Freddie Prinze jr dating

Relationships. Freddie Prinze Jr. has been in a relationship with Kimberly McCullough (1996 - 1999). About. Freddie Prinze Jr. is a 44 year old American Actor. Born Freddie James Prinze Jr. on 8th March, 1976 in Los Angeles, California, USA, he is famous for She's All That, I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Summer Catch, Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters ... Freddie James Prinze (born Frederick Karl Pruetzel; June 22, 1954 – January 29, 1977) was an American stand-up comedian and actor. Prinze was the star of NBC-TV sitcom Chico and the Man from 1974 until his death in 1977. Prinze is the father of actor Freddie Prinze Jr. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar are a ’90s rom-com come to life! According to Good Housekeeping, the two lovebirds met on the set of the 1997 slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer, but they remained friends and didn’t start dating until the year 2000.When they did, of course, it essentially made every nineties kid’s dream come true! The two, married since 2002, began dating on the set of their 1997 film, ... Proof Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Sweet Relationship Is What Dreams Are Made of. Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Girlfriend. Freddie Prinze Jr. is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Freddie had at least 1 relationship in the past. Freddie Prinze Jr. has not been previously engaged. His father, Freddie Prinze, was a comedian who committed suicide when Freddie Jr. was a year old. The couple met on 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' three years prior, but didn't start dating until that fateful night. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr . are celebrating the 20-year ...

5 Things No Star Wars Fan Will Admit (That Are Totally True)

2020.08.30 06:30 captainjjb84 5 Things No Star Wars Fan Will Admit (That Are Totally True)

Is that too clickbaity of a title? Oh well, time for another post.
  1. George Lucas really doesn't care
I find it funny whenever someone tries to use a remark of his of any of the new films as a way to say "Well GL hates it, so therefore it must be crap." Because I guess we are still doing the whole "appeal to authority thing." Lord knows I'm guilty of it.
I'd imagine Lucas's view of the new Star Wars movies is similar to the way he sees the EU (Legends) he just doesn't care. He had nothing to do with it so why should he bother. Same thing goes for anyone who's ever worked fo with him.
*PssT* don't tell fans that the only Star Wars films Lucas actually enjoys are the PT. The Making of Star Wars books (Which are very good if quite expensive) talks at length how much Lucas "hated" making the OT and how they don't reflect his full vision. Hence why he kept making dumb changes to them.
It's why watching the PT can sometimes be a bit fascinating, because they can be summarized as "Star Wars: The Directors cuts." It's not surprising that the PT resemble early drafts of the OT.
One could certainly make an argument about how him being creator makes his view a bit more weighty.... but he kinda shit the bed when he made the PT and still acts as if it's "me against the world and that no one's ever liked any of his movies" or some crap like that. Or that one quote "Film Critics are Cinematically illiterate," or whatever it was he said. Ever notice how you only ever hear someone say this when their films are being panned?
Imagine if we used Lucas's opinions on other things as well. "No guys, Family Guy is totally the best comedy series! George Lucas loves it and that's all we need to know!"
  1. The Prequels were (and still are) looked down upon
How quickly fans forget the "shit storm" that was the release of the PT films. Oh there was hype and whatnot but man, it was news worthy how awful it was. You had every late night host, comedian, politician and sitcom episode making fun of them. And it didn't just end after ROTS came out either. it went on for years and years, by the time RLM came around to do their reviews it was universally accepted that these films were nothing but a turd sandwich while being mostly technically impressive (they aged like milk left out on the counter overnight).
What's funny is that RLM didn't really say anything "new" with regards to criticism, they simply presented it in a way that hadn't been done before. Hell, they aren't even the best reviews of the films... Confused Matthew takes that cake, and did it about 2 years before they did (nor have they aged horribly due to super dated crap like locking a woman in the basement.... because that's..... funny right?).
Hell, I was doing some research the other week trying to find shows that reference the PT being bad. There's a lot..... and they didn't just start and stop at the same time either.
To Quote Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) out of all people. In 2010/11 he published a video talking about the 11 films he'd never review, at the top, surprise surprise, The Phantom Menace. Why? As he said "There isn't a single thing I can say about it that hasn't been said a thousand times over (something like that)."
And that's just the internet side of things, try speaking to actual film critics, film scholars, university/ college profs, they don't have anything nice to say about them then or now. My documentary prof in 2016 talked at length how much TPM crushed him when it was released. He wasn't too big on TFA but it didn't crush him the way TPM did.
It was seen as a giant embarrassment for Lucas and Star Wars as a whole. Here's this director, who single handed changed cinema forever with one movie making a complete fool of both himself and his creation.
Oh sure there were people who enjoyed them... but it was like saying "I enjoyed Scrubs Season 9," or "Batman V. Superman is great," or "The ending of How I Met Your Mother was perfect." Things, I've heard people say but were usually given this weird look by doing so.
(And No, don't take this to say you can't enjoy them or anything of the sort. By all means go crazy.)
  1. The Last Jedi is Great
Always has been.
Indiewire placed TLJ in the top 100 films of the decade at 74 (rather Impressive as there were only about 7/8 blockbuster films on the list). They wrote "Forty years after the original, the saga grew up — and some of its fans couldn’t handle it."
Not much more to say after that. Though in some ways it kinda bums me out how Disney/Lucasfilm might have just hit their peek 3 movies in.
  1. Star Wars can Never be Ruined or Killed
It really can't.
You'd think after 40+ years of movies/ cartoons/ comics/ books/ video games/stickers something would have caused it's popularity to wane... but it never happened. If Star Wars can survive everything that happened during the PT it can survive anything after that.
Hell its already survived TROS's petty reception pretty much overnight.
Firgg it survived the Holiday Special which at one point occupied 50% of all Star Wars films....
It's funny seeing people say "Star Wars is dead/ dying." You know what you would hear is Star Wars was truly dead? Nothing at all. No comments, no remarks, no people talking about Holdo having purple hair.
  1. Star Wars is for Kids
As Freddie Prinze Jr. once said, "The first three were kids, the next three were for different fucking kids." Star Wars is for kids. You as an "adult" like it because it's rich in story and character. That's not to say you aren't allowed to criticize it, go right ahead, I do it too.
Patrick H. Willems once said "This is a movie about Space Wizards intended for Children." It's funny to see how some have interpreted that to mean "It's a movie for kids therefore you can't criticize." Which isn't the meaning at all. His whole point was, and he has said this, "You can criticize all you want but going on and on about it day in and day out is not worth it."
Just because something is for kids doesn't mean its an excuse to be bad. I get sick and tired of hearing that as excuse for anything. Movies/ games/ books/ etc. Just because your audience is kids doesn't mean you can cut corners or act like no one cares.
Robot Chicken weirdly understood this to a tee (also Vader calling the Emperor on the phone to tell him the Death Star blew up is Canon to me damnit. You will never get a moment as humorous or relatable like that ever again).
I think that covers it. Anything I missed?
Also don't watch Tenet. Not worth the risk.
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2020.05.17 21:31 Masterfire76 31 [M4F] French Canadian - Searching for the Pearl

Where to start? First, English isn't my first language. I'm coming from a little town in the North of the Canada where French is the our first language. But, like you can see by reading this lines, I can speak/write (okish) and understand the Sharkespeare language.
My life:
I work in the newspaper industry as a sport journalist. But the media industry is collapsing. So, I decided to complete my French teaching diploma in the next two years. Teaching is a passion. I think kids can make you grow as a person and see things differently.
I didn't have the occasion to travel a lot. It's something I want to do in the future. I always dream to go in Europe and just go with the flow. I like roadtrip. I want to see the world.
I'm a pretty laid back person. Not to stressful and down to the Earth. I describe myself as a chameleon. I adapt myself to the person in my entourage. If I'm with somebody that like doing sport, I'll join.
I'm slim (160 pounds or 72 kilograms) and tall (6 feets) and I don't have kids.
Looking for:
Right now, with the pandemic, the life just sucks. I swiped every girl on a dating app (yeah, the town is that little). I'm looking for an connection. I'm looking for something special. Friendship, Travel Buddies or Love, we'll see. I think the journey is important. And I could use friends all over the world to couch surfing the Europe.
What I really like in a women is simple: intelligence and personality. Nothing is more attractive than a smart girl.
I think the best relationship is one where you share a friendship. The fact that you can share anything with your other half without judging. I think you need to be able to lean on this person when you struggle.
You need to have a attraction too. Without attraction, no love.
I'm an avid consumer of the rom-com. Two of my favorite rom-com are Before We Go [Chris Evans movies] and What If [with Zoe Kazan and Daniel Radcliffe]. I love every John Hughes movies. Like the 90s movie with Freddie Prinze Jr (She's All that).
Music is something very important for me. I listen anything depending of my emotions. Ed Sheeran, Linkin Park, The Killers, Metallica, Journey, Lee Brice I can switch from one thing to an other very quickly. I really like country. Some of my favorite songs are from Lee Brice.
I'm a gamer too. I'm playing League of Legends and Valorant. I don't play a lot of other games. Was a big on Pokemon back in my young day on my Game Boy Color.
Yeah, I'm working in the sport scene. But I see so much sport that I don't watch a lot. The only event I don't miss are the World Cup or the Euros. Big fan of the Germany and Iceland (cause Canada is so bad in soccefootball). Like every Canadian out there, I played hockey.
I'm a bookworm. My library is full of fantasy books and some classics.
Since I'm from a little town, I like outdoors activity with somebody: trekking, camping, etc
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2020.05.16 23:13 Masterfire76 31 [M4F] French Canadian - Searching for the Pearl

Where to start? First, English isn't my first language. I'm coming from a little town in the North of the Canada where French is the our first language. But, like you can see by reading this lines, I can speak/write (okish) and understand the Sharkespeare language.
My life:
I work in the newspaper industry as a sport journalist. But the media industry is collapsing. So, I decided to complete my French teaching diploma in the next two years. Teaching is a passion. I think kids can make you grow as a person and see things differently.
I didn't have the occasion to travel a lot. It's something I want to do in the future. I always dream to go in Europe and just go with the flow. I like roadtrip. I want to see the world.
I'm a pretty laid back person. Not to stressful and down to the Earth. I describe myself as a chameleon. I adapt myself to the person in my entourage. If I'm with somebody that like doing sport, I'll join.
I'm slim (160 pounds or 72 kilograms) and tall (6 feets) and I don't have kids.
Looking for:
Right now, with the pandemic, the life just sucks. I swiped every girl on a dating app (yeah, the town is that little). I'm looking for an connection. I'm looking for something special. Friendship, Travel Buddies or Love, we'll see. I think the journey is important. And I could use friends all over the world to couch surfing the Europe.
What I really like in a women is simple: intelligence and personality. Nothing is more attractive than a smart girl.
I think the best relationship is one where you share a friendship. The fact that you can share anything with your other half without judging. I think you need to be able to lean on this person when you struggle.
You need to have a attraction too. Without attraction, no love.
I'm an avid consumer of the rom-com. Two of my favorite rom-com are Before We Go [Chris Evans movies] and What If [with Zoe Kazan and Daniel Radcliffe]. I love every John Hughes movies. Like the 90s movie with Freddie Prinze Jr (She's All that).
Music is something very important for me. I listen anything depending of my emotions. Ed Sheeran, Linkin Park, The Killers, Metallica, Journey, Lee Brice I can switch from one thing to an other very quickly. I really like country. Some of my favorite songs are from Lee Brice.
I'm a gamer too. I'm playing League of Legends and Valorant. I don't play a lot of other games. Was a big on Pokemon back in my young day on my Game Boy Color.
Yeah, I'm working in the sport scene. But I see so much sport that I don't watch a lot. The only event I don't miss are the World Cup or the Euros. Big fan of the Germany and Iceland (cause Canada is so bad in soccefootball). Like every Canadian out there, I played hockey.
I'm a bookworm. My library is full of fantasy books and some classics.
Since I'm from a little town, I like outdoors activity with somebody: trekking, camping, etc.
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2019.06.10 16:47 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jun. 11, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001 1-22-2001
1-29-2001 2-5-2001 2-12-2001 2-19-2001
2-26-2001 3-5-2001 3-12-2001 3-19-2001
3-26-2001 4-2-2001 4-9-2001 4-16-2001
4-23-2001 4-30-2001 5-7-2001 5-14-2001
5-21-2001 5-28-2001 6-4-2001

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This is getting posted about an hour early today because I'm not gonna be around later. Just in case you were wondering why.

  • The issue opens with a big examination of whether or not WWF will sign Bill Goldberg and why or why not. Right now, the "official" word is that his existing WCW contract is ridiculously high and they have no intention of making him an offer. On the other hand, pretty much everyone in the company realizes that for this WCW angle to work, they need Goldberg and other big WCW stars like him. Goldberg has more than 2 years left on his WCW deal and stands to earn around $6 million from it just by sitting at home, and Dave says he's "not a mark for being a wrestling star" the way a lot of guys are and doesn't seem to give a shit one way or another if he wrestles again or not. So it's unlikely that he'll take a buyout from Time Warner that would cost him millions of dollars just so he can go be in the limelight again. WWF obviously doesn't want to spend $6 million to get him, but aside from Hogan, Austin, and Rock, nobody has as much potential drawing power as Goldberg in the last 15 years. And wrestling is a star-driven business and sometimes, making big lopsided deals with major stars is necessary to make big money in the long run. When Hogan went to WCW in 1994, people called Bischoff crazy because Hogan's contract gave him 25% of PPV revenue. But Hogan was such a huge draw that it ended up being the smartest deal Bischoff made at the time and more than paid for itself several times over in the years after (of course, Hogan's drawing power eventually died off and his big contract eventually became an albatross, but that's another story).
  • So does Goldberg deserve preferential treatment? Should he have a guaranteed contract with limited dates and huge money that everyone else in WWF would be jealous of? Of course it's not fair, but this isn't about fair, it's about business. If WWF can rebuild Goldberg to even half of the star he was in 1998, then yes, they absolutely should. Properly promoted PPV matches with Goldberg/Rock and Goldberg/Austin will earn them that money back and then some. But that's dependent on whether or not WWF can truly rebuild him. Dave points out Big Show as an example of someone who was a top star in WCW, came to WWF with a huge guaranteed contract, and has been a total flop who spent much of the last year in OVW. If Goldberg comes to WWF and becomes "just another guy," then no, he wouldn't be worth the money and Dave gives a long list of guys who were big stars in NWA/WCW, only to jump to WWF and find out Vince had no clue how to get them over with his audience (Dusty Rhodes, Flair, Lex Luger, Vader, Big Show, Road Warriors, Steiners, etc). They also need someone to anchor the new WCW brand, and if they relaunch WCW and it becomes successful with Goldberg at the helm, that's another huge revenue stream that would offset the cost of bringing him in. And when business is good, everybody makes more money, not just Goldberg. Dave even breaks down the math and talks about how a Goldberg vs. Austin match might work out. A very conservative estimate Dave thinks is 600,000 buys on PPV, which would net WWF a good $2 million in one night, which would cover a full year of Goldberg's salary. A few rematches with Austin, some big matches with Rock, and even if he doesn't earn them a dime in any other way, he'd already have paid for himself. Once you add in Goldberg merch, other PPV matches, licensing deals, added gate revenue from the extra tickets he'll surely sell, ad revenue from ratings boost, etc. and it's kind of a no-brainer. Financially, it makes all the sense in the world for them to buy out Goldberg's contract and bring him in ASAP. But again, that depends on WWF's ability to get him over (which Dave thinks they'd have to be stupid to fail at) and also, you can't rule out the possibility of him getting injured which is also something to be considered. In the end, a lot of people in the locker room will be upset about it, but from a business standpoint, Dave thinks they should do it.
  • The buyrate numbers for WWF's recent Judgement Day PPV are coming in and the show did better than expected. Because of that, Steve Austin has now moved past Ric Flair into 2nd place on the list of PPVs he's headlined that have done a 1.0 buyrate or higher. 1st place is Hulk Hogan, who is still 3 PPVs ahead of Austin. But unless something goes tragically wrong, Dave expects Austin to break that record before the end of 2001. But then Dave starts explaining why this is kind of a useless stat. A 1.0 buyrate in 2001 is completely different from a 1.0 buyrate in 1987, due to the way the PPV industry has grown. Plus, there's monthly PPVs now, so that skews the numbers. Things like that. You can always tell when it's a slow news week because the major stories are mostly just Dave examining numbers and business trends and things like that. Even the first main story about Goldberg has no news, it's just Dave doing a deep dive into the pros and cons of bringing in Goldberg from a business standpoint. So yeah, this stuff is all interesting and in fact, it's probably the kind of stuff I've learned the most from reading, but it's not "news" so...
  • Jushin Liger won this year's Best of the Super Junior's tournament, the first time he's won it in 7 years. At age 36, Liger is in the midst of something of a comeback angle, going undefeated in the tournament and pinning IWGP Jr. heavyweight champion Minoru Tanaka in the finals. Tanaka is seen as the man to take the aging Liger's place in the Jr. division so the rivalry has that aspect going for it also, with Tanaka representing the future while Liger represents the old guard (in other words, this was basically the Omega/Tanahashi feud from late-2018).
  • We get an obituary for Tex McKenzie, who was a big star in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. McKenzie was a legendarily bad wrestler, but he was damn near 7 feet tall, so he had no problem finding work. He was always booked as a happy-go-lucky babyface and was never really a main eventer because he sucked so much, but was always well-liked and had a star presence due to his size.
  • Observer note: the mail service sucks and Dave apologizes. He's been getting lots of reports about people getting the Observer later than usual and he doesn't know what to say. Blame the post office. They go into the mail every Wednesday and how long it takes from there is out of his hands, but if you don't get your issue, contact him and he'll get another one mailed out to you. Or, you know, try out this fancy internet thing. I know it's still kind of new and there's a lot of warning signs about the dotcom bubble, but I have a feeling it might stick around.
  • Raw's scary 8-week declining ratings trend finally came to an end this week, with the rating increasing slightly. Dave credits the fact that the last two weeks of Raw have been some of the best weeks of the show ever, with some MOTY caliber matches. The ratings are still down significantly from just two months ago but at least the dangerous downward pattern has been broken (the downward trend resumes soon, don't worry).
  • God this is seriously a slow week. Now Dave is going back and looking at random shit from 1 year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago....I guess just to show how much things change? I don't know, there's no explanation here. 1 year ago, Paul Heyman held a backstage meeting and predicted the future of the industry. He predicted WWF would end up on TNN (it did) and that ECW would end up on USA or FOX (it didn't). He predicted WCW would soon be out of business (he was right). Things like that. 5 years ago, Nitro began its 83-week ratings winning streak. 10 years ago, Sid Vicious debuted in WWF as Sid Justice. Just shit like that, with no rhyme or reason to it. This is a filler issue if I've ever seen it, Dave is pretty desperately stretching to fill space here. If this Observer was a 3-hour Raw, this section is a 30 minute Baron Corbin match.
  • Kenta Kobashi was cleared to resume training this week. He's had 6 surgeries in the past 18 months on his knees and Dave thinks it's going to be scary as hell to see him get back in the ring, but he's Kobashi so of course, he's going to. With Vader and Misawa getting older and no other big stars to work with Jun Akiyama, Dave says Kobashi feels the pressure to return because NOAH needs him (we're still 8 months from him returning to the ring....and immediately blowing his knee out again).
  • Because NJPW and NOAH have a cordial relationship, Tatsumi Fujinami has talked about working a match with Mitsuharu Misawa at some point (they teamed up once in NJPW in 2005 and worked opposite sides of a tag match in NOAH in 2007 but that's the closest it ever got to happening).
  • UPW wrestlers Nathan Jones and Jon Heidenreich, who are signed to WWF developmental deals, were pulled from an upcoming Zero-1 show in Japan. They will be replaced by Samoa Joe and some other guy. Apparently Jim Ross didn't feel like Jones and Heidenreich are experienced enough to go to Japan and work a show for another promotion they don't have a relationship with and against wrestlers they don't know.
  • Eric Bischoff has been implicated in the Atlanta trial surrounding the infamous Atlanta Gold Club, a strip club that was a famous hangout for many big name athletes, including WCW stars. The government has a major racketeering case going on against the club and it's owners, involving credit card fraud, prostitution, loan sharking, and funneling money to the Gambino crime family. The former club manager this week testified that he arranged sexual favors for high profile athletes like Dennis Rodman, Terrell Davis, Jerry Stackhouse, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, and others. Eric Bischoff was among those named as having received sexual favors from strippers as arranged by the club management (Bischoff ends up being forced to testify in this case later on and we learn that his wife is pretty fun).
  • Ric Flair is still working on an autobiography, which will be partially ghostwritten by Mark Madden. The project has been on-and-off-again for awhile but the success of Mick Foley's 2 books has given them the green light again. Flair is not planning to accept a buyout from his WCW contract, which still has 2 years remaining, so unless something changes (and Dave says it probably will because Flair can't stay away from wrestling), then Flair is going to be MIA from the wrestling scene until 2003 (sure enough, Flair couldn't stand being on the sidelines. He takes a buyout and will be in WWF before the end of this year).
  • UPW ran a show this week that saw Shinya Hashimoto make an appearance, along with several other Zero-1 wrestlers. Hashimoto didn't wrestle but got involved in an angle with several UPW guys, most notably Samoa Joe. Former WCW wrestlers (and now WWF wrestlers) Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. also worked the show.
  • Hulk Hogan has still been in negotiations with Universal about doing some sort of wrestling show and it looks like the tentative plan is to film a pilot episode in August at Universal Studios in Orlando. Jimmy Hart is reaching out to other wrestlers to get involved and they're hopeful to bring in guys like Roddy Piper and Bret Hart to make appearances, along with Hogan's usual buddies (Beefcake, Nasty Boys, etc.) and celebrity friends like Jay Leno, Shaq, and George Foreman. There's still a long-term plan in discussions for a Hogan-themed restaurant and for the wrestling to possibly be a theme park attraction. There is no TV deal in place for any of this, so the plan is to film the pilot to try and shop around for a TV deal. The whole thing has been described to Dave as basically a Hogan tribute show more than a new pro wrestling company (this eventually morphs into some shit called the Xcitement Wrestling Federation. Hogan only wrestles one match for it and they only do a handful of shows before disappearing).
  • Ric Flair was contacted about facing Steve Corino at this year's Brian Pillman Memorial Show. The idea is to put over Corino, who is the current NWA champion, in order to help give that title a boost. Flair didn't shoot down the idea, but of course, he can't wrestle anywhere due to his existing WCW contract without breaching it, although it's possible Time Warner may allow it, since it's a charity show (this never happens).
  • Bruno Sammartino was recently in a serious car accident and spent 3 days in the hospital but is expected to be okay.
  • Missy Hyatt is releasing a book about her life in wrestling soon and Dave promises to review it when she does. Although she said she had some help with the structuring of the book, every word was written by her.
  • Hey, so apparently Kevin Nash and Honky Tonk Man got into a shit-flinging contest on the internet, talking trash to each other about who is a bigger star and who drew more money and yada yada. Dave says it must be a slow news week (clearly) and tells people to always remember that when you see this stuff, keep in mind that these guys are workers and try not to take it seriously. Anyway, for what it's worth: HTM drew far more money in WWF than Nash ever did, while Nash drew far more in WCW than HTM ever did. Nash made more money overall due to his huge guaranteed contract, though that's irrelevant to the argument. HTM called out Nash for not donating the $20,000 to Brian Pillman's family charity that he promised he would at last year's memorial show. Nash said he hasn't paid because no one has proven to him that it's a non-profit organization because he wanted to be able to write it off on his taxes and said he'd still be glad to donate the money if he could get proof of that. To his credit, Dave says Nash really has been trying in the last week or so to get the word out that he wants to donate the money as long as he can verify that it's a non-profit charity and has been trying to get clarification on it. Nash then said he worked a different show for Les Thatcher (who promotes the Pillman shows) and was never paid a $10,000 fee he was promised. Thatcher then chimed in, saying this is the first he's heard about Nash not being paid for a show and yada yada yada. Just internet drama between a bunch of carnies. Anyway, Dave says let this be a lesson about carelessly promising things. If you recall, what happened is Nash was trying to get Missy Hyatt to take her top off and promised to donate $20,000 if she would. Hyatt, who was put on the spot (this wasn't planned), refused to do it because there were kids in the crowd and it was a family show. So Nash, caught up in the moment, said he would donate the $20,000 anyway. But he never did, HTM called him out on it, and here we are.
  • Jacques Rougeau ran a show in Montreal that drew an estimated 3,000 fans, featuring himself in the main event against King Kong Bundy. Pretty much the entire rest of the card was filled with Rougeau's students at his wrestling school, including Rougeau's 12-year-old son who worked the opening match (I only mention this show because a young Kevin Steen was one of those students, defeating somebody named Pascal Brisson in the 3rd match on the card).
  • There's rumors going around that Bill Goldberg is being considered for the role of Crusher Creel in the next Incredible Hulk movie which is being released in 2003. So far, none of the movie has been cast (nah, he doesn't end up in it). Also in movie news, former MMA fighter and WCW developmental wrestler Sam Greco will be playing a masked wrestler in the upcoming Scooby Doo movie starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah-Michelle Gellar.
  • Sitting home and collecting on these WCW contracts might be the best thing for the health of some of the former WCW wrestlers. Scott Steiner is said to have no control over one of his feet, which has gone completely numb, stemming from back problems he's had in the last year. And Rey Mysterio, who is planning to sit out the next year, is getting some much needed time off to recuperate his body, especially his knees, and Dave thinks having a year off to recover will probably add years to Mysterio's future career.
  • Random WWF notes: Judgment Day did a 1.13 buyrate, which is phenomenal and up big time from last month's PPV. It's weird because every other aspect of WWF business (TV ratings, live attendance, etc.) is down right now, but this PPV was a mega hit. Kurt Angle was inducted into the Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame, joining only 3 other pro wrestlers (Dick Hutton, Earl McCready, and Danny Hodge). David Flair has an OVW developmental deal. Al Snow is said to be the show-stealer on the new Tough Enough show they're doing. Kurt Angle's autobiography will be out in September. Ken Shamrock still under contract with PRIDE but it's expected he'll return to WWF at some point sooner or later (nope).
  • Jerry Lawler had a meeting with Kevin Dunn and Jim Ross at WWF headquarters this week. They want Lawler to come back to announce Raws and PPVs and perhaps even be the commentator for the new WCW, but they couldn't reach an agreement, because both sides are refusing to budge on the issue of Lawler's wife Stacy. Lawler refuses to return unless Stacy is given her job back because they feel she was unfairly fired. And WWF refuses to hire her back. All parties involved had agreed to keep this meeting a secret and it was said to be an embarrassment when word got out about it. As for Paul Heyman, who currently does commentary on Raw, the belief is that he's better suited for the backstage TV writing role (especially since he's been the one behind the last few weeks of TV that have been so well received).
  • More details on the situation with Grandmaster Sexay being fired. He was arrested at customs at the Calgary airport for possession of cocaine and methamphetamines. Police reportedly found a tenth of a gram of meth and half a gram of coke on him. He later pled guilty to the coke possession and the meth charge was dropped. He paid a fine and a donation to a drug charity and the arrest won't go on his record, but he was still fired by WWF. A lot of people in the locker room were upset about it because they're afraid that the publicity from this could cause a crackdown. Right now, WWF doesn't drug test and as long as it doesn't affect your work, they pretty much take a hands-off approach to drug use. Needless to say, a lot of people in the locker room would prefer it stayed that way and they were mad at Sexay for being stupid enough to try to bring stuff like that across the Canadian border, which everyone knows is risky.
  • Speaking of drugs, Eddie Guerrero was sent home after he arrived at Raw in the dreaded "no condition to perform." He was scheduled to face Matt Hardy in a King of the Ring qualifying match. Eddie has pretty much been given the same ultimatum as Shawn Michaels: go home and don't come back until you're clean. As a result, the Eddie/Matt/Lita angle has since been dropped. Dave says that Eddie has had a lot of pain and injury issues because he returned to the ring way too soon following a New Year's Eve car accident in 1998 and never really recovered fully (this is it for Eddie for awhile. He stays under contract for a few more months but he eventually gets a DUI later in the year and gets fired. But then he gets clean, works the indies for a bit, returns in 2002, and goes on to have the best years of his career).
  • Notes from Raw: Jesse Ventura made an appearance, since they were in Minnesota, and Dave is flabbergasted that they didn't promote it ahead of time for maximum mainstream coverage, since they knew a week ago that Ventura would appear. They also had Hugh Morrus run in and attack Edge, to continue the WCW invasion angle and it also gave us our first brief glimpse of the new WCW logo on the TitanTron.
  • There's a good article about Mick Foley in this week's People Magazine, where he talks about both his wrestling and writing careers. Hey, I found the article!
READ: Mick Foley: Man of Letters (People Magazine)
  • Booker T has completed the buyout on his WCW contract with Time Warner so he should be ready to head to WWF any day now as soon as he finalizes a contract with them. Dave says that Kevin Nash tried to talk Booker T out of it, saying that WWF is on a down-turn right now and if Booker would wait until all their deals expired next year, they could all go in together as a package deal and get more money from Vince, who would be more desperate at that point. It's the same reason Scott Hall has said he's not interested in WWF until Nash is free. (Nash ended up being right. By early 2002, Vince was indeed desperate enough to throw big money at the NWO guys while Booker T ended up coming in earlier, for far less than he was making in WCW).
  • It's expected that DDP and Billy Kidman are also likely taking buyouts soon and would be WWF-bound. DDP in particular will be giving up significant money by taking a 50-cents-on-the-dollar buyout from Time Warner, but he's apparently decided to do it anyway. And once Scott Steiner is medically cleared from all his injuries, he is said to be considering it also. Buff Bagwell is expected to sign with WWF soon as well. Dave notes that there are definitely people in WWF who weren't exactly in love with the idea of hiring Bagwell, but Johnny Ace went to bat for him. Bagwell had a bad reputation in WCW for throwing a fit every time he was asked to do a job or no-showing house shows and things like that. But Johnny Ace blamed that on Bagwell being friends with and under the influence of Lex Luger and argued that without Luger around, Bagwell would behave. So we'll see (lol).
  • When reviewing Smackdown, Dave talks about how Benoit was practically wrestling Austin with 1 arm because his right side has been really week ever since last month's TLC match. It's believed to be a pinched nerve in his neck that has gotten progressively worse. He's working through it and had an MRI that didn't show any ligament issues or anything, but he basically can't do anything with his right arm at the moment (turns out this is way worse than a pinched nerve but we'll get there).
  • Rob Van Dam has verbally agreed to terms with WWF and has his contract in hand, but hasn't signed it yet. Same with Tommy Dreamer. Both will have probably signed by the time you read this. Dave expects them to end up on the WCW side of the invasion angle.
  • Speaking of the WCW angle, the hold-up is securing a TV deal for it. WWF is contractually locked in to Viacom, so TNN is really the only realistic option to carry a WCW show, but TNN and WWF can't agree on details. TNN is willing to give WWF a Saturday night time slot for WCW, but only if they have more big names like Goldberg, Sting, and Flair. WWF, as we've discussed, doesn't want to spend millions of dollars to buy those guys out of their WCW contracts and upset their salary structure. Dave thinks the clock is ticking on this and the longer it takes to get the new WCW off the ground, the less likely fans are to still care about it whenever it eventually does happen.
  • Regarding video tape libraries: WWF owns all of the WCW footage ever taped from 1988 onward. Regarding the Crockett or GCW tape libraries from before that, Dave isn't entirely sure yet (yes they owned that also). They do not own the old Bill Watts Mid-South library (they ended up getting that one in 2012). They also do not yet own the ECW footage, although it's expected that they will purchase the rights to those in the bankruptcy proceedings for ECW (yup).
  • Triple H is spending the next 4 weeks in Birmingham to rehab his torn quad. Dave says to say whatever you want about Triple H, but the guy is dedicated to the business 24/7 and his success is earned. Wrestling is a business where the smart prosper and Triple H is as smart as they come and works just as hard (he spent way more than 4 weeks there. He pretty much moved to Birmingham and lived there for the rest of 2001 to do his rehab).
  • So far, almost no one aside from the wrestlers and Johnny Ace have been hired for the new WCW. No writers, production people, agents, referees, etc. Basically, all of that is on hold until they can figure out the TV situation. A lot of former backstage WCW employees were expecting to have jobs soon, but now they're all just kinda sitting around waiting and hoping and there's a lot of people getting nervous that this thing might not get off the ground at all, and their severance package money is slowly running out.
  • Regarding the videos of the stalker who is stalking Undertaker's wife....the voice is being done by Vince McMahon, with a voice distorting effect. Some website reversed the distortion to reveal that it's Vince. Dave says if you've heard Vince talk enough, you could already tell anyway. Dave says that doesn't mean that Vince is going to be revealed as the stalker, just that he's doing the voice. Same way Ole Anderson used to do the voice for the Black Scorpion angle.
  • In case you missed it, at the recent Raw in Calgary where they re-enacted the Montreal Screwjob with half of the Hart family in the front row, Dave points out that Vince was dressed pretty much identically to the way he was dressed at the actual Montreal Screwjob (yeah, I looked back to compare this and see if it's true and yup. He's pretty much wearing the exact same suit jacket and shirt).
  • Notes from OVW: Dave says Randy Orton has shot past everyone on the roster and is improving by leaps and bounds every week. Dave thinks Orton is the closest one to being ready the move to the main roster and he has real star potential. On OVW TV, they had Jim Ross on and Ross said he was so impressed by Orton that he predicted that he would some day main event Wrestlemania (indeed). Rico Constantino is another one who is ready for the big time but Dave thinks he might get lost in the shuffle on the WWF roster. Dave thinks he'd be a great fit in the new WCW. Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin are also connecting with the crowd and getting over. They worked a dark match at the Minnesota Raw tapings (since they were both college wrestling stars there) and even had Jesse Ventura come out as their manager (how is there no video of this?!). Lesnar also gets a big pop for his shooting star press that he does.
  • The Austin vs. Benoit and Jericho feud isn't just for TV. They've been wrestling long 25+ minute main event matches against each other at house shows also, with reports that they're just as good or better than the TV matches. Dave gives Austin a ton of credit for going out there and having these grueling, fast-paced and long main event matches considering his neck history (yeah, anyone who says Austin was a shitty wrestler who only knew how to punch and kick, I defy you to watch his matches in 2001 and still have that opinion. Austin was having near-classics almost weekly at this point).
  • Ellie Hart (mother of Natalya, sister of Bret and Owen) writes in to talk about the "divide" in the Hart family. Let's just read her letter and Dave's response in full:
The family isn't as divided as you think. It's really just my brother Bret, who bears this grudge and is trying to compromise the rest of our family because of Montreal. Bret always said it was about Owen, but it was more about his ego and Montreal. Vince McMahon made Bret a superstar and this was truly a case of the tail wagging the dog.
We all felt Owen's loss deeply. I feel sad that Bret and Martha feel that they were the only ones who lost a loved one. My parents have been through more hell than anyone. They've unselfishly tried to accommodate all of us. Bret has made this very difficult for them. I thought Stu appearing on Raw was long overdue. A meeting with Vince McMahon was long overdue. Stu is the patriarch of our family, not Bret. If he had been able to speak his mind as he should have been able to after Owen died, maybe this family would still be whole.
Bret, Vince was just giving you a receipt (Calgary finish) for the black eye in Montreal. I think it's more fitting that Vince chose this route rather than suing the hell out of Bret, which he positively could have. Just as Bret is allowed to voice an opinion, so should Bruce and I be allowed to stand up and be counted for in the wrestling business. I hope that we have a long and prosperous friendship with the McMahons and I'm sorry if anybody is opposed to this.
Contrary to what you said about our family being sad and having issues, most of the sadness we've been dealing with has been brought on by Bret's obsession with Vince. Bret was more than unhappy that my dad was at the matches. He was livid. He showed a total lack of respect toward my father, who was the man responsible for making wrestling what it is in Western Canada. If anyone is entitled to the respect that the people in Calgary demonstrated, my father is. My father is an 86-year-old man who has very few positives to look forward to these days. Having the wrestling world behind him was like a shot of adrenaline to him and meant a great deal to him and my mother both.
Shame on Bret and Martha for trying to make my parents feel like they were compromising Owen's death. This has nothing to do with Owen at all. My dad earned that right running a wrestling business for 50 years and supporting the kids who aren't supporting him.
My poor father paved the way with Stampede Wrestling for Bret and others. Bret wasn't working on his book on Monday. Rather, he was at the big house, screaming obscenities at my poor beleaguered mother, who was caught in a very difficult position with Martha and Bret against the rest of us. Bret portrays himself as a martyr and a hero. He's a self-serving bully who doesn't know when to quit. It's time for this family to move on to better things and maybe even enjoy life again. Bret, get over Montreal.
Ellie Hart
Dave Meltzer's response: I think everyone should get over Montreal, particularly in any discussion that involves Owen Hart. Once Owen Hart died, any issues regarding Montreal were so trivial that to even be bringing them up nearly four-years later after everything that has happened since is pitiful. The fact they are constantly brought up and used to cloud any real issues, from anyone who uses them to do so, does more to trivialize the life of Owen than almost anything else.
  • Someone else writes in and talks about whether WWF should sign Goldberg and says the obvious answer (as mentioned earlier) is yes. Business-wise, it clearly makes sense. So 20 years from now, does Vince McMahon want to be seen as someone who took a risk on some big money investments and managed to resurrect WCW and was running two successful promotions at the same time? Or does he want to be known as the guy who had the biggest storyline in the history of wrestling handed to him on a silver platter and he bungled it because he was too cautious and wouldn't spend the money to bring in the big names to make it work? (Vince bungle the biggest storyline in the history of wrestling? Impossible. Perish the thought!) Someone else writes in with basically the same thought and talks about how Vince's ego never allows him to get behind a wrestler or a concept that he didn't create. He's afraid Vince is going to wait too long and will refuse to admit that he needs Goldberg in order for this WCW angle to succeed.
WEDNESDAY mid-2001 year-in-review, NJPW star Keiji Muto wins AJPW Triple Crown championship in a classic match, more on Eddie Guerrero's situation, Jerry Lawler comments on Grandmaster Sexay's arrest, and more...
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2019.03.11 23:26 newsfeedmedia Bradley Cooper enjoys man date with Freddie Prinze Jr. while out for lunch in Los Angeles

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2018.02.17 23:00 autobuzzfeedbot 42 Facts About '90s Teen Movies That You'll Immediately Want To Tell Your Friends

  1. The title of 10 Things I Hate About You was inspired by one of the film's screenwriters, who found a list she had made of things she hated about her high school boyfriend.
  2. While filming the poem scene, Julia Stiles was so overcome by emotion that she ended up crying real tears.
  3. And Heath Ledger was also her first on-screen kiss.
  4. The iconic "Kat. Meow." line was ad-libbed by Allison Janney.
  5. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon were considered for the role of Cher in Clueless.
  6. But Alicia Silverstone ultimately landed the role because Amy Heckerling wanted the girl "from those Aerosmith videos".
  7. There are reportedly 163 different kinds of plaid seen throughout the movie.
  8. Brittany Murphy later revealed that she was actually a virgin who couldn't drive when she said the line, "You're a virgin who can't drive."
  9. Cher's mispronunciation of "Haitians" in the debate scene wasn't scripted. Silverstone really didn't know how to say the word, but Heckerling decided to leave the mistake in the movie.
  10. American Pie was originally called Untitled Teenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under $10 Million That Most Readers Will Probably Hate But I Think You Will Love.
  11. Blink-182 make a quick cameo during the internet broadcast scene between Jim and Nadia while their song "Mutt" is playing.
  12. To make the The Craft feel more authentic, an actual witch, Pat Devin, was hired as a Wiccan consultant.
  13. Fairuza Balk, who played Nancy, actually bought the occult store she frequented while researching the film. She owned it until 2001.
  14. Several creepy things happened during filming, including sudden unpredicted downpours, flocks of crows flying out of nowhere, and the sea washing away a set after an incantation scene was filmed.
  15. Robin Tunney was nearly bald when filming began and had to wear a wig. This was because she had shaved her head for her role in Empire Records.
  16. Never Been Kissed was James Franco's first film appearance.
  17. In real life, Drew Barrymore was two years younger than her high school love interest, Jeremy Jordan.
  18. The scene in which Annette slaps Sebastian in Cruel Intentions was unscripted. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were off-set improvising when the slap happened and the director decided to incorporate it into the movie.
  19. The director, Roger Kumble, hired a porn star to appear in an establishing scene where Sebastian frolics with two naked cheerleaders.
  20. The "pubes" used for the pizza scene in She's All That were made from corn husks.
  21. Freddie Prinze Jr trained with a professional hacky sack player to pull off one of the film's most memorable scenes.
  22. Scream was partially inspired by a series of real life student murders in Gainesville, Florida in 1990.
  23. The voice of Ghostface, Roger L. Jackson, was never allowed to meet the actors in real life. This was so they wouldn't associate a face with the menacing voice.
  24. Rose McGowan dyed her hair blond so that it would contrast with Neve Campbell's dark hair.
  25. The iconic Ghostface mask, which was inspired by the classic Edvard Munch painting The Scream, was found in a child's bedroom while location scouting.
  26. The famous scene in I Know What You Did Last Summer where Jennifer Love-Hewitt yells in the street was thought up by a fan.
  27. Drive Me Crazy was originally titled Next to You, but was renamed after the Britney Spears song "(You Drive Me. Crazy" was added to the soundtrack.
  28. And to help promote the movie, Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier starred in the music video.
  29. Now and Then was written by Pretty Little Liars' showrunner, I Marlene King.
  30. And she wrote the original screenplay of the film when she was only 10 years old, basing it around her group of friends growing up.
  31. According to King, she originally wrote Roberta to be a lesbian but the studio disapproved.
  32. To make Darcy's whipped-cream bikini in Varsity Blues, shaving cream was used because whipped cream melted quicker.
  33. Paramount was sued by The University of Toronto who claimed that they had trademarked the name "Varsity Blues" in the mid-1980s.
  34. Mox's jersey number is a tribute to Brett Farve, James Van Der Beek's favourite quarterback.
  35. The only reason why Marilyn Manson cameoed in Jawbreaker was because Rose McGowan, who was dating him at the time, asked him to.
  36. A chance meeting at a hotel bar led to Matthew McConaughey being cast in Dazed and Confused.
  37. The director, Richard Linklater, gave each actor their own mixtape to help them get in character.
  38. The strong student and teacher story in Election inspired Ryan Murphy to create Glee.
  39. The original ending envisioned Mr McAllister and Tracy reuniting at his car dealership before she heads off to college. But this didn't test well with audiences resulting in the film's alternate ending.
  40. Leonardo DiCaprio was so passionate about Romeo + Juliet that he flew to Australia to help Baz Luhrmann persuade the studio to produce it.
  41. Every sign, billboard, or piece of paper featured in the movie contained a Shakespeare reference.
  42. And while filming in Mexico, the movie's main hairdresser was kidnapped and ransomed for $300.
Link to article
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2017.10.29 23:05 Frozeded [Official Discussion Series] Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (Oct. 29)

Welcome one and all, to a special edition of our Film Discussions, a part of /ScoobyDoo's October discussion series!
Every Friday night this month, we've been watching a different classic Scooby-Doo movie, as a subreddit! As Halloween is creeping ever closer, we've added in a few more movie discussion days (tonight, and Halloween night!)
This evening we watch the sequel to the first live action Scooby-Doo movie:
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Original release date: March 26, 2004
Run time: 93 minutes
Synopsis: The Mystery Inc. gang must save Coolsville from an attack of past unmasked monsters brought to life by an evil masked figure trying to "unmask" the gang.
Directed by: Raja Gosnell
Written by: James Gunn
and (some of) the rest!
--- Welcome to downtown Coolsville! Population: us! Grab some munchies, and get ready to revisit some old friends! Are there any old monsters you think that should have brought been in the movie? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for joining in!
Next up in our discussion series: Mon. Oct. 30 The Scooby-Doo Show - Season 2 Ep. 2 "Vampire Bats and Scaredy Cats"
And THEN: Tuesday October 31st (Halloween) "Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island"
Previous Film Discussion - Scooby-Doo
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Check out our sidebar for the full schedule!
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2017.10.28 04:04 Frozeded [Official Discussion Series] Scooby-Doo (Live-Action Film) - Oct. 26

Welcome one and all, to the fourth edition of Film Fridays, a part of /ScoobyDoo's October discussion series!
Every Friday night this month (as well as Oct. 29th and 31st), we've been watching a different classic Scooby-Doo movie, as a subreddit! And tonight is no different!
This evening we watch the live action movie from 2002:
Original release date: June 14, 2002
Run time: 1 hour, 26 minutes
Synopsis: After an acrimonious break up, the Mystery Inc. gang are individually brought to an island resort to investigate strange goings on. [That's the imdb description. So vague!]
and (some of) the rest!
--- Roo-Hoo! Enjoy this movie that defined so many childhoods! I had a hoot and a half watching this today! I don't have time to post an elaborate little description this time, but I'll update it in the morning! Have fun on Spooky Island!!
Further Listening podcasts!!
A Podcast Named Scooby-Doo - "APNSD! Presents a Scooby Dooniversary!!" on itunes
Next up in our discussion series: Sat. Oct. 28 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Ep. 14 "Spooky Space Kook"
Next film discussion: Sun. Oct. 29 Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
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2017.05.14 08:52 AlojaFreunde Video Game Raised $148 Million From Fans. Now It’s Raising Concerns.

Mark Kearns, 38, a web designer and gamer from Chicago, stumbled upon a new video game called Star Citizen while online in late 2013. The game, which was in development, promised to revive the spaceflight simulation genre with a sprawling universe for players to explore.
Intrigued, Mr. Kearns decided to pledge money to see the game come to fruition. In total, he donated $175, which gained him access to Star Citizen’s alpha version — a playable version of the game in its early stages — plus a virtual ship to use in the game.
Mr. Kearns and others have now vaulted Star Citizen into the record books. Since 2013, the game has quietly amassed more than $148 million in funding — all from regular people who have donated either through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter or through the game’s online donations page. The amount is a record for a crowdfunded video game, and one of the largest for any crowdfunded project. Star Citizen’s developer, Cloud Imperium Games, has not taken any money from traditional financiers.
“My expectation was that we’d raise around $4 million,” said Chris Roberts, 48, the founder of Cloud Imperium Games. “I had investors lined up to help with the rest but Sandy, my wife, told me not to worry about investors — that we’d make it to $20 million. I told her she was crazy, and then it kind of went from there.”
Continue reading the main story RELATED COVERAGE
A Chat With a Live Streamer Is Yours, for a Price APRIL 12, 2017
Kickstarter Focuses Its Mission on Altruism Over Profit SEPT. 20, 2015
DEALBOOK Microsoft Says It Will Pay $2.5 Billion for Company That Created Minecraft SEPT. 15, 2014 Yet the gigantic sum of money has created issues for Star Citizen, which began with a modest goal of raising $500,000 in 2012. As the dollars have mounted, the ambitions of Cloud Imperium Games have grown, and the game’s official release has repeatedly been pushed back. Some gamers have demanded refunds. One even filed a formal complaint with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office last year.
“I’m already building the best game I can,” said Mr. Roberts, who acknowledged the bumps. “But imagine — the game I can build with $140 million is going to be very different to the one I could build with $10 million. If I can build a bigger and more robust experience, I will.”
Star Citizen’s tale highlights the promise and perils of crowdfunded video games, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. Creators have flocked to crowdfunding to make niche games for specific audiences of passionate fans and to interact with gamers earlier in development. Crowdfunding has helped spawn a revival of classic role-playing games like Baldur’s Gate and Divinity, which were popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
According to Eedar, a video game market research company owned by the NPD Group, about 30,000 successfully funded video game projects were on Kickstarter as of February, and more than $593 million had been pledged to them. Yet several prominent crowdfunded video games have failed to live up to expectations. Mighty No. 9, a game pitched by the developer Keiji Inafune as a “spiritual successor” to the classic Mega Man action series, raised $4 million, but was delayed several times before being released in 2016 to lukewarm reviews. In 2014, a first-person sword-fighting game called Clang that had raised $500,000 in crowdfunding was canceled when the developer failed to secure additional funding.
“Crowdfunding projects, even those from established developers, are not seen by consumers as a sure bet as they were five years ago,” said Patrick Walker, vice president for insights and analytics at Eedar.
Still, for players, giving money to help develop a video game like Star Citizen offers a way into exclusive content — as well as something more emotional.
“Investing in Star Citizen gives you the tantalizing pleasure of looking forward to a deferred enjoyment, a slow, continuous build that stretches out the anticipation and taps into the power of our imagination to fill out the details of its imaginary world,” said Frank Lantz, director of the New York University Game Center.
Cloud Imperium Games was founded in 2011 by Mr. Roberts, who has a long history in the video game business. He started making games as a teenager in England, and later gained renown with the Texas-based video game company Origin Systems, where he made the game Wing Commander. Released in 1990, the sci-fi spaceflight simulation game was a critical and commercial success and produced several sequels.
Mr. Roberts later left the games industry to focus on producing film and television projects in Los Angeles. Among other things, he directed the 1999 feature film version of Wing Commander, which starred Freddie Prinze Jr. After thinking about making Star Citizen for many years, Mr. Roberts was inspired earlier this decade by the success of Minecraft, the hugely popular sandbox game from the Swedish game designer Markus Persson. Mr. Persson first released an alpha version of Minecraft in 2009 for a small sum, then used the proceeds to make adjustments and upgrades. (Mr. Persson sold his video game company Mojang, which makes Minecraft, to Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5 billion.)
“I wanted to do the same thing, without having to deal with a big video game publisher,” Mr. Roberts said. “Star Citizen certainly doesn’t fit the blockbuster video game mold. I love the idea that people can support a game that wouldn’t probably be made by a big studio.”
Star Citizen began with a dual crowdfunding effort on its website, plus a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to increase interest in the project. The Kickstarter campaign ended with just over $2 million raised. From then on, Cloud Imperium Games relied on donations through the Star Citizen site. The minimum donation to support the game was $5, but players couldn’t get a ship to play in the game until they had given at least $30. The highest donation amount was $10,000. Cloud Imperium Games said many people contacted the studio to ask about giving even larger amounts.
By the end of 2013, Star Citizen had raised $35.5 million. At the end of 2015, the amount stood at $104.4 million.
The success of the crowdfunding campaign allowed Mr. Roberts to hire developers worldwide. Cloud Imperium Games has now opened four studios: in Los Angeles; Austin, Tex.; Manchester, England; and Frankfurt. It has hired more than 400 people.
For Matthew Slattery, 18, a Star Citizen backer from South Australia, the idea of being able to play the game while it was still in development was a big draw. He has pledged about $100 to date.
“Getting to learn the process of game development, communicate with the developers and ask questions directly to the best in the field is a very rare opportunity,” Mr. Slattery said.
Clifford Zernicek, a 36-year-old designer from Houston, has pledged more than $15,000 to Star Citizen. He said he liked that the development of the game “isn’t behind closed doors, like normal publishers.”
For now, both donors are willing to wait for Star Citizen — even though its initial release of 2014 was pushed back to 2016, and has been pushed back again. It now has no set release date.
Even so, gamers know Mr. Roberts is adding more features to the game. Mr. Roberts said he was investing in film-level graphics for Star Citizen, as well as building an ever-increasing universe with multiple solar systems and planets for players to explore — all rendered in elaborate detail.
“Of course I have reservations about whether or not Cloud Imperium Games can meet their goals,” said Mr. Kearns, the web designer in Chicago. But he added that “after a few updates and patches, I considered my pledge money well spent and anything else that came from the game was a bonus."
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2017.03.05 22:08 manyfier How the CFO$ got me in to wrestling

Hi SC! I thought it would be appropriate as I'm getting ready to stay up and watch my first live PPV to share the unlikeley story how I got in to wrestling (I live in Sweden so Fastlane starts 2 a.m.).
First about me. As stated I'm from Sweden. I've never met a pro wrestling fan in my life. I'm 21 years old, freestyle wrestled as a kid, so saying PW is a thing in Sweden would be the worlds biggest lie, since KO's friendship with Jericho. I study engineering in Linköping (So if there's any PW fans here, maybe we can watch WM toghether.
So why in the world would I start watching the WWE at this stage of my life? The answer is simply GLORIUS!
I'm a huge Star Wars buff and was watching this episode of Movie Trivia Schmoedown , A gameshow on youtube, pretty heavily influenced by PW. Sam Witwer and Freddie Prinze Jr. comes out to a, for me, unknown song that just. I freaking love it. I look it up and what do I find? Bobby Roode's NXT TakeOver: Toronto entrence. Pure brilliance That led me on to Nakamuras, and a couple hours long Youtube binge.
I later got the 30 day trail membership to the network.
Nowadays I enjoy Smackdown, NXT, kinda and skim through RAW (3 hours is a bit to much IMO). I started watching 205 live during the whole Alicia FAAAOOOXX and Noam Dar storyline and that just killed it for me, maybe I'll give it another shot down the line.
Also huge shoutout to WhatCulture Wrestling as they were a big part of that initial youtube binge and got me cought up to date on the wrestling world. And I still listen to the CFO$ when I work out.
A total noobs predictions for Fastlane: Enzo and Cass def. The Club - How you doin? Neville def. Gallagher Samoa Joe def. Sammy Zayn - with help from HHH Strowman def. Reigns Charlotte def. Bayley - Asuka breaks the streak at WM KO def. Goldberg - but some funny bussiness ofc.
Edit: formating
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2016.09.16 00:15 ImaBlue How Freddie Prinze Jr. Knew Wife Sarah Michelle Gellar Was 'Legit' on Their Very First Dinner Date

How Freddie Prinze Jr. Knew Wife Sarah Michelle Gellar Was 'Legit' on Their Very First Dinner Date submitted by ImaBlue to ImABlue [link] [comments]

2016.09.14 07:31 iminterestingplease Part 6

1008.(Geography change.)Was Berlin, Germany in a different position in your memory?
1009.(Geography change.)Do you remember New Mexico having a panhandle that met Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado?
1010.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bob Lazar dying of cancer in the 90's?
1011.(Doll name change.)Cindy/Sindy
1012.(Can't think of a title.)Do these Easter Island statues look like how you remember?
1013.(Company name change.)Laughing Cow/The Laughing Cow
1014.(Chocolate Milk name change.)Nesquick/Nesquik
1015.(Book Title name change.)The Catcher And The Rye/The Catcher In The Rye
1016.(Book Title name change.)Crimes And Punishments/Crime And Punishment
1017.(Book Title name change.)Fellowship Of The Ring/The Fellowship Of The Ring
1018.(Geography change.)Illinois is now bigger than before.
1019.(Geography change.)Detroit is no longer on Lake Erie.
1020.(Geography change.)Has Cincinnati moved in location for you? As in on two state borders instead of one?
1021.(Famous Actress name change.)Woopie Goldberg/Whoopi Goldberg(Other spellings?)
1022.(Famous Actress name change.)Gweneth Paltrow/Gwyneth Paltrow(Other spellings?)
1023.(Famous Actress name change.)Hale Berry/Halle Berry(Other spellings?)
1024.(Famous Actor name change.)Robert Duval/Robert Duvall(Other spellings?)
1025.(Famous Actress name change.)Kate Blanchett/Cate Blanchett(Other spellings?)
1026.(Famous Actor name change.)Colin Farel/Colin Farrel/Colin Farell/Colin Farrell(Collin or Colinn or Collinn?)
1027.(Famous Actor name change.)Ben Afleck/Ben Affleck(Other spellings?)
1028.(Famous Actor name change.)Matt Daemon/Matt Damon(Other spellings?)
1029.(Grammar change.)Ect/Etc(As in Etcetera.)
1030.(Pronounciation change.)Do you remember pronouncing a K in Etcetera?
1031.(Spelling change.)Duffle Bag/Duffel Bag
1032.(Spelling change.)TheateTheatre(Didn't hear of the latter until recently.)
Add-On: Do you remember State Puff Marshmallow Man?
1033.(Fictional Character name change.)Ben Tennison/Ben Tennyson
1034.(Exercise Equipment name change.)NordicTrak/NordicTrack
1035.(Store name change.)Lucky's/Lucky
1036.(Can't think of a title.)Has the moon increased in size for you?
1037.(Slogan change.)"Taste The Sensation."/"Get The Sensation"
1038.(Geography change.)Does Chile look off to you?
1039.(Phantom geography.)Did Jan Mayen sink in your memory?
1040.(Famous Actress name change.)Hillary Duff/Hilary Duff
1041.(Restaurant name change.)Qudoba/Qdoba
1042.(Snack name change.)Dunk-A-Roo/Dunkaroo
1043.(Snack name change.)Fritoes/Fritos
1044.(Snack name change.)Tostitoes/Tostitos
1045.(Fictional Character name change.)Warluigi/Waluigi
1046.(Famous Singer name change.)Marie Louise Ciccone/Maria Louise Ciccone/Madonna Louise Ciccone
1047.(Soda name change.)Diet Coca-Cola/Diet Coke
1048.(Petroleum name change.)Vasoline/Vaseline
1049.(Restaurant name change.)Friday's/T.G.I. Friday's
1050.(Car Brand Part name change.)Innovative/Innovate
1051.(Song Lyrics change.)"Why Saint Peter would call my name."/"Why Saint Peter will call my name."/"Why Saint Peter won't call my name."
1052.(Spelling change.)Hillarious/Hilarious
1053.(Spelling change.)Persistant/Persistent
1054.(Spelling change.)Consistant/Consistent
1055.(Spelling change.)CalandaCalandeCalendeCalendar
1056.(Spelling change.)Interpratation/Interpretation
1057.(Spelling change.)Irrelavent/Irrelevant
1058.(Movie Title name change.)The Devil's Pass/Devil's Pass
1059.(History change.)Didn't Russians land on the moon before we did?(I'm not sure if I already have this.)
1060.(Famous Actor name change.)Sam Neil/Sam Neill
1061.(Famous Actor name change.)Piers Brosman/Piers Brosnan/Pierce Brosman/Pierce Brosnan
1062.(Famous Actor name change.)Lawrence Fishburn/Lawrence Fishburne/Laurence Fishburn/Laurence Fishburne
1063.(Famous Actor name change.)Sean Conery/Sean Connery
1064.(Famous Actor name change.)Billy Bob Thorton/Billy Bob Thornton
1065.(Spelling change.)Firey/Fiery
1066.(Snack name change.)Flaming Hot/Flamin' Hot
Add-On: Do you remember Charming instead of Charmin' toilet paper?
1067.(Store name change.)Sally's Beauty Supply/Sally Beauty Supply/Sally Beauty
1068.(Ice Cream name change.)Neopolitan/Neapolitan
1069.(Spelling change.)Supercede/Supersede
1070.(Can't think of a title.)Was Slash, the leader guitarist of Guns N' Roses white or part black in your memory?
1071.(Band name change.)Die Antwood/Die Antwoord
1072.(Company name change.)Namco Bandai/Bandai Namco
1073.(YouTuber name change.)Dayum Drops/Daym Drops
1074.(Singer name change.)The Weekend/The Weeknd
1075.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the constellation and zodiac sign, Ophiuchus existing?
1076.(Snack name change.)Blue & Gold/Rolled Gold/Rold Gold
1077.(Geography change.)Does Lake Victoria look bigger to you?
Add-On: The Panama Canal is now going from Northwest to Southeast.
Add-On:Do you remember "It's a most delightful way" or "It's the most delightful way"?
1078.(History change.)Do you remember us landing on the moon six times?
1079.(Movie Quote change.)"They mostly come out at night, mostly."/"They mostly come at night, mostly."
1080.(Company name change.)Cisco/Cysco/Sysco(Not the computer company.)
1081.(Can't think of a title.)The Mandella Affect/The Mandela Affect/The Mandela Effect
1082.(Famous President name change.)Nelson Mandella/Nelson Mandela
1083.(Company name change.)Advanced Auto Parts/Advance Auto Parts
1084.(Company name change.)O'Reilly's Auto Parts/O'Reillys Auto Parts/O'Reilly Auto Parts
1085.(Vehicle name change.)Mac/Mack
1086.(Food name change.)Parmesean/Parmesan(Other spellings?)
1087.(Food name change.)Bleu Cheese/Blue Cheese
Add-On: Has the Coca-Cola logo changed again for you?
1088.(Restaurant name change.)Dunking Donuts/Dunkin' Donuts
1089.(Snack name change.)Snowballs/Snow Balls/Sno Balls
1090.(Pronunciation change.)How many ways do you know that you can pronounce narrator, narration, narrating, narrates, etc?
1091.(Pronunciation change.)How many ways do you know that you can pronounce prescription?
1092.(Pronunciation change.)How many ways do you know that you can pronounce gyro?
1093.(New species.)Have you heard of the Pink Fairy Armadillo?
1094.(New species.)Have you heard of the Aye-Aye?
1095.(New species.)Have you heard of the Maned Wolf?
1096.(New species.)Have you heard of the Tufted Deer?
1097.(New species.)Have you heard of the Dumbo Octopus?
1098.(New species.)Have you heard of the Patagonian Mara?
1099.(New species.)Have you heard of the Naked Mole Rat?
1100.(New species.)Have you heard of the Irrawaddy Dolphin?
1101.(New species.)Have you heard of the Gerenuk?
1102.(New species.)Have you heard of the Dugong?
1103.(New species.)Have you heard of the Babirusa?
1104.(New species.)Have you heard of the Lamprey?
1105.(New species.)Have you heard of the Fossa?
1106.(New species.)Have you heard of the Star-Nosed Mole?
1107.(New species.)Have you heard of the Sunda Flying Lemur?
1108.(New species.)Have you heard of the Zebra Duiker?
1109.(New species.)Have you heard of the Kiwa Hirsuta
1110.(New species.)Have you heard of the Superb Bird-Of-Paradise?
1111.(New species.)Have you heard of the Blobfish?
1112.(New species.)Have you heard of the Cantor's Giant Soft Shelled Turtle?
1113.(New species.)Have you heard of the Gobi Jerboa?
1114.(New species.)Have you heard of the Japanese Spider Crab?
(Can't properly number this one.) (New species.)Have you heard of the Red-Lipped Batfish?
1116.(New species.)Have you heard of the Goblin Shark?
1117.(New species.)Have you heard of the Panda Ant?
1118.(New species.)Have you heard of the Penis Snake?
1119.(New species.)Have you heard of the Umbonia Spinosa?
1120.(New species.)Have you heard of the Lowland Streaked Tenrec?
1121.(New species.)Have you heard of the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth?
1122.(New species.)Have you heard of the Blue Glaucus?
1123.(New species.)Have you heard of the Mantis Shrimp?
1124.(New species.)Have you heard of the Venezuelan Poodle Moth?
1125.(New species.)Have you heard of the Pacu?
1126.(New species.)Have you heard of the Giant Isopod?
1127.(New species.)Have you heard of the Saiga Antelope?
1128.(New species.)Have you heard of the Bush Viper?
1129.(New species.)Have you heard of the Blue Parrotfish?
1130.(New species.)Have you heard of the Purple Frog?
1131.(New species.)Have you heard of the Shoebill?
1132.(New species.)Have you heard of the Okapi?
1133.(New species.)Have you heard of the Thorny Dragon?
1134.(New species.)Have you heard of the Scotoplane?
1135.(Can't think of a title.)Queen Nefertiti has brown eyes./Queen Nefertiti has blue eyes.
1136.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Jim Nabors dying?
1137.(Song Lyrics change.)"So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye?"/"So you think you can stomp me and spit in my eye?"/"So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?"
1138.(Geography change.)Was the Salton Sea an artificial or a natural lake in your memory?
1139.(Famous Singer name change.)Oliver Skyes/Oliver Sykes
1140.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Did Alan Alda die in your memory?
1141.(Movie Title change.)The Pursuit Of Happiness/The Pursuit Of Happyness
1142.(Movie Title change.)Lucky Number Seven/Lucky Number Slevin(Sevin or Sleven?)
1143.(Pizza name change.)Elliott's/Elliot's/Ellio's
1144.(New vegetable.)Have you heard of purple yams?
1145.(New vegetable.)Have you heard of purple carrots?
1146.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of pink lakes?
1147.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of yellow lakes?
1148.(Song Title change.)Point Of No Return/Point Of Know Return
1149.(New plant.)Have you heard of the Giant Hogweed?
Add-On: Do you remember "Houston, we had a problem."?
1150.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Markiplier recording Pony Island last year because it seems he's doing it again.
1151.(Fictional Character name change.)3CPO/C-3P0
1152.(Fictional Character name change.)Hon Solo/Hons Solo/Hans Solo/Han Solo
1153.(Fictional Character name change.)Sand People/Tusken/Tusken Raider
1154.(Snack name change.)Pinwheel/Spinwheel
1155.(New phenomenon.)Have you heard of a Black Moon?
1156.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember fog being possible in hot weather?
1157.(New phenomenon.)Have you heard of gender jumping animals such as some fish, some amphibians, and even hens becoming roosters?
1158.(Pronunciation change.)Do you remember words beginning with pre or per being pronounced more than one way?
1159.(Pronunciation change.)How do you pronounce caramel?
1160.(Pronunciation change.)How do you pronounce crayon?
1161.(Pronunciation change.)How do you pronounce Caribbean?
1162.(Spelling change.)Pronounciation/Pronunciation
1163.(Pronunciation change.)Do any of the words on this list have more than one pronunciation in your memory?
1164.(Pronunciation change.)Do you remember being right when pronouncing these words the "wrong way"?
1165.(Pronunciation change.)Do you remember being right when pronouncing these words the "wrong way"?
Add-On: Do you remember O'Reily's Auto Parts(Or O'Reily?)(Was it a shamrock or a leprechaun?)
Add-On: Do you remember Advanced Discount Auto Parts(Or Advance Discount Auto Parts?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mak Trucks
1166.(Hospital name change.)St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
1167.(Can't think of a title.)What order you remember the names of The Three Stooges?
Add-On: Do you remember The Fellowship Of The Rings or just Fellowship Of The Rings?
1168.(Credit Card name change.)DiscovDiscover
1169.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember red Skittles being cherry flavored?
1170.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember green Skittles being changed to green apple from lime in 2014?
1171.(Sculpture change.)Does The Thinker look right to you?
1172.(Grammar change.)Snuck/Sneaked(Do you remember the latter?)
1173.(Grammar change.)Hung/Hanged(Do you remember the latter?)
1174.(Grammar change.)Drowned/Drownd/Drownded/Drownding
1175.(Can't think of a title.)Haldron CollideHadron Collider
1176.(Fictional Character name change.)Tweedlebug/Twiddlebug
1177.(Song Lyrics change.)"This is the dawn of the age of Aquarius."/"This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius."
1178.(Can't think of a title.)Was The Great Wall Of China visible from space in your memory or not?
1179.(Movie Quote change.)"What is she holding Marcus?"/"What is she holding open Marcus?"
1180.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember this version of the theme song of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air?
1181.(Movie Quote change.)"I've got another riddle for you."/"I've got another puzzle for you."
1182.(Geography change.)Do you remember Minnesota having a tip?
1183.(Can't think of a title.)Is the scene where Jack yells look right to you?(Who was he with and who did he say it to?)(Was it "I'm king of the world." or "I'm the king of the world.")
1184.(Spelling change.)Achey/Achy
1185.(Spelling change.)Wirey/Wiry
1186.(Spelling change.)Shakey/Shaky
1187.(Holiday name change.)Valentimes Day/Valentime's Day/Valentine's Day
1188.(Weekday name change.)Wensday/Wenesday/Wednesday
1189.(Holiday name change.)New YeaNew Years/New Year's
1190.(Spelling change.)Jerkey/Jerky
1191.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Did Rip Torn die in you memory or not?
1192.(Spelling change.)ShisteShyster
1193.(New species.)Have you heard of the Blue Orchard Bee?
1194.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of Hair Ice?
1195.(New plant.)Have you heard of the Rainbow Eucalyptus?
1196.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of blue lava?
1197.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of the Eye Of Sahara?
1198.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of the Yosemite Firefall?
1199.(Can't think of a title.)Dip N' Dots/Dippin' Dots
1200.(Slogan change.)I'm Loving It/I'm Lovin' It
1201.(History change.)2 presidents have been assassinated./4 presidents have been assassinated.
1202.(Can't think of a title.)Was Marilyn Monroe skinny or curvy in your memory?
Add-On: Was the name of the person who made The Thinker named Rodin in your memory?
1203.(Can't think of a title.)Nelson Mandela's prison number is 4664./Nelson Mandela's prison number is 46664.
1204.(Ending change.)Do you remember two cubs at the end of The Lion King?
1205.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Donna Douglas's leg being bit off by a shark?
1206.(Can't think of a title.)What date did John Lennon die?
1207.(Famous Actor name change.)Phillip Semour Hoffman/Philip Semour Hoffman/Phillip Seymour Hoffman/Philip Seymour Hoffman
1208.(Famous Actor name change.)Russell Crow/Russell Crowe
1209.(Famous Actor name change.)Roy SchneideRoy Scheider
1210.(Spelling change.)Avaible/Availble/Available
1211.(Spelling change.)Rasberry/Raspberry(Razberry?)
1212.(Spelling change.)Envirement/Eniviroment/Environment
1213.(Spelling change.)RefridgeratoRefrigerator
1214.(Song Title change.)Deck The Halls/Deck The Hall
1215.(Fictional Character name change.)Drako Malfoy/Draco Malfoy
1216.(Can't think of a title.)Did Hermione Granger's hair color change for you?
1217.(Story change.)Has "Twas The Night Before Christmas" changed for you?
1218.(Song Lyrics change.)"The city of angels."/"The city of angel."
1219.(New species.)Have you heard of the Pygmy Sperm Whale?
1220.(Spelling change.)Fourty/Forty
1221.(Spelling change.)Purpouse/Purpose
1222.(Spelling change.)Triology/Trilogy
1223.(Logo change.)Has the Opel logo changed for you?
1224.(Famous Actor name change.)Freddie Prince Jr./Freddie Prinze Jr.
1225.(State name change.)Conneticut/Connecticut
1226.(Book name change.)A Song Of Fire And Ice/A Song Of Ice And Fire
1227.(Famous Actor name change.)Paulie Shore/Pauly Shore
1228.(Candy Bar name change.)York Peppermint Patty/York Peppermint Pattie
1229.(Airline name change.)JetBlu/JetBlue
1230.(Store name change.)Superior Groceries/Superior Grocers
Add-On: Do you remember Cheet-Ohs or Cheetohs
1231.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Does Benny from Dora The Explorer have a nose ring?
1232.(Famous Actor name change.)Brian O'ConnoBrian O'Conner
1233.(Movie Title name change.)Enemy At The Gate/Enemy At The Gates
1234.(Company name change.)Dr. PetkeDr. Oetker
1235.(Beverage name change.)Mistic CooleMystic Cooler
1236.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Mystic Cooler beverages being alcoholic?
1237.(Company name change.)Royal Canine/Royal Canin
1238.(Coffee name change.)Frappaccino/Frappuccino
1239.(Geography change.)Do you remember Brazil's capital being Rio De Janeiro and not Brasilia?
1240.(Geography change.)Do you remember Brazil having states?
1241.(History change.)Does Martin Luther King Jr's speech seem different to you?
1242.(Geography change.)Is India smaller than you remember?
1243.(Geography change.)Is Eurasia smaller than you remember?
1244.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the change being seven moon landing instead of six?
1245.(Geography change.)Did the state of Virginia have any islands in your memory?
1246.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Buick going out of business?
1247.(Geography change.)Does Maryland look right to you?
1248.(Movie Quote change.)"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, it'll be anarchy."/"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria."(Also remembered to be a less serious tone.)
1249.(History change.)Do you remember the Japanese bombing Santa Barbara, California, Fort Stevens in Oregon, sending fire balloons over the U.S., and the subs patrolling near our water instead of being just rumors?
1250.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember two versions of the Mona Lisa?
1251.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Whoopi Goldberg having eyebrows?
1252.(Company name change.)Def Jam Records/Def Jam Recordings
1253.(Can't think of a title.)Did the Detroit Tigers go to two back to back World Series'?
1254.(Hotel name change.)Ceasers Palace/Ceasars Palace/Caesers Palace/Caesars Palace(Other spellings?)
1255.(Famous Consul name change.)Julius CeaseJulius CeasaJulius CaeseJulius Caesar(Other spellings?)
1256.(Food name change.)Ceaser Salad/Ceasar Salad/Caeser Salad/Caesar Salad(Other spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember J.C. Penny's?(No dots or capital C?)
1257.(Can't think of a title.)What color do you remember sunsets being?
1258.(Restaurant name change.)Popeyes/Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
1259.(Geography change.)Did McCarran International Airport move for you?
1260.(Geography change.)Alaska is farther north and closer to Russia.
1261.(Geography change.)California is now greener and smaller.
1262.(Geography change.)Nevada is less baren low.
1263.(Geography change.)South America and The Bahamas are now even closer to Florida.(Was the water more turquoise?)
1264.(Geography change.)Poland is now bigger than before.
1265.(Geography change.)Australia is now closer to Antarctica than before.(Didn't it have more open ocean around it?)
1266.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Morgan Freeman dying?
1267.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Tim Curry dying?
1268.(Famous Musician name change.)Chrissie Hinde/Chrissie Hindes/Chrissie Hyndes/Chrissie Hynde
1269.(Song Title change.)Bridge Over Troubled Waters/Bridge Over Troubled Water
1270.(Logo change.)The Coast To Coast AM no longer has the dash in the A.
1271.(Company name change.)Terminex/Terminix
1272.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mikhail Gorbachev dying or not?(Do you remember him reporting the news to this day or did he go absent?)
Add-On: Do you remember "Blow your house away."?
1273.(Can't think of a title.)In the T.V. show Captain Pugwash, do you remember certain characters having innuendos in their names, such as Seaman Staines or do were they urban legends or didn't exist at all?
1274.(Spelling change.)ThieTheir,4878002&hl=en
1275.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Costa Rica being a Caribbean island?
1276.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Janis Joplin being less attractive?(In general?)
1277.(Movie Title change.)Betelgeuse/Beetle Juice/Beetlejuice(Beetle Geuse or Beetlegeuse?)(Did they pronounce it differently at all?)
1278.(Geography change.)The liver now has two lobes instead of one.
1279.(Phantom movie quote.)"What if I told you" was never actually said by Morpheus in The Matrix.
Add-On: Do you remember Cadbury Cream Egg or Cadbury's Cream Egg?
Add-On: Do you remember Helman's Mayo?
1280.(Beverage name change.)Four Loco/Four Loko
1281.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Big Bird wearing a scarf?
1282.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Scooby-Doo not wearing a collar?
1283.(Song Lyrics change.)"The cow jumped over the moon."/"And the cow jumped over the moon."(Which one do you agree?)
1284.(Statue change.)Do you remember Christ The Redeemer not having visible feet?(Was he smaller or larger in general?)
1285.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Rainbow Sand Dunes?
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2016.08.14 20:29 maggiecanthang [TOMT] [website] Early 2000's-era page that had a massive list of celebrity rumors written by someone in the business

So I swear it was either posted somewhere on reddit or on ONTD on livejournal. It looked like a geocities or angelfire type page, with black text on a white background, but I read it in late 2014. It was a compilation of rumors about almost every celebrity from the 40s to the early 2000s. I definitely remember it saying that Christina Aguilera was a lesbian and Freddie Prinze Jr. was either gay, liked golden showers or both. It was written by a gay guy who claimed to be somehow involved with Hollywood, and he claimed most of everything he wrote was true. Here are some celebrities that had a lot written about them -Jack Nicholson -The Jacksons (mainly Michael and Janet) -Tom Cruise -Marilyn Monroe
It also said Neil Patrick Harris was gay before he came out. I feel like the bottom of the page had it dated before 2004.
ANY help at all would be appreciated.
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2015.08.18 03:59 swiftwings88 Ranking the Mass Effect Romances (and other romance related tidbits)

So partly as a guide and partly out of a desire to fill the content void between now and this Winter when we get more Andromeda news, I decided to catalog my opinions on the Mass Effect romances. I've done all of them and feel pretty strongly about my beliefs on them. As many unique aspects as Bioware has in their games, romances are the best. Few, if any, other games offer the emotional impact of the romances in Mass Effect.
As such, I enjoyed writing this immensely. It is long and I'm sure there will be many disagreements with my list. That's the point. So thanks for reading and kudos if you get to the end.
  1. Femshep and Garrus – This one was just perfect. Shep and Garrus are so much alike. Moreover, Garrus’ character arc feels very incomplete without the Shep romance. Beyond that, he’s the only guy who actually bothers to propose (the Bottle Shooting Scene is beyond touching). The mutual professions of love and the constant support from Garrus makes it all work. Garrus backs you through thick and thin no matter your choices and the romance just feels right. Shep's story starts with a Turian (Nihlus) and it fits to end with one. Same with humanity in the First Contact War. The symbolic connection between the two most similar species in the galaxy is perfect for post-ME3 headcanon with Shep and Garrus together. They are just perfect and make total sense. The only downside is that he's not available to romance in Mass Effect 1. That's almost enough to put the Liara romances in the top spot, but I still think this one is better overall. Garrus also benefits from having the sweetest final conversation on Earth of all the romances. Liara is close, but Garrus' is breathtaking.
  2. Broshep and Liara – This one is almost as good for me as Femshep and Garrus especially considering it’s the only romance you can carry through all three games (assuming you have LotSB). I think Liara just works better for Broshep in general they just play off each other better. The only down note for me was the melancholy of knowing that no matter what happens Liara will outlive Shep by around 900 years. Still, little blue children to remember hehim by (and I absolutely ascribe to the headcanon that in the final scene between the 2 in ME3 Liara conceives a child).
  3. Femshep and Liara – Pretty much the same as above, I just felt like Broshep fit Liara’s arc better.
  4. Broshep and Jack – Jack is one of my favorite characters in the series. She has a good character arc, develops as a person and of all the people you meet who kill lots of people, she’s the only female that seems to really enjoy it. Meeting her in ME3 is the best ME2 romance continuation (the others being Thane, Miranda, and Jacob) for romance options that aren't squadmates. Jack might be the sweetest romance in the games (sorry Talimancers). She’s so broken inside and doesn’t think she deserves love. Her voice acting is criminally underrated in these scenes. The Citadel scenes and lines for her romance are perfect. Jack unfortunately (like most of the other romances) simply doesn't have enough content to break into the top 3. Garrus, Liara and Tali have the most and the others are great, they just aren't really around for ME3 that much. It's too bad because Jack is incredible.
  5. Femshep and Kaiden – Despite my seething hatred for Carth Onasi, I was really impressed by this romance. It works. It’s not as romantic as Liara or Garrus or as touching as Jack, but it’s just an adult relationship between two members of the Alliance Navy. Kaiden benefits from being very observant and self-aware and you get the sense (as you do with Garrus) that he’s more than capable of being the pants in the relationship, which is nice for a female playthrough.
  6. Femshep and Traynor – I was planning on being disappointed by this one but I was pleasantly surprised by how much content they gave this romance, especially in the Citadel DLC. Her character arc is quite similar to Liara’s just condensed into one game. She is far more self-assured at the start though and, unlike Liara, she embraces her sexual orientation (whereas Liara doesn’t see a difference which is a nice touch). Some touching lines here. It’s just a really fun romance.
  7. Femshep and Thane – Thane is one of the most mature relationships you can have in the series. He’s dying and very self-aware. There’s no drama. I think it diminishes his story though that he didn’t die faithful to his dead wife. The Citadel massively improves this romance with Thane’s spirit consoling Shep. I also wasn't blown away by his death scene with Shepherd. Too much philosophy and not enough raw emotion.
  8. Broshep and Tali – I know I’m going to take crap from this being this far down. Tali benefits from having two full games to romance her and she’s very sweet. However, unlike Liara, Tali never stops being puerile and emotionally vulnerable. She’s definitely too “little sister” for an emotionally assured guy like Shep to be into in my opinion. It feels like a 35 year old with a 20 year old. That said, there's a place in the world for those who want to be the "savior" in a relationship. I just didn't think it worked.
  9. Broshep and Miranda – Despite the moments where you want to chokeslam Miranda through a bulkhead, she’s got some serious emotional vulnerabilities. Like Jack, her romance is massively improved by the Citadel DLC as there isn’t much between her and Shep in ME3 otherwise. This is the most Hollywood of the romances and it’s perfect for pro-human renegade sheps: cheerleader Miranda and frat guy Shep. They’re both hot so let’s bang ok. The romance missed a big opportunity by not making the romance more of a key part of Miranda’s best lines in her ME2 loyalty quest. Miranda just doesn't seem to care that much about Shep though.
  10. Broshep and Ashley – Despite being in ME1 and ME3 Ashley’s romance is weirdly content empty. While all three romances in ME1 are equal in content, Ashley inexplicably has almost nothing to say in ME3 while Kaiden is chatty as hell. It doesn’t help that Ashley is possibly the most static character who shows up in multiple games. She doesn’t grow much at all. It’s a romance that’s just there. The content is okay. Just not particularly touching. She’s Option B if you want the “Go Team Humanity” romance, after Miranda.
  11. Broshep and Cortez – STEEEEVE!!! I wanted to put this higher because Cortez is just so damn likable in general, but as a romance there just isn’t much here. You shepherd (lol) him through his grief then predictably fall for each other. There’s nothing bad, just nothing great.
  12. Broshep and Kaiden – Story goes that Kaiden and Ashley were both supposed to be bisexual in ME1 as well but that was cut. Kaiden got the hots for Shep between games 1 and 3 apparently. This one just didn’t work for me without ME1 as a backdrop. There just isn’t the same connection between Kaiden and Broshep romantically. I think they work better as bros.
  13. Femshep and Jacob – But the priiiiize. This one and Allers I’ll admit I did not do on full playthroughs, just played to see what would happen. Jacob is about as engaging as a socket wrench ordinarily so I wanted to see if he was better in a romance…nope. Then in ME3 it takes him all of six months to dump you and knock up his skank girlfriend. You can get all the content from this romance from youtube. Pass.
  14. Shep and Diana – Oh Diana, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways. 1. For some reason you were a romance option in ME3 and not Dr. Chloe Michel for the sexiest accent in the game, there is literally no other reason for her to be on the Normandy 2. Bioware totally missed the boat on letting us choose between Emily Wong and Khalisah to be the onboard Normandy War Correspondent who both could have been romance options if they realllly needed another one. 3. Jessica Chobot seems a lovely person but her wooden voice acting makes me never ever ever talk to Allers. I invite her aboard then lock her in her room. The romance sucks too by the way. Totally unconvincing. It's like the game judges you for doing it.
BONUS: People who should have or could have been romances
  1. Joker – This one seems obvious to me as a possibility. He’s your helmsman for three straight games and you joke with him all the time. They took the “in love with the ship” metaphor literally, though Shep is in love with the Normandy too. I think it could have worked and Seth Green definitely has the chops. I don't hate that it wasn't included, but it could have been.
  2. Vega – Unlike the Joker one which is obvious as a possibility but I both get and don't begrudge it not being available, I have absolutely no idea why this wasn’t a romance. This is the only one on the list where I say it absolutely categorically should have been a romance. The flirting between Vega and femshep is some of the most realistic flirting in the series. The more I think about it the more I'm upset it wasn't included. Freddie Prinze Jr. is an outstanding voice actor. Vega is likable and tough and deep down really needs someone to lift him up. He's one of the few guys in the series who makes Shep feel like she's hot and more than just a soldier; he sees past the fame. James is as loyal as Garrus and fights like a Krogan. Criminal misstep to not include him.
  3. Dr. Chloe Michel – As I said above, why let her come on board the Normandy otherwise. She’s just an accented version of Dr. Chakwas with less lines.
  4. Emily Wong/Khalisah – If Allers were out and you got to pick between these two as war correspondent they both could have worked.
  5. Samara – This was one of those piddly little part romances like Kelly Chambers. It's got some content, but not enough to make it worth your time (it also does not unlock the paramour achievement). Unlike Kelly though this one had a lot of potential. Given that Samara is near the end of her life she and shep would actually probably die around the same time. It would have been nice to really put this one together in ME3. The code doesn't forbid emotional entanglements after all.
  6. EDI -- Going back to being in love with the ship, I think this one could have been fascinating. It would have allowed for a much deeper exploration into AI and allowed for some excellent conversations about the VI on Luna and whether Shepherd is the same Shep before being blown up. Like most of the rest on this list (except Vega) there's no real need for it but it could have been cool.
  7. Ashley for Femshep -- I think the fear with this one was the whole "female military therefore must be a lesbian." I get Bioware wanting to avoid that stereotype but seeing as Shep can play that role too it doesn't feel like a huge concern. I think if you were gonna do it with Kaiden you can do it with Ashley.
  8. Femshep and Jack -- Jack alludes to a menage-a-trois in ME2 so it seems that while she might not be bisexual she's definitely in the pansexual "if it feels good do it" category. She and a renegade Femshep could have been awesome. She did want to be a pirate queen.
DOUBLE BONUS: People Who Shouldn't Have Been Romances
  1. Jacob -- I know that if you knock out Jacob then femshep really lacks for romances in ME2 (replace with Joker anyone?). However given Jacob's commitment to being a total bore and his cheating (yes it was cheating, they were not "on a break") in ME3 it would have been better to cut him. Did you expect me to wait forever Shepherd? No but six months ain't forever and you didn't try all that hard to get ahold of me in lockdown, former Alliance Corsair can't pull some strings?
  2. Thane -- He should have stayed faithful to his wife. I know she's dead but his connection to her was incredible. It's hard to imagine a species that can perfectly relive their memories of a dead spouse ever moving on. Look at me go, if I knock out Jacob and Thane then the only Femshep romances in 2 are Garrus, Liara (sort of via DLC), Kelly (barely counts) and Samara (barely counts).
  3. Diana -- Obviously.
  4. Broshep and Kaiden -- I just don't think it worked and it would have been better if they kept both Ashley and Kaiden sex-gated (my comments on Ashley being available for Femshep notwithstanding).
  5. Miranda -- she just doesn't seem to, well, like you very much. I think it's probably because when she first meets you in ME3 her lines are unchanged even if you romanced her. It's like "you know we used to be close right?" I mean, I get it, but I also get her being totally dedicated to the mission. Honestly her betrayal of the Illusive Man didn't make much sense either and I think she would have been much better used if altered and taking Kai Leng's spot.
  6. Tali -- I know, crucify me now. I'm not beholden to the idea that this shouldn't have been a romance and I know Tali has an extremely loyal following, I just cannot get past the sense that this is like dating a kid for Shep. She is soooo emotionally immature. Liara in ME1 isn't emotionally immature, just socially awkward and lacking confidence, by game's end she's the one supporting shep. Tali never gets there. She's always just this teenager and it seems like after every conversation with her she's going to run off to her journal and write about it. Weirdly, her dialogue with Garrus if you don't romance her or him is much more mature. She has it in her, I just do not get a romantic vibe between her and Shep; it feels very one-sided.
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2014.05.27 18:18 TurkCLE What are your thoughts on The Ultimates?

I recently got into comics, and someone suggested "The Ultimates" would be a good place to start if I liked the MCU. I picked up the collection, and I have to say I'm not a huge fan so far. I do find it compelling and the action is great, but there are a lot of off-putting things.
First, some of the characters are too drastically different. Cap, my favorite Marvel hero, is kind of a huge dick. And Hank Pym brutally assaulting Wasp? Seemed unnecessarily over thee top.
Second, the story and pop-culture references can get really cringeworthy. I think overall they were trying too hard to tell an "edgy" post-9/11 story with a thinly-veiled anti-government tone. And the references? Ugh. Way to make the story seem incredibly dated. Hulk goes on a rampage because of Freddie Prinz Jr? And that scene where they're all sitting around discussing who would play who in a movie? It's a bit hard to swallow.
Anyway, I just wanted to see what you all think about the series. Is it well-regarded in the Marvel community? Will it get better? I think I'm through issue 8 (where super edgy Matrix-style Hawkeye and Black Widow are first introduced). Is there somewhere else I can find a more delicately crafted story arc that is still sort of modern?
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2014.03.19 21:17 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: AMA with Billy Eichner, aka Billy on the Street!

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Date: 2014-03-19
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Questions Answers
Has anyone ever gotten physical during a bit? An old lady slapped me across the face when I used the phrase "blow job". I'm disgusting!!!
BILLY! if you were Bar Mitzvah'd, what was your theme? If you weren't, what would your theme be?! My theme was "Broadway meets Pop Music" cause i couldnt decide. My table was called "Madonna" and my parents table was called "Phantom of the Opera". I'm not kidding.
Russian President Putin and Crimean leaders signed an adoption treaty, but before parliament ratifies it I think they really need to know WOULD DREW BARRYMORE LIKE THAT? I love you, and I laugh myself to tears watching BOTS and Craig on Parks and Rec. You are THE BEST! Yes, I'm hoping to do Billy on the Street around the Kremlin sometime soon!!! Drew Barrymore HATES the Kremlin.
I love you on Parks and Rec. How has your experience been filming the show? Do you have more coming up? Also, this is my favorite tweet of all time. They are the best ensemble on TV I think. I was shocked to be asked to be on it and so honored and happy about the whole damn thing! It was intimidating at first but they could not be lovelier!!!
Hi Billy. Big fan of your show and your character on Parks and Recs. With Anne and Chris gone from Parks and Recs, are the writers looking to develop your character more? Possibly give you bigger story lines? Also how can you possibly gave a dollar to that woman who thought Denzel was in Phantom of the Opera? Thank You!! Craig is in the season finale working on some new things and interacting with a lot of different characters so we shall see!!! I'm having a blast doing it - thanks for watching!
How much are you obsessed with Amy Poehler? I mean...she is truly THE BEST. Everything you'd hope she'd be and so much more. And she is FUN.
What musical should Denzel Washington star in next? PIPPIN!!!
What do you think Meryl Streep is like in bed? Hot as fuck!
Also, I really hope Lorraine and Bruce are doing well. If they get married, you should officiate. One of my twitter followers said she saw Lorraine and Bruce on the subway! Im dying to see Bruce!!
What role will you be playing in the giver? Taylor Swift's acting coach and/or sheep herder.
Do you have people with you to catch people after you talk to them an have them sign a release? Yes.
Have you ever thought about doing standup or touring Billy on the Street live? Yes, I did live shows for years before I got busy with Billy and now Parks and Rec. I really want to tour - just have to find the time!!
Is twitter a force? You know it BITCH!
Do you plan on trying streets outside of NYC? YES!!!
What cities are you planning to come to? Hmmm...where do you think I should go?
How about SF??? YES!!!
Billy, is elena returning on season 3 ? YES - TONIGHT!!! She plays a game against Lena Dunham - and she's OVER THE TOP!!
Why not a wireless microphone? Not my style, babe. Deal with it!
I was in Barney's last weekend and saw Rashida Jones and while trying to do that LA-casual-ignore thing almost accidentally ran into a very pregnant Drew Barrymore. I assume you would have just burst into tears at this point? WHAT??? I'M SO JEALOUS!!!
For a Dollar: Revive 'Smash' or dinner with Meryl Streep? Revive Smash WITH Meryl Streep in the Christian Borle role.
Any hints on what celebrities will we see on BOTS this season? Also for a dollar: name a woman. Lena Dunham TONIGHT, next week Neil Patrick Harris and Lindsay Lohan, then Seth Meyers, Paul Rudd, Joel McHale, Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Sean Hayes, Patton Oswalt and more Olivia Wilde!
Billy do you think Drew Barrymore has shut up about True Detective since it premiered? Also is it basically the same as your twitter interactions when you are in the writer's room with Julie Klausner and Jake Fogelnest? Yes - Jake and Julie make me laugh more than anyone.
Who should have won the 2013 Daytime Emmy for outstanding game show host: Alex Trebek or Steve Harvey? Fuck You.
I remember reading an interview where you said you studied theater in college. So, my questions are theater (or theatre, if you’re into being highfalutin), questions: 1) What was your favorite role you ever played on stage? 2) What’s your favorite musical? Yes I was a theater major at Northwestern. Too many favorite roles and shows. Depends on my mood. Falsettos is a classic though. I'm looking forward to doing a play or musical again sometime soon...
Billy, for a dollar... Were you offered the role on Parks & Rec after the BOTS season 2 episode with Rasheeda Jones, or was that completely coincidental? I was offered the role last summer...I had fans among the Parks cast and creators I think...not sure exactly when they thought of me for it but I'm glad they did!
Do you think Elena is a redditor? God no. She doesnt have a computer and has a cell phone from 1998. I love her - she's back on the show TONIGHT!
Is reddit a force? Not like Twitter bitch!!!
What was your reaction when you found out that Kathie Lee Gifford followed you on twitter? Honestly it is a dream come true. Ive loved Kathie Lee forever.
I've read that your run on Parks is limited, but any chance of getting you back forever? Who do I need to talk to to make this happen? Okay, fine, you can give me Amy Poehler's direct phone number. We'll talk. Stay tuned...
Who are your comedy heroes? Martin Short, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Tina and Amy, Sandra Bernhard, Julie Klausner, Pee Wee Herman.
Is Justin Bieber the black Jaden Smith? Yuck.
BILLY! You're awesome. LA or NYC? In and Out or Shake Shack? Subway or driving? I'm a New Yorker - born and raised. I do enjoy LA though. I'm an old lady who likes nice weather.
If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career? Homeless.
People say I am the Craig of our office, but I think you are the me of Parks and Rec. How do you respond? Hahahaha...I'm a little scared for you!!
What was Debra Messing like to, err, run with? Debra was so game and such a good sport - we shot that in 90 degree weather in NY - she could've been a bitch but she was SO nice!
*Hey Billy, I’ve been a fan for years and I’m also a huge Madonna fan. I saw you during her last tour Tel Aviv in the Golden Triangle before the show started and also at Yankee Stadium. How did you get such a coup to be one part of the very limited US promotion she allowed for the show. Did you get to meet her any other time beside from when you ambushed her soundcheck at Yankee Stadium? Vogue Motherfucker! * Madonna was amazing!! We did not plan our interaction at Yankee Stadium at all and she was so funny and game and Rocco was great too!! I am truly a lifelong fan.
Have you seen Spock in The Glass Menagerie!? Do you care? I did - Zach was BRILLIANT. Hoping he wins the Tony! He is also one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I love him.
Do you have any plans to take BOTS on the road across America? Hmmm... :)
Billy! So happy to find you. I just wanted to thank you for bringing funny back! You had me crying the other day-how on earth did you get that woman to go to sleep on the street? Thank you for using your powers for funny. Thank You!!! Its an insane show and I love that you love it!!!
I binge watched every episode of billy on the street this week, can you please validate my life choices? You made the right call!
What advice would you give to aspiring comedians and/or someone looking to get into the television business? Be funny. Work your ass off. Don't be delusional. And get out there and do it!!!
Oh, and do you really think Queen Latifah is full of shit? If you tell me it's so, I'll believe you. Yes, I do. Although I liked her in Living Out Loud. She's a pioneer in a way but wants to have her cake and eat it too and thats not my thing.
Hi Billy! You're HILARIOUS! I absolutely love you and your show, Billy on the Street (and Parks and Rec too, of course)! How did you come up with the show/did you come up with the idea? It's so original and I love the fact that anyone can do it as well! How the hell does your camera crew keep up with you and not trip?! Does that ever happen? Why does everyone hate Anne Hathaway? My camera crew is beyond, beyond incredible. I dont know how they do it. I am so grateful - they are fearless.
What are your thoughts on Beyonce? I enjoy her - super talented - glad she's finding her edge.
Craig is a Samantha in the board room and a Miranda in the bedroom, but who is Billy? That line will be engraved on my tombstone. Ha...that is a GREAT line. They write incredibly funny things for me to say.
Who is the next Madonna? There is no "next Madonna". There are other great people but she was the first. You cant copy it and succeed.
Edit: Also, are Retta and Aziz as awesome to hang out with in person as they are as characters on the show? Loved you as an addition to the cast! They are both awesome and very chill and fun - thank you!!
Who's your biggest celebrity crush? Gonzo.
As someone with a talent and passion for yelling, do you have any tips for easing a sore throat? YELL MORE!!!
What is Mr. Singh up to these days? I picture that he is hunting Lindsey Lohan down. I wish i knew...i'm in love with mr. singh.
What makes you laugh?? Hmmm...a lot of people...Poehler and Fey, Rachel Dratch, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Sandra Bernhard, Julie Klaunser, Jake Fogelnest...list goes on and on...
Beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? Socks or barefoot? Boxers or briefs? Mani or pedi? Pick one of each. Beach, coffee or iced tea, socks, briefs, pedi.
Hugh jackman - man or myth? A myth in many ways, I think...
Scruff, Grindr, Growlr, Jack'd, manhunt, adam4adam, or abstinence club? All of the above and also Seamless Web.
Will Rob Kardashian ever turn his life around? No interest in those people whatsoever
Between Billy on the Street, Parks and Rec, and twitter you seem to have a pretty consistent personality. Are you always in character, or is that just who you are? Its a character that I developed in my live shows and eventually took outside for BOTS, and then it inspired the Parks and Rec writers to invent Craig. I'm not that way all the time, that would be CRAZY!!!
Do you have a tip on how to cope with having no cable (as of recently), therefore no Billy on the Street Season 3? I think I'm going crazy... I know, it sucks. I wish it was more accessible. Its not in my power unfortunately, but the entire season will be on iTunes in May and the first two season are there now!
I love your show!!! What are your top three favorite Meryl Streep films? Thats impossible to say. 3 performances that come to mind - Sophie's Choice, Kramer vs Kramer and Bridges of Madison County is a very underrated performance I think. And Devil Wears Prada. And Julie and Julia.
If Drew and Anne were in the same room together what would happen? They would fight till the death.
Hey Billy. I'm currently flying to Atlanta and my shuffle went from Beyoncé's "Partition" to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible." Is this an omen for the what is going to happen during the duration of my flight? Also, where did Freddie Prinze Jr. Go? These are very tough questions. robert palmer is dead, btw. have a nice trip.
Does Amy Poehler smell as nice as I think she does? You guys really wanna know how celebrities smell!!
What do you think of Jake Fogelnest/will you be on his podcast? Love Jake - he writes on my show and yes of course - anytime!
When will Meryl be a guest on the show?! I hope one day!!!
thing that comes to mind when I say BARBRA STREISAND?!?! Icon.
I'm still waiting. Can I have your friend the slut's phone number? Haahahahah - so glad you remember BROOKE!
Are Adele Dazeem and Denzel Washington the latest thing on broadway? Yes - they're doing Of Mice and Men.
Had any more wet dreams about Ray Orbison!?!? Don't listen to Julie! THE PUBLIC NEEDS DETAILS!!! Hahahahaha.
What do you like most about doing your show? That people like it!!
If you had to cast the remake of Annie, who would you have playing Annie, Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hannigan? Well not the new cast, I'll tell ya that much! Except for Bobby Cannavale who I love! Bobby should have played Annie!
Besides Sarah Silverman, how many uncut Jews do you know? Not a ton - but some!!!
Billy- Courtney Love claims to have found Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Why did it take her this long? SHE'S BUSY!!!
Hi Billy. If you were to have the REAL Philomena on your show, what game would you play? I would have to quiz the Real Philomena in the face, of course!
Billy, your show gives me so much joy! After a long, stupid, messy winter, laughing until I cry makes me so happy. Thank you so much! Here's my question - who benefited more from pre-internet fame: Baby Jessica or Ricky Schroder? Thank You!! I would love to do a Baby Jessica lightning round.
Billy was the Smash series finale gay enough or could it have been gayer? Nope, not gay enough.
When you're not doing your show and just walking around, do people ever run up to you and try to do bits? For a dollar! Name a Black person! Yup! A waitress last night asked me to name 3 white people. Not kidding.
Cats or dogs? Dogs. I'M VERY ALLERGIC TO CATS!
Billy, I absolutely love Billy On The Street, and was stoked to see you on Parks and Rec! What is your favorite response/reaction that you've gotten while doing BOTS? The guy from season 1 who had no teeth and loved glenn close. also elena. also mr singh. also lorraine. also the denzel/phantom lady. ugh there are SO many!!!
Is Bill Parker a good editor or a real son of a bitch? Are you intimidated by working with another tall coworker? He's a butthead.
Billy - what is Anne Hathaway is doing right now? ACTING UP A STORM I HOPE!
Billy, for a dollar will you please do my outgoing voice message? OK!
I love you and your show so much, I was lucky to go to the premire in ny . My question is when is Meryl going to be on? Hopefully one day!!!
Thoughts on the future of baby Arrow? I love that he's going to grow up and see that clip online forever!
What dorm(s) did you live in during your time at Northwestern? Lived in Bobb-Mcculloch freshman year than moved into at apt above Clarke's then an apt at Ridge and Davis!
What's your guilty pleasure? Hmmm...I really like morning talk shows. But I dont feel guilty about it TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH!
Will Mr. Singh ever come back for a cameo? He means business. God I hope so.
If you could go back in time where would you go? Studio 54.
Did you ever find out who farts more? Whoppi Goldberg or Blake Shelton? Whoopi.
Do you care about Spock? OF COURSE!
How do you still have your voice? Its a miracle.
How gay are you on a scale of 10 through 10? ;) Depends on the day :)
Billy -- who is going to win Dancing with the Stars this season??? Bruce Lee.
For a dollar, do you really hate Helen Hunt? Not really.
Orange juice or apple juice? GRAPEFRUIT!!!
BILLY! Why is you always just runnin' round dat Flatiron Building? Speaking of which, can you flatiron my weave sometime? Hahahahaha
Did you get weird in Austin at SXSW? Yup!
In the scene when you were adoring Ron's baby, was there a real baby in the buggy? SO PRECIOUS! Yes!
Billy! We love you over here. I especially loved the "Glitter & Ribs" Taylor Swift song you did. Any plans to do more like that? A whole album? Yes!!
When you're out and about, do fans walk up to you and ask random questions? Sometimes!
Innie or outtie? Innie!
Sir, SIRRR? Angelina Jolie or Demi Moore? Hmmm...thats hard. I'm the mood for a Demi Moore comeback so lets say Demi Moore.
I worked for Fuse for a few years. While I enjoyed your show, I have never worked for a company that cared so little about their employees. I wish you success Billy, but man...fuck Fuse. Wow.
True or False: if Kelly Clarkson and Rachael Ray met for lunch, they'd go to a Cheesecake Factory. DEFINITELY. And they'd order the avocado egg rolls. AS ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD!
I am appreciating the way you write the same way you talk when you host. IT'S AMAZING!!! :)
Who was one celebrity that when you met you were absolutely star struck. Also, Does P!nk smell like roses and bubblegum; as I imagine she does in my dreams. Madonna, Meryl, Pink...Pink is so down to earth and fantastic, she's the best.
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2013.09.19 20:06 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm comedian Kevin Pollak and I'm in the middle of directing a documentary about famous funny fuckers called Misery Loves Comedy. AMA!

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Date: 2013-09-19
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
On the set of Grumpy Old Men who was funnier Walter Matthau or Jack Lemmon? Matthau. He said on the sequel, when he met Sophia Loren for the very first time, "Great to meet you, love to eat you."
Did I just see you in an Eastern Motors commercial? WTF was that? Yeah. Everyone's got a number. Mine is ridiculous. They said yes.
What movie/project do you regret doing the most? Which one was your favorite? I said yes to a movie called Juwanna Mann with Will Smith as the lead. When I started the movie, Will Smith was no longer the lead. That sucked pretty hard.
Which single comedian do you really dislike (as a person). As a follow up, which comedian do you just find not funny at all? Ann Coulter. That bitch rarely makes me laugh.
Hello, Mr. Pollak! Thanks for doing this! I don't have a question sir, but I am donating $5 to your Kickstarter because of this gem: "Fuck your father in the shower and then have a snack? Are you going to charge me dickhead?" Best of luck and take care! You are my hero. Everyone else can suck it.
What's the most fun you have ever had on a movie? You really have a great ,A list ,group of films to choose from! The Usual Suspects. When I met Stephen Baldwin, he was wearing leather pants. He hadn't arrived on a motorcycle...or a horse. He was just wearing leather pants.
Did you ever have the privilege of meeting/talking to/sucking the dick of George Carlin? If so, was it pre- or post-mortem? I met him in a hotel elevator. I told him he was a hero and he acknowledged me as a stand-up, but was much more impressed with me as an actor. It didn't come up, but I probably would have given him a handy.
How hard was it to understand Benecio Del Toro on the usual suspects? I still have a hard time, every time I watch it. In the lockup scene, when my character says "What the fuck did he just say?", I wasn't acting and the director chose to leave it in the film. Not kidding.
My dad went to school with you. He made the whole family watch willow when I was a kid just to tell us that he knew you. Oh and that you were one of the funniest guys in high school. I still fucking love willow... Edit: How awesome is Lewis Black to talk to? Weird, because I think your dad beat me up. Once. And Lewis Black is by far one of my favorites thus far. Genius.
If you had imitate one of the following for a full week, Arkin, Walken or Shatner, who would you choose? In my opinion, all Shatner imitations are imitations of your Shatner! Walken. I could dance in those shoes and no other shoes for a couple of months...before they take me away. If you're in LA, I'll be doing a live, on-stage recording of my podcast (where I ramble as Christopher Walken for an hour...also available on iTunes...) "The talkin' Walkin'" at the Westside comedy theater. Say "Pollak sucks" at the box office...
Did they use real money on the Million Dollar Money Drop? Yes they did. I tried to steal some. It was harder than I thought.
In your opinion, who's a better impressionist? You or Spacey? Spacey's impression of William Hurt is one of the best I've ever heard. Ever. But his Christopher Walken sucks so bad it makes me cry and pee at the same time.
Why do you think comedians are miserable? We've interviewed over 20 so far. The answer seems to be this: Everyone is miserable. Only a few of us have turned it in to a profession.
Who do you think is the funniest "New" comedian? I just interviewed him actually. Kumial Nanjini.
What is your favorite Christopher Walken SNL skit? The Continental by far.
Making this documentary, and talking to so many comedians, what are some interesting things you've learned that you can share with us? Whether it be about the process of making the documentary, or something about stand up comedy that you weren't aware of before. We've filmed over 25 hours with over 20 comedians thus far. One of the most surprising things was Freddy Prinze Jr. talking about his father on camera for the very first time...he was absolutely hilarious while doing so.
Are there any actors you've worked with that are secretly hilarious, but aren't publicly known for it? Gabriel Byrne.
You were the voice of Mr. Bell on the early episodes of The Drew Carey Show?!?!?! The ENTIRE first season! Yes, I was. Thank you. Craig Ferguson owes me his career. It was really fun walking out on stage and letting the audience see me for the first time to see Mr. Bell was really fun.
Kevin! When are you anticipating releasing 'Misery Loves Company'? How wide will the release be? The plan is a feature-film documentary, which usually means festivals. I'm gonna end up with about eighty hours of film. Two-time academy award winner Robert Logato is editing with me and so far his only advice is "Don't rush this one."
What is your favourite movie character? One that you've played, and one that you wish you'd played? Walter Emerson from Deterrence...which nobody saw. I've always wanted to play the real-life story of Houdini.
Kevin, what was it like working with James Woods on "Shark"? Also, did you try to hit on Jeri Ryan (and if so, how did it go?) Woods is a genius. If you don't believe me, ask him. I had dreams about Jeri Ryan...the one that got away.
I loved you in The Whole Nine Yards. How much fun was it to work on that movie, considering the amazing cast? I imagine much joking around happened off camera. Also, "Don't be-long" has stuck with me forever, and everytime I hear somebody say it, that phrase immediately springs to mind. One of the best times ever. Matthew Perry gave me "Don't be-long" to try on the seventh take and it has been quoted back to me more than anything I've ever said in a movie. Michael Clark Duncan, although he sadly died far too young, was a complete and total dick.
Are there any impersonations that can't do for whatever reasons? There's always a bunch that you'll never get no matter how hard you try.
Hey Kev! What's the single greatest advice you've heard offered that relates to the profession of writing, by any of the really talented people you've interviewed on KPCS? The Dan Harmon and Damon Lindelof interviews were great by the way, really insightful! You just have to do it... and then do it again 10,000 more times.
Kevin F'n Pollack, the man, the myth, the original "That Guy! From That Thing!" I'm an aspiring voice actor [apparently not all that I'm cracked up to be], and I know you are one of the Kings of Impressions. What advice can you give to those out there looking for work both as original as well as impression voice acting jobs out there? Just don't get frustrated by rejection. Never give up and you'll be fine.
Would you rather win the WSOP main event or an oscar? WSOP main event.
Kevin. Great to see your AMA going well. Thanks for the memories. What is your heritage? You always play different roles with awesome accents, and I've always wondered where your family is actually from? My parents were first generation Americans. My dad's father is from Russia, my mom's father is from England.
KPCS no longer downloads to TiVo. Why? They fucked us. You can get it with Apple TV or Roku...or!
How long do you think it will take for the internet to replace traditional television and film as a vehicle for content distribution? Do you think consumer demand for Video On Demand will outpace Hollywood's transition into monetizing the internet and if so, what will be the consequences of that? Finally, how are you doing? Is life treatin' ya well? It's cut in to the numbers faster than people thought it would. The networks are posting download numbers and piracy internet numbers. The end is imminent but still not near.
Thanks for the AMA! How did you end up with such a great sidekick for your podcast as Samm "The Ma'am" Levine (AKA Lil' Wolverine)? I begged and then offered to pay him nothing.
Years ago I wrote a piece entitled KEVIN POLLAK IS A NATIONAL TREASURE for a website. Sadly, it doesn't look like it's still out there in ether. Regardless, the human race should really appreciate you more. My question: I'm headed to Vegas this weekend. Should I bet on black? Always bet on black baby. Oh wait... That's what Samuel L. Jackson says. Fuck him. Bet on red.
SLOBBO! I noticed you listed your profession as "comedian" and not "actor." Is that because you still feel like a fraud on a movie set or do you truly prefer stand up? You are correct. It's because I still feel like a fraud. I started as a stand-up comedian with no formal training. I will always prefer stand-up comedy.
So many comedians get their inspiration from the mundane, sad or dramatic. As a would-be writer, I can relate. I feel more inspired when I'm not 100 percent happy with my life. Do you think happiness or contentment is comedy kryptonite? Do you think happy writers/comedians exist? Happy writers/comedians do exist, but only towards the end of their lives. And yes, it can be kryptonite for most.
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized christopher walkens or 1 christopher walken sized duck? The 100 duck-sized Christopher Walken's because that is a hilarious visual vs. one GIANT-ASS fucking duck.
Is it easier or harder to make a living as a comedian today? It seems like it's easier to find stage time in more cities than ever, which is the only way you'll get the chance to make a living. So I'd say easier.
Loved your stand-up special on Netflix. When has one of your impressions landed you in hot water? Action hero from the 90's, Jeff Speakman.
Hi from Liverpool UK, Kevin. :D. Now you're directing, who would be your ideal cast, and where would the location be? Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones. Trying to get her to star in my next film which I would love to shoot in my home town of San Francisco, or my grandfather's hometown outside of London.
Are there going to be any highlighted Internationally Famous Funny Fuckers? Other than European countries? I certainly hope so. Got anybody in mind?
What's the biggest amount of bullshit you have to deal with as a director? None yet. Fingers crossed...I'm sure it's coming.
Can you hit us with a text-based entry into the Larry King game? The impression won't come through, but I think we'd all appreciate that the spirit of the thing remains. Dana Gould and Dana Carvey.
Is this your worst "bad beat"? I've been playing since I was 10. I have a life full of them.
Any chance you'll be touring through the Midwest anytime soon? Workin' on this documentary through the end of the year. More dates comin. Be there, see ya soon.
3 times. Hey fucker...knock it off. It's only twice.
Love you on o&a. But what do you have against broadcasting legend primetime sam roberts. I hear there is tension. There's no tension. I love o&a and Jimmy, I just can't stand the fucking sound of Sam Roberts' voice. O&A and Jimmy are both in the documentary I'm filming. They talk about it for about 15 minutes and it's fucking amazing.
Boss Vic Koss is an asshole! He certainly is. Nice fucking comb-over, jack off.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the laughs and fantastic parts you've played. means a lot. Finally. I've been waiting to hear from you, you son of a bitch. You're the one.
Hi Kevin. Just wanted to say that you were hilarious when I saw you in San Fran in April and that our group appreciated you taking the time to take pictures with us all after the show. Also, I'm sorry my Grandma grabbed your ass. Pretty sure that was your grandpa.
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2012.11.05 20:28 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander, Freelancer and the upcoming Star Citizen. AMA.

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How big of a role is inertia going to play in this game? I'm not talking about surface level stuff like "big ship moves slower," I'm talking about digging deep into the physics engine. For example: Are long, skinny ships going to able to barrel roll quickly, but flip end for end much slower? Is there going to be an inertial dampening system that we could purchase and/or upgrade to mitigate these effects? Are ships like the fighter shown in many of the demos with that massive wing on the right side going to have flight characteristics commensurate with such a design, like an offset center of gravity? Real inertia is used for all the calculations - the ship's computer is calculating the needed thrust based on the ship's current moment of inertia - which is re-calculated anytime the ship has a part added or taken away. So yes longer skinnier ships should roll quicker (assuming the same powered maneuvering thrusters) I think its less about a dampening system and more about your engine / thruster ratings and modifications. There will probably be some kind of dampening system for G-Forces though (I know there isn't gravity in space - G-Force is just a good short hand way of referring to the forces exerted on the pilot by violent maneuvers) Yes. The Vanduul fighter actually needed specific balancing and placement of the maneuvering jets as when we first brought her into the engine she was like a NASCAR - always pulling to one side :-)
I take it there will be a full range of gear able to be purchased without the need of having citizenship, but will there be gear specifically for citizens? Quoted Answer: There will be some stuff that only citizens can buy. There is also likely to be some stuff that is only sold to people on the wrong side of the law too! If there is citizen specific gear, will there be multiple tiers of citizenship (higher tiers for better gear)? Quoted Answer: Haven't considered this, but likely yes - think of it like a security clearance - the higher the clearance the more juicy stuff you are allowed to see Again, if so, will there be a Black Market for pirates or people wanting to buy higher gear than they can buy legally? This could really help towards making altercations between citizens and outlaws more interesting. Quoted Answer: Yes - this is definitely part of the plan. Again if above is true, if a citizen buys gear higher than his tier, how will secured citizen space react to this? IE, if scanned by patrol you are told you have gear equipped you are not authorized to have. If say, you have gear thats 1 tier above yours, will the patrol let you off with a warning? If 2 tiers higher, will you pay a fine? If 3 or more tiers, will you have it confiscated? If you don't have citizenship at all, might it be confiscated regardless (unless you fight and run away to freedom) Obviously if you're freespace (no security), your free to do as you wish. How might this mechanic work? Quoted Answer: I don't think their will be a penalty for this. It's just going to cost you more if you've bought it on the black market. There could be some repercussions for having a Citizen Friend of Foe transmitter when you're not a Citizen or Pirate however Will there be citizen specific ships? (obviously pledge ships won't have citizen requirements) Quoted Answer: Not decided yet, but probably. There will also be Pirate specific ships. Will there be more than one faction/Corporation/government to which you can earn citizenship to or will there only be the one faction? Quoted Answer: Citizenship is earned in the UEE - so its not tied to a faction or corp. If there is more than one faction, can you earn and hold more than one citizenship at the same time? Or can you only choose one and have to stick with it? Unless there's a way to strip your citizenship; Is there? Quoted Answer: See above If you don't have citizenship, will you have restrictions to what systems you are allowed to access? Quoted Answer: Citizenship wont restrict system access - it may affect the protection you will get and the missions you are offered - and perhaps a few location s you can or can not access on a planet. If so, if you made some mistakes through your career that resulted in you earning a bad record, will there be a way to clear your record? (ie. similar to the way freelancer did it) Quoted Answer: Yes, you can work to clean your record - there will be opportunity for bribes, "community" service and so on I understand you will have derelict bases for capture hidden around, but I was wondering if it would be possible to build your own starbases. IE I set a custom nav point in a system and fly to (somewhere off the beaten path) and I want to build a base of operations for my group/squadron.. Would this be possible or would I be confined to trying take over someone else's base or find an undiscovered one (if one even exists that hasn't already been found and inhabited)? There will be some stuff that only citizens can buy. There is also likely to be some stuff that is only sold to people on the wrong side of the law too! 4.I don't think their will be a penalty for this. It's just going to cost you more if you've bought it on the black market. There could be some repercussions for having a Citizen Friend of Foe transmitter when you're not a Citizen or Pirate however. Not decided yet, but probably. There will also be Pirate specific ships. Yes, you can work to clean your record - there will be opportunity for bribes, "community" service and so on.
Will there be a criminal record system that will affect how the universe and empire reacts to you? Quoted Answer: Most definitely Haven't considered this, but likely yes - think of it like a security clearance - the higher the clearance the more juicy stuff you are allowed to see.
3.Yes - this is definitely part of the plan.
Citizenship wont restrict system access - it may affect the protection you will get and the missions you are offered - and perhaps a few location s you can or can not access on a planet.
Citizenship is earned in the UEE - so its not tied to a faction or corp.
Can you list all the scenarios in which backers will receive the Electro Skin? Many people are confused as to whether they'll receive it automatically if they pledge on both the RSI site and Kickstarter, or whether such backers will still need to get the $5 digital add-on. Will pledge ships and items be transferable in the game? Take for instance, a backer who chooses both a Mercenary tier on Kickstarter as well as on the RSI site. If they give the second copy of the game to someone, will they still be able to keep both Aurora ships and the combined 2000 credits for themselves on the one account? What factors affect maneuverability and speed? Regardless of other factors, does lower ship weight mean faster speeds and greater mobility? The Origin 300i has more thrusters than the Hornet but of a lower level; would it be correct to say then that the 300i would be more agile, but slower? You need to buy the skin either on KS or the RSI site to get it. Originally the skin was added so RSI backers could support the KS in a cheap way, but then all the KS folks (Or people that couldn't use KS) wanted to get the skin too, so we added it to the RSI site.
Does getting the Citizen Card pledge rewards mean that when the game comes out, owners of such cards will be granted instant citizenship? You will be able to transfer ships and money in game (for a small in game title fee) and we will enable you to "gift" a copy of the game (no title fee- that's for something you've flown). We're figuring out how best to do gifting right now as that's a big request. You'll still have to earn the status in-game via Squadron 42 or SC gameplay. Think of the card like a physical preview of what you'll be earning in game. Plus we're going to use it for fun things like entrance to special fan events etc at places like Gamescon or PAX.
That's not fully balanced yet, so its a little hard to say - I wouldn't say the 300i would be more maneuverable though - the Hornet is derived from a military dogfighter. The 300i, if light enough maybe able to outrun though.
What are your overall thoughts on the Wing Commander movie (the Freddie Prinz Jr. one)? Were you forced to compromise too many things to get it done? I enjoyed the movie, but it didn't feel like a "true" Wing Commander movie to me. Thanks for your time. 3) We had a ridiculously short pre-production timeline. The movie wasn't greenlit until December and we were in production towards the end of February - we basically had under 3 months of pre-production, which for a complicated sci-fi movie is way too short. Most films like this have 6 months, some much longer. Its why the Kilrathi and a lot of other stuff ended up being cut - we didn't get to test / work them out in pre-production, so we had to rely on what we got - and a lot of it just didn't work. Originally we had more time but when Fox signed the deal to distribute the next three Star Wars films from Lucas, they insisted that we deliver before SW Ep 1 so they could release before hand. So we were given a 1998 Dec delivery date. Given the time needed for the VFX we had to move up the shoot date. 4) I gave into some of the studio's casting choices. In the same situation I would not. They were very keen to bring in all the young horror fans that were seeing movies like Scream and I know what you did Last Summer - but that really wasn't the Wing Commander audience.
How similar (or different) are the control for this going to be compared to something such as Freelancer? Barrel rolls would be the best example (say 'Q' is bound to roll counter-clockwise); if I let go of 'Q', is the ship going to automatically point and "thrust" the thrusters in a manner that will stop my ship from rolling as quickly as possible (based on ship mass, speed the thrusters can turn, and the force the thrusters can output), or am I going to have to use 'E' (say it is roll clockwise) to get myself out of the roll. Will be be able to "cut thrust" (like in Freelancer) and spin the ship so we're still projecting along the same path but can "fly backwards" and blast an enemy that's following us? I think the Freelancer method will be in the direction of what will be in Star Citizen - there's a flight control system that tries to get you back to your default status (moving at a set speed in your orientation), but you can override this for special maneuvers if you want.
Ideally I'd like to see a system similar to MechWarrior, where each component / modules carries a weight + slots space requirement within the hull of the ship. It does. Have you not checked out the early ship's design overview at Link to
Are planets/moons gonna play any factor in the game? Do they work like stations? or are they just there for eyecandy? You wont be able to seamlessly land on a planet from free flight (but we will have a nice in engine cinematic that feels fairly seamless).
Is seamlessly landing on planets a feature that might come along down the road? (I'm guessing no. But hey! The more immersion the better.) Planets are really your "save" points and where you go to trade, upgrade your ship and get missions / hear gossip of profitable trade runs or pirating opportunities.
How is exploration going to be handled with the auto-pilot system? In order to set something as your destination, wouldn't you have to know that it was there? Or are there probes that you can send out to locate unmapped stuff in a system? The exploration part starts in known places / locations. As an example using something from the games lore, you would be able to navigate to the area of space called the Neso triangle. After some flying around / scanning you may find a gravitational anomaly. On further investigation you would realize its an uncharted jump point, which you could then try to navigate. If you do, then on your nav map that jump will now become a proper location...
There has been information regarding about following the physics and flight dynamics. One thing I haven’t seen, maybe I missed it, is talk of acceleration G-forces. While at a high speed in space you would feel nothing, but while accelerating to that high speed pilots would experience wild g-forces. Are things like blackouts or narrowing of vision during high G maneuvers something that you are looking at? Or is there some piece of technology in the ‘Universe’ which negates that effect? If Yes on the technology aspect, could that be something damageable and therefore disabling during dogfights? In science fiction there are some obvious areas where inspiration comes from, I believe you have mentioned that you were hooked after seeing Star Wars. Are there any more places that you have taken inspiration from recently?, Books, Movies, Anything else? I just finished reading Leviathan Wakes by James SA Corey, it was great and made me want your game even more. I figure these might be good outlets while we wait for SC/Sq42. 3. The Oculus Rift being supported by your game is a huge plus for me. I see it as taking PC gaming to a next level. How do you see new technology like the Rift or the Razer Hydra influencing the coming renaissance of PC Gaming. Are there any other types of tech advancements in player control or immersion that you thing would benefit Star Citizen and other future games, what is your “grail peripheral”? G-Forces are definitely part of the plan (I mentioned this in an earlier answer), so you'll have to maneuver within these human limits. There will be upgrades you can buy that can dampen these effects to allow you to pull more Gs I'm completely into immersion, so the idea of playing this game while wearing a Rift, using a high end HOTAS set up and a Leap to track your finger movements for your pilots actions in the rest of the cockpit, and HUD interactions.
I answer this in an earlier answer! But check out the Forever War by Joe Haldeman - it was one of the inspirations for Wing Commander.
Hello Chris! I have several questions I wish to ask, and hope that you still have the time to answer them. This is a lot of questions! I'll answer a few ones, but I need to run soon and this is abut one hour min of answers!
A1: Not included in the ‘Upgrade Modules’ section is the ability to change or add to your ship’s wings or fins. Will these be added, for if you wanted a slightly different look on your ship? A2: Can some modules completely change the feel of the ship? (For example, taking the Fighter Bay on the RSI constellation and making it into a largesecondary Cargo Hold, to create a big Freighter? Or alternatively, make the original Cargo hold into a secondary Fighter Bay to allow 2 fighters on your ship, or maybe 1 bigger fighter?) A3: With Cargo Holds, for players flying freighters and they happen to get caught by pirates, could players use their cargo hold as an advantage against pirates? Will emptied cargo act like a barrier? Ex: If you shoot/fly through the cargo, could some bits of the cargo become damaged or destroyed? Could you release timed bombs/mines with your cargo as a trap for pirates? A4: (Not just nose art and kill count) How customizable can we make the look of our ship? Can we recolor ships? Add extra Decals on ships? Change the color of our engine and thruster burn? Change the tint color of the cockpit windows? Change the color of weapon beams? A5: How hard will it be to have a modded space ship greenlit by RSI? Will modders have to submit a full 3d model and inner-workings to the Par of the ships you guys are creating, or will modders be able to just submit concept art and/or idea sheets? Will there be some sort of voting system so the community could also influence the greenlight process? Maybe even do weekly/monthly contests for player-created ships to see what will be put into the game next? An example using all of the stealth mechanics as described: A squadron of fighters hides on asteroids with their ships disabled, a few gunboats cloud themselves in a camouflage field rendering themselves invisible, and lastly the large Bengal-class carrier fakes itself as a large trade-train, which is pure bait for pirates. Pirates come, and the entire squadron attacks as the pirates get in range, the squadron then kills/arrests all of the pirates who show up and the ambush is successful, netting the squadron several pirates to lock away and keep out of trade-space. (These are missions (Contracts/Jobs) that are offered from NPCs in the persistent world to allow the player to earn credits… These are not Singleplayer ‘missions’.) C2: Will you have NPC-run contacts that involve killing Players? (A bounty system? This includes an alternative for Pirates to kill Law Enforcement/Civilians/Traders.) C4: Will there be trading contracts (you deliver a VIP to a jail station), or contracts that have you escort trader NPCs? Mining operations? Retrieval of alien artifacts? Boarding and capturing an enemy carrier or space station (this would obviously require a larger group)? D1: How many factions will exist in the game, and will you be able to join all of them? D2: Will players be able to join or ally with the Aliens (maybe even the Vanduul)? D4: If you have enough reputation for a faction, can you join allegiance for said faction? Will there be a ranking system once joined with the faction? (An example is you join the UEE Navy and it shows that you’re a Colonel for the faction.) D5: When joining a faction, will your in-game Citizen Card reflect your allegiance? Will your ship signature also reflect what faction you’re sided with? D6: How will Pirate/SmuggleHostile factions work? Will these factions also be against each other at times? D7: Will there be dynamically contested territories that factions can fight over? Will there be bases/planets/space stations that can be captured for a faction (not for yourself/squadron)? Can you capture an entire system for your faction? D8: Assuming you have a good reputation for a certain faction and enough money to do so, can a player potentially hire NPCs such as Escorts to help a trader get through a system, or an alternative is hire/be hired by a Tradeship/Miner NPC whilst you escort/protect them and their hull? A1: There sill some addons along these lines a cool extra fin etc. Not for every ship but for some. A3: You could dump your cargo and you will be bale to blast it. Planting a mine to sabotage a Pirate is a good idea! A4: You will be able to use decals and change the color of certain sections. You wont be able to do a completely custom paint job fro texture memory reasons (even on a high end PC) A5: The basic idea would be to submit a modeled ship that conforms to the specs that we publish. We could also run a competition for cool designs which we'll build. Both would use some kind of community green-light competition.
Could you tell us more about just how much there is in a single star system? Are there multiple distinct locations you can travel between (and how would you do that), or is it one very large area you can travel through freely with interesting features in different parts? If the system is very large, are there fast-travel mechanics besides jump points? There will be multiple locations inside one star system - each planet will be a location, jump points will be locations, and various other space areas / landmarks like asteroid fields, nebulas, etc.
We probably wont let you / be able to have this all in one continuous area as with the distances involved we will have some serious scale issues and floating point problems to overcome. Currently its set up that each one of these locations is its own space level / instance and they are linked by a higher level system map.
Plus it would be quiet boring to fly between them in real time.
I'm not ruling out a system that allows all this on the same map - but its not likely given the real world scales we are going for. We may do something that lets you fly in a direction and then after a while just streams in the new location though...
Hi Chris, so looking forward to SC. In your videos you use an Xbox Controller do you favour that over a Joystick? Not necessarily. Its just much easier traveling with a gamepad!
You could use a joystick and mouse and / or keyboard for look...
Coolest will be something like the Rift + HOTAS + Leap.
2) If push comes to shove and you have to cut some features, what would be the first on the chopping block? There will be some features that will not make it as I'm sure some of my ideas wont work out once we start testing them with real users, and there will be some I haven't talked about will be in the game that everyone will wonder how we could have ever conceived not having.
I gotta ask. This undertaking seems overwhelming for a game team lately. Do you plan to achieve all these goals on day one? Or are some of them going to get phased in? If so, which ones? Thanks again, very looking forward to this. It is a lot to do, but the advantage of being online and digital is that you don't need everything done on day 1 - its why we have staged things like a pure dogfighting MP alpha in 12 months, a Sq 42 SP play through Beta in 18-20 months and the Beta of the persistent universe in 20-24 months. My goal is to get things up and running and be constantly adding and improving while listening closely to the community.
Considering the unexpected (to me, at least) high percentage of players that are interested in exploration (28%), what changes are you making to your plans on ensuring that exploration is a rewarding and sustainable career in SC? We probably should have let people chose multiple choices as that's what the game lets you do, as I suspect its not just about exploration.
But I think we'll do the obvious things like the discovery of jump points / systems, but also having hidden locations / items inside systems - maybe in an asteroid field, maybe cloaked in a nebula - that people can search for.
And if and when we add a new alien race beyond the already established ones, we could let first contact go to the person that first arrives in that system
off, congratulations on the success of your campaign, I can't wait to try the game. Question: We've all seen the amazing things Cryengine has allowed you to do graphically, but what engine related limitations have you run in to, and how have/will you mitigate these issues? Biggest issue with CryEngine - and pretty much all available AAA engines - if the scale / size issue of space. Most engines are built for FPS action on maps that are just a few km in size. Star Citizen covers a much larger area, even in one battle instance. So we needed expand the coordinate system so floating point imprecision doesn't become a factor at bigger distances away from the origin.
Please make sure CryEngine is properly optimized for SLI and Crossfire, as well as Multi-Cores GPU and CPU. That's my major concern. Don't worry it will be! Its a major focus for me (as I develop on a Intel 3960x hexacore OC with GTX680SLI)
Will Star Citizen have Linux/Mac ports or just Windows only? It depends on Crytek and having the engine support OpenGL as well as DirectX. There may be some good news int he near future as we've discussed it with Crytek and they themselves want to address this.
Could you expand on the "skill" criteria? Generally "skill-based" match making is extremely easy to exploit and abuse, not to mention the incentive to do poorly or make yourself seem weak so as to only run into weak opposition, thus avoiding any real threat or danger. Hi Spork! Its too early to be specific as its a general concept and of course there will be people that game any kind of system. Its one of the biggest things we intend to work out during the dogfighting multiplayer alpha - we'll have some ideas, but we're going to see how all of you in the community feel about it and how to make it better. I'm sure whatever system that we all come up with together will have some flaws but we'll try our best (with all your input) to make it about as fair as you can.
Say I am a law-abiding citizen, but today I see the opportunity to raid several Empire ships and steal their prescious cargo - I know their coordinates and follow them, however as the system never "matches" me in a fight with them, I have no real chance of attacking... Furthermore, will players not participating in a battle be able to see other battles? If there is a limit of 100 places what will prevent players who are hovering by from entering other battles? Well if you tag the ships, the system will know you want a fight with them and will enable that. But I should clear one thing up - there is not going to be one instance of a massive star system that all players exist in in real-time 3D. No one can do this - not even Eve, which has a lower fidelity of data needed for the ship positions / actions. The game will try its best to put friends and other ships of interest in the same dynamic instance - every space area - say orbiting a planet, an asteroid field, an ambush point etc. has only so many slots for live players - it is dynamically dropping people in and out of these instances based on their allegiances, specified interest / factions and skill level.
Players will also not have the ability to specify an exact random location in space. They can navigate to known locations, or tag a ship they want to track or ambush (say you're in orbit around a planet, or you spot the pilot down on the planet).
You said: Players will also not have the ability to specify an exact random location in space. So you can't park yourself in space along the route from planet A to planet B to attempt to ambush anyone? You can go specified locations on your nav map - so an asteroid field to ambush someone is fine. You just cant tell your friends lets meet at space location X:292926,Y:1002822, Z:-238383.
Damn. I was kinda hoping you could have your friends meet you in an empty part of space to hand off cargo that you are attempting to smuggle somewhere, for example. Definitely not a deal-breaker though. You should be able to this - your friends can join you in you instance by warping in (assuming there are enough slots left, but we always reserve some slots for friends)
Suppose you arrange to meet someone at some popular location and, for some reason, you wind up in separate instances. It sounds like your system for dynamically assigning players to instance is supposed to handle this, but let's imagine it fails to account for some corner case. Do you envision some way for individual players to sync up with each other (one joins the other's instance, for example)? Well I'm deliberately trying to avoid the BF3 issue - its why we reserve slots in all instanced for "friends". You should also be able to tag people you want to stick with - the game will automatically assume its your friend list (unless you have 5000 :-) ) and some other players based on proximity, or allegiance, You should also be able to reach out to people via a username search.
What I'm getting at is this: if there is ever some situation where two players want to get together and can't without resorting to some workaround, they will be upset. (I'm looking at you, Battlefield 3) There will be some cases where this breaks as there will be a top end limit, but as long as you don't want to hang out with 100+ of your closest friends it should be ok.
Hi Chris! Just wanted to say thank you for giving me years and years of great entertainment. Wing Commander is one of my all-time favorite series. I can’t count the number of times I’ve played through each one. We had a lot of fun filming the FMV scenes for WC3 , WC4 - all the actors were really great people - and people like Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys Davies, Tom Wilson and Mark Hamill had awesome tales from some making some of the biggest movies ever. A lot of it isn't really for public consumption - especially Malcolm's Caligula or Clockwork Orange stories! Malcolm did like to "punk" Mark by trying to get him to laugh when he was feeding him lines from off camera. And Tom Wilson is one seriously funny (and nice) guy!
Can you share any stories from the set of Wing Commander 3 and 4? The cast was full of awesome actors and I’m sure you have some great stories about them. The main narrative story will be the Squadron 32 one, so it will be more in the lines of Wing Commander. Once you've finished this and are out int he Star Citizen universe the story approach is a little different. There isn't going to be one over arching story - just a lot of micro stories / mission threads spread around the galaxy that you can engage in if you like. We'll be managing the bigger universe events as the galactic puppet masters.
In reference to Star Citizen, what will the single player story line entail? Will it be closer to Freelancer (i.e single character exploring the galaxy) or closer to Wing Commander (ensemble cast of interesting characters)? In the future however there may be a non military style SP / MP co-op campaign...
Can you expand on the cockpit decorations at the $3.5m stretch goal? Bobbleheads and dinosaurs don't really interest me that much, but I'd like to be able to tuck a picture of the family into one of the instruments or something. Also, does this include things like nose art? Its for in game flare - and it will include nose art and the like.
I know a lot of people don't think this is a "big" stretch goal, but there's a lot of systems work that goes into supporting player items / flare - especially in handling it for all the potential millions of players...
Hi Chris, again thanks for doing this game! What are you going to do to make sure that players like me, who don't want to be too much influenced my online play, be happy with the game? There will areas that the persistent server stacks more to NPC encounters (PvE) than PvP. You'll gain greater reputation by negotiating the tougher areas though, which will be more towards PvP.
I'm also considering letting players set a rating on their willingness for PvP, if they want / like PvP and want to move up the leader boards the persistent universe server will match them against real people much more, but if you don't it will be more NPCs.
Will there be Mechanics to specially draw a specific Pilot in a Battle Instance we want to fight? Maybe a rich trader who just bought a lot of High Tech merchandise we wanted to buy and it was the only sell order and now we want to take it by force? Yes - you should be able to tag persons of interest on a planet or in orbit and the game match makes you into an instance when you can ambush. Maybe you get sold a Merchant's trade route, allowing you to lie in wait and ambush him/her.
Hey Chris, modeler here. Can you provide some input about the cryengine 3 license you're using? Since the free SDK isn't as open as it seems, I'll like know how did you manage to get such level of modifications on the engine. Its a full source code license and we're modified a lot of code that you don't have access to on the Free SDK - including some low level rendering engine stuff (a lot of this is needed for the scale of vehicles / objects and differences needed in the physics for such big distances / scales)
Also: Are you using full DirectX 11 capabilities? Yes, we're using full DirectX11 capabilities and will be working with nVidia and AMD to push the GPUs as much as possible.
I was looking at the ship information and noticed that the Hornet says "Crew (max): 1" but has 2x Class 4 Hardpoints. Wouldn't that mean the max potential crew should be 3? (The Freelancer has a max of 2 crew due to it's 1 Class 4 hardpoint I thought) Not all turrets can be manned by players. So in the case of the Hornet the two turrets are controlled by the pilot via his look, similar to how the Apache Attach Helicopter does it.
Hi Chris, couldn't people potentially use the pledge ships as renewable source of ships to crash into other ships (kamikaze)? Would there be something that protects ships against collisions? I think that would be a waste of a pledgers time - you're not going to respawn right where you had your ship destroyed. You're going to end up on the nearest safe base / planet after being picked up. You'll have lost your cargo and upgrades. It will be like a car accident - you may have insurance but its always a pain even if the accident wasn't your fault.
Also on the bigger ships, if you focus damage on the bridge couldn't you effectively kill the essential crew quickly? On the bigger ships this could be a tactic to take them out / disable them.
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