AUV’s for this purpose. This would also allow scientists to get better estimates of the scope of the problem. And if successful, lead to large scale deployment of mobile CO2 collection units near highest PPM point sources. There are drones that can carry quite big loads (even people, soon!) 8. Get an International Team together to build space elevatospace tower at the north pole. International Legal Framework used for the international space station could be transferred to the Space Tower , especially since its initial use could be for transporting supplies to ISS, and satellite deployment. If successful and proven this way, it could make classic (and expensive) satellite deployment obsolete. 9. Winte Early Springtime CO2 already naturally flows to the coldest regions in the north, and the concentrations are highest up there in winteearly spring anyways. See the Barrow, Alaska line in this grid : C02 extraction at the north pole in winter would be perfect. Once the underground CO2 storage at the oilsands in Alberta run out of CO2 to feed into the graphene factory, CO2 could be extracted where concentrations are highest, at the north pole, which happens to be where the space tower would be built anyways, since space is closer there, and tower doesn’t need to be as tall as a result. 10. Floating mobile solar power generation can be set up at the North Pole to take advantage of the 24 hr sun in summer. Saltwater powered (Hydrogen powered) boat can transport the solar array to the Antarctic to build the correspondng South Pole tower during their summer (when they get 24hr sun), with the graphene extracted from the atmosphere during winter. Other potential power sources at the tower could harness the temperature differential between space and the earth, maybe? Need to look more closely at the true power output of this. 11. The tower would be solid underwater at the pole, (no earthquakes in this area) until it gets to the atmosphere (probably constructed by a company that has already built large sea platforms) , at which point the graphene chain links are filled with hydrogen (work with Ballard to develop this?) , which is already a byproduct of the saltwater electrolysis at the bottom of the tower. This buoyancy will keep the tower upright, reducing gravity. The graphene links are filled like a balloon and is strong enough to safely contain hydrogen at 100 times the strength of steel . Any deformities in the graphene links would be detected by the high visual accuity sensors on the robot (also see Mantis shrimp eye camera, and links replaced as soon as identified. 12. Multiple Canadian and ISS related companies could benefit from this: Salt Water Power (), Canadian Platform designers and manufacturers (eg. Doris Development), Solar Farm manufacturers (eg CanadianSolar, or one of these ), 3D Graphene Printers (eg. Graphene 3D lab, Space vehicle manufacterers (eg SpaceEx,, ), Robots that maintain the length of the chain (eg Kraken Robots, Security companies (Drawn from members of the ISS), Temporary housing for construction workers could be built very cheaply at the base of the space tower 13. Floating Space Tower and Chain can be used in several world-saving ways. Giant solar sail can be unfurled at the top to collect power and block sun at poles/ cool the arctic fridge, which is definitely required if we are to have any hope of limiting climate change. A similar sail can be unfurled in antarctica to keep the south pole cool as well. 14. Space Junk can finally be collected instead of adding to the orbital junkyard. Eventually the space junk blob collected (perhaps using at the end of the cable with a giant magnet at the end (magnet is part of the maglev train) will have enough combined weight to serve as a perfect counterweight for an equator space elevator (saving us from trying to capture an asteroid for this purpose 15. Space tower network could eventually be used as a planetary defense network to deflect asteroids (also see number 14 above) 16. Increased tourism for Nunavut and for Canada. A lot of people will want to try it out and will pay dearly to do so. they will feel good about it because their dollars went to a very good cause (cooling planet, cleaning planet of space junk, protecting planet from asteroids, energizing planet with solar power) The adventurous type that is interested in space travel would also find the idea of arctic adventure appealing as well. Going into space is very much like going to the ends of the earth. 17. If successful, a similar network of these towers could replace airports eventually between larger population centres that also have elevators (Japan, and China . Airport tarmac could be converted back to forest, farmland, housing. Many of the technologies used above could have spin-offs to other fields : Hydrogen or Electric AI controlled drones float planes for human and material transport. To prevent accidents, AI could control the drones. Its not as far off as you think : Which could also lead to the elimination and reclamation of roads and highways. Cities cover an astounding 3% of earths surface Imagine windows turned into solar panels, and pavement removed, trees and farms planted again? 18. Air conditioning companies (eg Dyson) can develop an air conditioner that also sucks CO2 out of the air to make carbon spools suitable for countertop 3D printers (Perhaps using Dr. Daenike’s process , which can be used to 3D print biodegradable products that people currently buy at the dollar store (eg toilet paper) Think of how popular such a product would be in Beijing or anywhere air quality is poorest. And how convenient it would be if you run out of toilet paper (lol) 19. Let’s help nature along. Current forest systems cannot keep up with the speed of climate change and this is leading to huge die-offs in every forest ecosystem on earth. Forests just aren’t ready for the change in weather. Neither are deserts Trees have the very best ROI in terms of carbon capture. In areas that are starting to see die-offs due to temperature and moisure sensitivity we need to plant species that are on the border of existing ranges. Plant trees ahead of the curve. Planting species that are pest and climate change resistant, integrate with existing and future fungal networks in the soil and diversifying the forest. We should be doing this for all tree species in all cases of reforestation. Rather than just watching them die. Let’s plan for the future for once. 20. Let’s spread good CO2 fixing bacteria around. Earth’s glaciers are the fridge of the earth. We need to stop them from melting. Clostridium Thermocellum is just one example of an amazing bacteria that might solve this problem. If we can create a strain that is cold-adapted (perhaps by importing genes from existing strains in Greenland and/or Antarctica, and using CRISPR, change the pigmentation to a reflective one, we can take care of the breakdown of forest fire generated black carbon deposited on Greenland (and all other glaciers on earth). It would also make the ice more reflective, and save our water supplies! 21. People need to keep trees that are alive, alive. Stop planting monocultures so one errant insect gets the chance to wipe out huge forests of its favorite food Plant seedlings at harvest! You are already there, harvesting, bent over and using a chain saw to cut down. Reach back and put a baby tree in the ground nearby. Why we aren’t doing this already is mystifying to me. It would also make the harvester feel better about their jobs. Forestry needs to change to firebreak forestry, to protect living trees Better yet stick to harvesting already dead trees (see the pest mortality since they still have value and once removed, are not going to be the kindling that starts a big fire. There are massive stands of dead trees out there waiting to catch fire in the new heat. Let’s prevent them from burning. 22. We need to start feeding food to people and livestock that decreases methane production, and helps with nutrition. Fermented foods added to what is already made is a very simple addition which can change the microbiota of the stomach away from methanogens methane generating) towards methanotrophs. This has enormous health benefits for livestock and humans It can even be used to create a new protein source for animals and maybe humans. 23. Agroforestry (planting food/timber trees along the border of fields and reclaiming lawns near schools and on private property) could help sequester up to 9.28 gigatons of CO2. (See pg 7, April 2019 Scientific American ) and has many other agricultural benefits Municipalities need to implement adjustable taxation whereby taxes are reduced for those that convert land around buildings to agroforestry, and the roof to solar panels. Cost sharing with utilities/BC Hydro to offset this loss in taxation revenue could be used to encourage land owners to do this. And school properties could become huge carbon offsets, and a more local food supply. Children could get exercise doing agricultural activities instead of kicking a plastic ball around and this can help children with eco-anxiety as well - making them feel like they are a part of the solution rather contributing to the problem. Kids love planting things, watching those things grow (like magic!), and picking the nuts and berries that result
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2020.09.18 18:30 mprzyszlak Will the QoL improvements Sony is implementing spoil us and make it harder to appreciate other platforms?

I’m a console gamer. This generation I had the most fun with the Switch + PS4 combo. I must say that a long time ago, the QoL (quality of life) improvements that the consoles bring, made me switch from PC to PSX. That’s how it all started.
Then, when I got used to the vibrations introduced in N64 and PSX controllers, the same thing happened. Controllers without it (the Dual Axis) felt “empty”.
After N64 reinvented controls with a proper analog stick, Sony upgraded theirs and added 1 more stick on top of that. It was impossible to go back to the clunky digital-pad controls.
When Dreamcast showed how amazing racing games can be with the analog triggers, or that games can be played in 60Hz even in PAL system, or that Online can be done right on consoles too... or when MS build on the created for Dreamcast and launched Xbox Live and changed everything...
I’m at a point where I choose a Switch port if it isn’t compromised, because I love having my games with me on the go...
You see where I’m going with this. Each generation someone brings something to the table that we know is going to become the standard - or at least should.
This time Sony has doubled down on no loadings... NONE - or ultrafast transitions if you’re purist. They also have an OS that skips all the bullshit and get’s you right where you want to be. Be it directly to the race, online death-match or your last save. This could be one of those big things that define a generation. For many of us, no loadings is nothing new. Check N64. Even GameCube used a very small disk medium to make loadings blazing fast and they mostly were. This time however it’s a system-wide ultra fast data transfer and OS that pushes it as far as possible. Xbox S and X are both going to be much faster then what we are currently used to (both share the same SSD tech) too. Hell, the S model should have shorter load-times because it loads smaller assets (for lower resolutions). It will still, on average, be 2x slower, though.
I really wonder if after a year or two it will be annoying to see loadings.
And having said that, I wonder if the Dual Sense with its voice coil generated haptics and adaptive triggers will make it feel weird playing on other controllers - both 3rd party and for the other consoles.
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Conceptual, Logical & Physical Data Models - YouTube Introduction to SQL Developer Data Modeler - YouTube Data Modeling Training  Data Modeling Tutorial  Online ... Data Analytics for Beginners  Introduction to Data ... What is Dimensional Data Model and Star Schema? - Data Modeling Questions and Answers Create a Data Model in Excel - YouTube Excel 2016 Tutorial Creating a Data Model from Excel ... ERD of Online shopping - Database design for Ecommerce ... Introduction to Data Modeling  Data Modeling Tutorial for Beginners - Intellipaat

What is a Data Model? - Definition from Techopedia

  1. Conceptual, Logical & Physical Data Models - YouTube
  2. Introduction to SQL Developer Data Modeler - YouTube
  3. Data Modeling Training Data Modeling Tutorial Online ...
  4. Data Analytics for Beginners Introduction to Data ...
  5. What is Dimensional Data Model and Star Schema? - Data Modeling Questions and Answers
  6. Create a Data Model in Excel - YouTube
  7. Excel 2016 Tutorial Creating a Data Model from Excel ...
  8. ERD of Online shopping - Database design for Ecommerce ...
  9. Introduction to Data Modeling Data Modeling Tutorial for Beginners - Intellipaat

FREE Course! Click: Learn about Creating a Data Model from Excel Tables in Microsoft Excel at A clip from... Create a Data Model in Excel A Data Model is a new approach for integrating data from multiple tables, effectively building a ... Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for online shopping. This is the hands on tutorial how to create an data base for E-Commerce website. Learn about the 3 stages of a Data Model Design - Conceptual Data Model - Logical Data Model - Physical Data Model Data Analytics for Beginners -Introduction to Data Analytics Intellipaat is the market leader in providing Big data and Business Intelligence Online Course like Hadoop Developer , Hadoop Administration, Data warehousing, Cassandra ,Mahout, SAP HANA ... Link - Data Modeling Online Training provided by Intellipaat is one of the best Data Modeling Training you can receiv... Online Data Modeling Training from Please reach Antony at 91-90801 57239 WhatsApp (91-9080157239) or [email protected] 20 hours course on OLTP, OLAP Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.