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Best vashikaran specialist in Delhi for problem solutions - +91 9776190123
Vocation is the fundamental some portion of human life to accomplish your objective. Everybody must win concerning continuing with a solid life. Vashikaran specialist in Delhi is a genuine tantric by which you handling marriage issues, love problems, disproportionate love problems, between cast marriage problems, family questions, and employment issues.
Our celebrated and eminent Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi gives you the solution of your love question and in the event that you're hitched, by then he conjointly reveals to you how to continue with simultaneousness with your partner. He is a specialist to deal with all love and relationship problems.

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Precisely when begin to look all credulous at an individual we don't think about his/her money related condition, foundation or way of life or we don't consider the love problem solution in Delhi that ascents following generally long haul we are in love with our ideal individual and concerning marriage the fundamental problem ascends there and that is the between standing marriage and in such a circumstance our love problem solution in Delhi will maintain you furthermore he will help you with clearing all the circumstance coming in you and your love.
Finish of love can't be evaluated by any of different feelings on the planet. All the couples have the restrictive strategies that they trust themselves to be a mate companion. Every one of them comprehend that couple of can accomplishment in their arrangement and rest are getting disappointment in it. Famous astrologer in Delhi helps you to find the right partner for your future. We comprehend that it is a huge amount of hard to control your love to go unnecessarily far anyway marriage specialist astrologer in Delhi has any kind of effect. There are different who propel you to crush the relationship yet some of them can battle against it. Love marriage specialist in Delhi causes you every single infuriating opportunity to get your love back or any family gives made by your love. For further queries visit
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Love vashikaran specialist in delhi for secure marriage life +91 9776190123
Individuals become hopelessly enamoured and experience numerous things throughout his life. There are acceptable and awful feelings in each individual's love life. Vashikaran specialist in delhi helps you to fulfil all your wishes for searching and accepting your desired partners.

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In love life numerous problems emerge in the life of an individual. Hence an individual needs to eliminate the love problems with the assistance of love problem specialist in delhi. He gives the best of love problem solution in India to the couples. Be that as it may, each individual uses the prophetic cures with unadulterated aims to let their problem get tackled very soon. Soothsaying as a love problem solution in delhi is successful and it should never let any circumstance of separation come into their life. An individual can make their love bond with their accomplice more grounded by letting all the difficulties eliminate from their life.

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At the point when an individual loses every one of his expectations then astrologer comes like beam of light in them. There are numerous problems emerges when an individual considers marriage. Vashikaran specialist in delhi helps to fulfil all the wish and helps you to make a successful future life.
A few couples don't cause their folks to concur for their adoration marriage, a few appearances kundali doshas, a few countenances monetary problems, and some don't discover their life accomplice as they are expecting and numerous different problems, but vashikaran yantra is a tantric made product which helps you to demolish your enemy and protect you from the bad events in your future. For such sort of the problems there are numerous people and couples who are looking through marriage problem solution in delhi In the event that an individual takes the assistance of soothsaying at opportune time he can tackle each problem without any problem. Crystal gazing has solution of each problem. Counsel best soothsayer who has great information about the crystal gazing and its sub branches.
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2020.07.02 10:17 hopelandonline Tips to Increase Doctors Online Practice

1) Patients search doctor on Google before reaching them. So you should have online presence on website and on other Doctors profile sites.
Today, number of Smartphone users is rapidly increasing in India day by day due to easy availability of affordable internet facilities & smart phones. So, many people are searching online through their Smartphone’s to get information about needed product or services before actual buying. This principle also applies for doctors. Today’s generation search information about best Doctor in their locality before visiting clinic, this help doctors marketing, and promotion. Hence every doctor must have strong online presence. Creating best website and establishing perfect profile on DSS sites is very necessary to increase popularity in society. Strong online presence is helpful for Doctors to get maximum online patients and also boost Hospital Digital Marketing.
2) Should have mobile friendly Website with all relevant information and appointment booking feature, integration to social media.
Every doctor or hospital should have mobile friendly website because today most of the people visit website through their mobile. If website is not compatible with mobile then people cannot get required information which can impact the business. People also book appointment online hence ‘Online Appointment Booking’ feature must be included in website. And one important point is that website must have all relevant information of Doctor such as Doctor’s specialty, medical services provided by doctor, address of clinic or hospital, timings of clinic and educational information about doctor. These information is very essential to get maximum patients reach.
3) Create Google Business account; update Google business account with relevant images and details. Encourage your patients to give reviews.
Google Business is the biggest platforms to get online Appointments and its FREE, only you have to rank your Google Map in first three of Google Search Engine. Google My Business account is an extremely helpful to achieve growth in the business. Google My Business allows our business to appear in maps and local listing. Every doctor should create their Google my business account. It is easy and free to use. We can also add clinic photos, address, services, timings, contact number and location of clinic or hospital. Patients can also send message or call or appointment. Doctors can add their educational or patients testimonial videos in Google business. The most interesting part of Google business is that we can encourage patients to write a review about services which received. A good review has a very positive impact on any business. Google business helps doctors or hospitals to generate online patients, this helps online reach and Hospital Digital Marketing.
4) Creating your profile on all Doctors search engine websites like Practo, Lybrate, Sehat etc.
Doctors Search Engine Sites like Practo, Lybrate, Sehat, Credihealth & others are extremely helpful to get maximum patients reach, it also make your presence on Google. These sites are very popular in India. Creating accurate doctors profile on these sites will definitely increase business reach. We can add photos, services, fees, address of clinic and educational details. People can also book online appointment by using these sites. Hence every doctor should create a good profile on doctors search engine sites. Doctors Search Engine Sites are also offering an online doctor consultation service where patients can directly talk to specialists across many specialties. Most of these sites are FREE and Paid, so you can avail Paid service according to your budget.
5) Create your profile on all Business listings sites like Justdial, Sulekha etc.
Creating a strong, accurate profile on business listing sites like Justdial, Sulekha & other are surely helpful to increase business reach. Local Search engine provides local search related services to users. We can add various necessary information like services provided, location of clinic, timings of clinic, address, contact number and photos. These information is very useful for patient to contact relevant doctor. Patients can also give feedback or reviews about services received which can further increase popularity, transparency and trust among people. Creating profile on business sites increases your online presence on Google as well as also generate leads. Most of this sites are FREE and Paid, so you can avail Paid service according to your budget, this is the best hospital marketing strategy.
6) Create your profile on active social media sites like Facebook Instagram, YouTube etc.
Creating profile on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube is very necessary to achieve desired popularity and to increase business reach. Social media is one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods mainly use to increase your business visibility. In today’s era, every doctor should have a strong profile on social media sites. Creating profile on social media sites have lots of benefits such as increase in brand awareness, more traffic to our website, improvement in search engine ranking, more conversion rates, better patient’s satisfaction, cost effective marketing and good business loyalty. With the help of social media, doctors can keep contact with patients or followers. They can easily advise people or create awareness among people in society about diseases & precautions. Social media is the most effective and result oriented medium to get maximum patients reach and business growth. Social Media Marrketing helps Doctors Social Media Marrketing , Bransding and Awareness. This social media paid ads you can boost your service in your locations and help you to boost your Hospital Digital Marketing.
7) Start writing blogs, new generation love to read.
Today’s generation prefer to read blogs instead of books and Patients read too much about disease if he suffered, Hence there is a tremendous opportunity for doctors to increase business reach by writing healthcare related blogs. People generally like to read blogs based on current medical situation. Doctors can also create awareness in the society by publishing blogs on blogger sites. People can ask doubts, queries to doctor after reading blogs. In this way, doctors can do communication with the people thus finally building trust between society and doctor. Writing blogs regularly is very important for business point of view also. Blogging has various benefits such as blogs help to boost search engine optimization; it develops relationship with potential & existing customers, generates leads and connects people with our brand.
8) Start creating 8-10 min videos on your service / niche topics, people love to watch videos on certain disease. More value video will get more viral.
Doctors can create videos related to current medical situation. People always like to watch video related to current topics. Doctor can create awareness in the society by publishing videos, asking people to take necessary precautions. This kind of activity increases trust between doctor and people. There are lots of chances that video can go viral which ultimately increase brand popularity. Regular publishing videos is also helpful to get higher ranking in google search engine results & increase more traffic to website, this will hep you to decide healthcare marketing strategy. Patient’s testimonial videos are very helpful for other patients suffering from same diseases.
9) Shoot patients testimonial videos and upload on website and social media sites.
In Offline Marketing Patients tell his successful stories to 4 other Patient’s but in his uploaded video on Facebook or youtube his success story reaches to thousands of people. Testimonial videos are extremely helpful to increase trust between patients and doctor. It is advisable for doctors that they should shoot patient testimonial video after performing surgery or treatment. Testimonial video has a positive impact on other patients. Testimonial Video is very powerful act for converting user in patient. In testimonial video, patient shares their views about doctor, treatment received, other staff and facilities available at clinic or hospital. These factors are helpful to build a trust between doctor and society. Doctors can upload patient’s testimonial video on website, social media sites and video sites which further help to increase brand awareness and Google ranking. This testimonial video should not be more then 2-3 Min.
10) Shoot pre and post patients videos or photos and upload on website social media sites.
Every doctor should shoot pre and post-operated videos or photos of patients which finally provide idea about any treatment to other people suffering from similar diseases. Doctor can also upload these videos and photos on their website and social media sites. Regular posting of such photos and videos can surely help to increase website traffic, patients reach, brand popularity and Google ranking. If you are not surgeon then you can share patient’s testimonial only.
11) Start taking patients mobile number and start sending them message or WhatsApp about new service or offers or FREE Camp details through software’s, make your patients engage.
Today WhatsApp has become one of the most effective and popular way of marketing products and services. Doctor can also use WhatsApp efficiently to update about their various activities like free health check-up camps, discounts on check-ups, new services available and special offers for elder people. Through WhatsApp, doctor can engage patients about their advanced medical services. WhatsApp is the cost effective way of engaging people with their brand. WhatsApp help doctor to build best mobile customer relationship management and more conversion rate without extra cost.
12) Encourage your patients to give reviews on Google Business, All Doctors Search Engine sites and Social media sites.
Patients’ reviews are extremely important to create positive impact. Doctor can encourage patients to give reviews or feedback on Google Business, Practo, Facebook and other doctors search engine sites. The quality and quantity of reviews on Google Business is one of the most important ranking factor for local SEO. When any person search about nearby doctor on google, he/she checks doctor’s reviews which are given by patients. Positive reviews help to increase doctor’s credibility. Positive reviews on Social Media and Doctors Search Engine Sites are also very effective to increase google ranking and build a strong reputation as well as trust.
13) Monitor your reviews closely, especially negative review, contact your patients who gave negative review, ask the reason, try to solve their problems and then request them to change review to positive review.
Doctors should always reply to negative reviews of any patients. Monitoring negative reviews regularly is very helpful to avoid bad impact on reputation. If any patient gives negative review then doctor should ask reason for not satisfying about medical services received, doctor must try to solve patient’s problem. After solving patient’s problem, doctor can request patient to change negative review into a positive review.
14) Use Facebook Live and Google Live platform for the patients education purpose, this will help you for branding.
Doctor can use Facebook Live & Google Live platform to create awareness about any medical diseases. During live sessions, doctor can get opportunity to interact with lots of patients, doctor can solve patient’s queries, doubts about any medical condition through this live sessions or doctor can provide information immediately. Finally this type of activity can surely help for establishing strong popularity and credibility. Facebook Live and Google Live platforms create a good relationship with an Audience and help to establish higher level of engagement with an audience. Live sessions help doctors to reach maximum patients easily hence it is advisable to every doctor that they should regularly use Facebook Live and Google Live sessions for strong branding.
15) Create Google ads and Facebook ads to reach more patients.
Google ads and Facebook ads are most effective marketing platform for Doctors to reach more patients within a very shorter time period. Doctor can use Google ads and Facebook ads strategies to create strong branding. Most outstanding benefit of Google ads is that it works faster than local SEO. We can also monitor results of google and Facebook ads. Google ads allows doctors to reach out to potential audience based location, it means we can advertise about services locally and globally.
16) Reply to frequently asked questions every time.
Many patients or general public frequently ask question to doctors about their medical problems or if they want to know about medical fact. In such case, doctors should not overlook patient’s queries, instead doctors should reply to FAQ. Doctor must explain FAQ’s in detail so that common people can easily understood. This activity can surely help to create brand awareness and brand reputation. Online Reputation is play an very important role for Hospital Digital Marketing.
17) Keeps your patient’s waiting area more informative and educative?
It is a very common scenarios that most of the visitors or patients have to wait to consult doctor at hospital or clinic. In such situation, doctor can display awareness messages related to their medical services. Visitors or patients like to read healthcare related articles. Displaying these kind of educational information in the form of pamphlets, healthcare magazines, banners, PPT on LCD screen in the waiting room or at the reception area can definitely create valuable awareness about diseases or current medical situation. Hence doctor should make patient’s waiting area informative and educative because this is the best place to aware people.
18) Target to your referral partners through Facebook ads and retarget to your patients who always visited your website or Facebook page.
Retargeting is the effective way to raise brand awareness by keeping our brand at the forefront of patient’s mind. Doctor can target referral partners and can also retarget patients who regularly visit website and Facebook page. As per the experts, retargeted Facebook ads are 76% more likely to get clicks than regular display ads as well as 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeted Facebook ads. Hence every doctor should implement strategy of Facebook ads to retarget patients to get maximum patients reach.get patients to get maximum patients reach.
19) invite your local patients to your clinic for FREE Health Camps through Facebook events.
Doctor should invite local patients for FREE HEALTH CHECK-UP camps at clinic through Facebook events. Creating Facebook event is much easier and cost effective. It also saves lots of time as the process for setting up a Facebook event takes only a few minutes. Another major advantage of using Facebook events is that doctors can easily tracks data. Once doctor post the event and invite local patients, they have the option of selecting “Attending,” “Not Attending” or “Maybe”. When patients tell doctor that they are attending or not attending, it makes them easier to arrange Free Health Check-up camps. Hence it is advisable for all doctors that they should use Facebook event option to invite patients and other local public for any event and increase Hospital Digital Marketing.
20) Share your post, blogs, videos , patients testimonials in your local Facebook groups
Doctors should share blogs, photos and patient’s testimonial videos in their local Facebook groups. Regular sharing of posts in local groups is extremely beneficial as it can reach to large crowd within a very short time period thus increasing brand awareness. Sharing any posts is always more likely to get noticed in the newsfeedof users hence regular sharing posts is very necessary to get brand popularity. Sharing also help to build a strong social relationships with your target audience. So, it is advisable to doctors that they should share posts in local groups.
21) Use the same colour theme in your logo, website, letter head, visiting cards, file and all printing material and online posts.
Every doctor and other professional must use same color theme in logo, website, letter head, visiting card, file, online posts and other printing materials. Because the color scheme has a huge impact on human mind. Color creates ideas, expresses messages, defines goal or purpose of brand and generate certain emotions. Hence one should be very careful while selecting color scheme.
22) Always ask your patients how they find you; this will help you to target ads campaigns.
When any patient visit a clinic or hospital, doctor should ask patient about reference because this is very useful information to decide location strategy while targeting ads campaigns. Reference can be a doctor’s name, advertisement in newspaper, friend’s referral and others. Taking reference name from patients can give a clear idea about marketing results to a doctor, finally all data will help to decide an effective marketing strategy. Google ads and Facebook ads can work effectively if location is perfect.
23) Use WhatsApp and text message marketing to engage your local doctors / referral
Keep engaging your referral partner and your patients through sms, whatsapp, popup, free camps, birthday wish, festival wish , don’t let them forget you. WhatsApp is one of the most influential social media marketing platform. Doctor should use WhatsApp to send text messages such as Health Camp messages, reminder about next appointment date etc. Through this medium, doctor can engage patients and other people effectively. Regular updating society through WhatsApp can surely help to increase brand awareness. Doctors can also send many messages to lots of people at the same time thus it saves doctor’s valuable time. WhatsApp is also one of the most affordable communication medium for keeping better engagement with the society. Hence every doctor should use WhatsApp for maximum patients reach and brand popularity.
So in conclusion, hospitals should consider above mentioned Hospital Digital Marketing tips to build a better social community and a best online reputation.
Hope land Online is a dedicated and creative Digital Marketing Agency for Healthcare Professionals. We have a team of well experienced and proficient digital marketing experts who are smartly working for healthcare professionals to achieve business growth.
For more information about our work and our clients please
visit our website
So if you are looking for Hospital Digital Marketing
Thane feel free to call or whatsapp us 9004900100 for FREE DEMO.
Or mail us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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Find a Right Relocation Expert for Shift your Household Goods or Official Goods from One Location to Another. Local or Domestic. It can be a Easy Task or may be Hectic Depends on a Right Service Partner. Who can do this in a Professional Way. There are many way to search for a Right Service Partner Online or Offline depends on your choice or timing. There are Many packers and movers situated at online but actually there are many Fake fellows created their online existence with help of Website and other Paid service Providers Like Sulekha, Justdial etc. Better to Avoid those fellows otherwise it can be a hassle work for you. you might be loss your goods and money. So be attention to select a Professional one. Make Sure your Choice to select a Right Company that can make your Shifting tension free and reliable. Creative Packers and Movers is the well known Company based in Bangalore that served more than 5000 customer in their past few years and very soon established their professionalism on higher ranked and most reliable Packers and Movers in Bangalore for Local Shifting or Domestic. If you are looking for a Safe, Secure, Reliable and Affordable Packers and Movers to shift your belongings Creative Packers and Movers will a be a right chaise for you.
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2016.05.10 01:14 joedapper Session 5: Nothing Else Matters, this posted rated M.

Session 5
I'd like to start off with a big thanks to my players. Judging by the amount of time we lost because of gut busting laughing , I'd say a good time was had by all this past session. And damn if we didn't need it. Including the 0 session, they've been through 5 sessions of game. Taking them from a fresh level 1 to the precipice of tier 2. And I'm damn proud of them. As such, I thought they deserved something different. Something special. Of my brainstorming sessions, what made it through was each player on their own at the same time. But how to game that, and how to keep the other 2 guys interested while 1 guy was going. After a lot of failed ideas, finally I got excited about one that I had hoped would blow their minds. And I believe it was successful.
A while back the Player who is Ike gave me this tapestry. it is one of my most cherished possessions. And the inspiration for tonight's session. If you saw the preview pic, then you knew I had assembled a veritable who's who, of the evil corporations of sci-fi movies for this session. In session 1, the players met a skinjob/replicant/host as played by beloved sci-fi actor Marshall Bell that set in motion the events of this tier. To bring the story full circle, they would have to recruit the best hackers (sessions 2/3/4). Use what knowledge and cyphers they had picked up along the way. Infiltrate their chosen targets and hack the computer systems located there, in order to unlock the hard drive of the skinjob from session 1. Conveniently for me, the physical terminals were located in the following locations: Weyland-Yutani Corporate HQ. Omni Consumer Products HQ. Cyberdyne Systems HQ. And last but not least, and also the path not taken, Tyrell Corporation.
Things don't always go as planned in the 'Verse. Sometimes you just end up, back at the bar telling "fishing stories," and that is what the intent was in session 5. That the characters had all wound up at Jet's bar, The Tapestry, and were now swapping their tales of adventure as sort of a flash-back. The vehicle for this session was that classic of grade school book sales, MAD-LIBS. I took each HQ building and made separate mad-libs for each player to choose and then build their own adventure, then we'd rip off the tape and tell the stories!
I now present to you, Session 5. Words in bold are the words filled in by the players.
Ike as played by Spike Spiegel started things off.
Cyberdyne was written in the advent of a 4th player, but he had to work, so I just left it in the stack of options. Instead of one of the recruited hackers, whoever took this one, got to fill in the blanks on their companion as well.
Cyberdyne Systems, was having a ball at their HQ building, Should have been a Cake
The best way in was to take a date. So I called up an old friend Beatrice to be my date. As played by the talented: Faye Valentine
I figured we could be in and out before they knew what the shit
had happened to them. At least that was the idea.
Beatrice got us a set of invites and we stole a Limo
to show up in. That part went smooth. The door man let us in and the tickets passed the security check.
Cyberdyne really knows how to put on a shindig. There was literally a mountain of Calamari
and I thought I saw a table loaded with all kinds of designer party drugs. Classy.
Beatrice and I took a stroll around the ball room to get the lay of the land.
There were 4 guards including the 2 we passed at the main entrance. 1 was near the catering doors,
the other was near a nondescript door. They wouldn't put a fucking fatty
of a man in front of a door that went to nothing. Something had to be behind that fuck
So now we knew where we needed to go, but how to get past Douche canoe?
As luck would have it, I turned to the entrance just in time to see Steve
a notorious hot head, as played by the talented TV's Evil Hercules
enter the ball room. This was exactly what I needed.
Steve made his way around the room, and then
eventually over to the buffet. I let him get a full plate of Nachos
before I approached him. I positioned myself so that he would bump into me. It worked perfectly.
Steve bumped into me and spilled fucking nachos all over himself! He started to lose his mind.
Dicking ASS!!!!! is your fucking problem man? He asked me.
Do you know who the fuck I am you little Balls?
NO. I said coldly.
Steve immediately goes 0 to 100 and takes a Hollywood swing at me. Swing and a miss, I remark as his fist comes no where near me. At this time he completely freaks out.
He starts throwing stuff like Nachos and some nachos
mean while his cheap hooker of a date takes a wild swing at Beatrice
and completely misses. She takes her momentum and flips her over her shoulder right onto a table of Nachos
The commotion is exactly what we need. The guards leave their posts and Beatrice
and I make our way over to the door and pop it open. It leads us right into a stairwell going down.
True to it's existence, Cyberdyne Tower is an office building first and foremost. We started to explore
floor by floor and things were going good until I rounded a corner and heard a BZZZZZZZZ
noise! It was a hover drone and its sensors picked me up right away. I somersault
out of its sensor footprint and like a fire work it exploded as Beatrice
blasted it with a small laser pistol she had smuggled in. We were on the right track, the drone was
guarding a security door, which was no match for our scramblers. It was like it was too easy. We made it through another security door and there it was, the terminal.
Beatrice got to work while I snooped around. There were server stacks everywhere, with research benches scattered here and there. That's where I snagged this!
Everything was going great and then the alarm starts going off. I ran back to Beatrice
we had to get going. I was yelling at her to hurry up but she only had transferred 20%
but it would have to do. We hit our recall buttons but nothing happened. Again. PISS!
And then, as if that wasn't bad enough pew-pew, pew-pew, pew-pew, pew-pew
something blasting at us as we ducked for cover.
It was one of those security guards from the ball room shooting at us with a shotgun.
Pew-pew, pew-pew another shot missed us as we dove behind a server rack.
We needed to hit this thing hard then get the fuck out of here. Beatrice
ran off to try and get around this thing. I popped up behind it and popped it
right in the back. As it turned around to face me, BLAT! BLAT!
Beatrice had double tapped it in the head. And that's when I saw it.
It wasn't a man. It was a full on robot. A fraking skin job!
BLAT! BLAT! I got 2 more rounds off on it and it just kept coming at us.
Server racks were making the ultimate sacrifice all around us.
Beatrice popped up with what appeared to be a sling shot. She fired something at it that flashed
Orange after it hit the skinjob. It keeled over as if it had just been shut off mid stride.
"I was worried we might see one of these!" she said.
Beatrice and I made our way through the stair wells and into the
main lobby where we joined the rest of the guests being evacuated. As a diversion I nabbed
the tickets from the couple in front of us, so when they got the check out, they tripped security and were violently pulled out of line for questioning.
Not wanting to upset their guests, we were ushered outside and I used their valet ticket.
A sweet Aston Martin 1+1 showed up, and we took it to get back here. I'm keeping it. How about you guys?
Rob-Bot as played by Kanye and Spider one drew Omni Consumer Products:
Omni Consumer Products, Lunar Operations Center. The heart of manufacturing on the moon and quite
possibly the most heinous of all the faceless mega corporations in the Terran Sector.
Spider One and I only had one choice, a beach assault. OCP was an entire
island all by itself. Most of it was inaccessible and what was, was protected as Bitch whore
We came ashore screaming hot in a rubber zodiac. The mission was almost over before it even started.
WHIIIRRRRRR WWWHHHHIIIIIRRRRR 2 aero drones were on us right away.
BLATTTT!! I blasted one out of the sky and SPIDEY
ANAL FUCKED the other one to bits. Taking out the drones would bring the real
guards so we had to get into the facility fast. It was a hundred yard dash to the walls where we had to
creep in the shadows until we made it to a service door. SPIDEY
used a scramble on the locks and we were in. The outer halls were empty, not even auto fire turrets.
SPIDER found a live terminal and was able to clear us a path to the
control room. We were making good time until we hit a LEEERRROOYYY JENKINS!
of half dissected alien corpses everywhere. Failed alien cyborgs. Failed human cyborgs. All manner of
wild science experiments were going on here. We had managed to work our way into a more interior style of room and hallway. It didn't take us long
to find the control room, and then the terminal.
OL SPIDEY had their work cut out for themselves. It was time for me to see what kind of BLEEDING-COCK SUCKER
this company really was. It didn't take too long for me to find some real good stuff.
It looks like they were pretty deep down the rabbit hole when it came to human alien
experimentation. I went into one room and it had this case, so I straight ganked
it! Then I started to work my way back to where Spydro
was hacking at. The lunar core all on on display like that was Fine Ass
to look at. Pure data. More than can ever be comprehended. We had 38%
when we came under attack. PEW PEW PEW
and an office chair and copying machine were melted into puddles that turned to ash.
SPIDER and I hit our recall buttons but nothing happened.
We hit them again but then that thing shot at us again and we scattered. What ever it was could
Cock fucking float so hiding wasn't the easiest thing to do.
Ol Spider boy popped up from behind a server and winged it.
It was distracted from that giving me a good shot at it BLAT BLAT KA BLAT!!
What ever it was was taking hits but not really taking damage. A bolt of white hot
energy whizzed by my head and melted a server rack. Spydro
nailed it in the jet pack and it dropped to the ground. Blat and Blat
I blasted at it but missed. What ever it was was just as fast on the ground, as we chased it through the
stacks. I could see this was going to be a problem as it melted a desk and a file cabinet.
SPYDRO popped out from behind a console with a shotgun KABLAT!!!
What ever it was took the full blast and bounced off the wall then fell to the ground motionless. It was a
Vree that had been fitted with robotic parts. A helmet and visor. A jet pack. Integrated weapons and targeting systems. Not much of what was left was Vree.
I picked up its blaster and we started to look for an exit.
We were almost down to the ground level when we ran into something a lot bigger than robo-vree.
KAPLOW KAPLOW , rocket fire exploded!!! as it hit the wall behind us.
There, guarding the way out were 2 Guardian bots, full on AI and milspec-weapons package. Hopefully
SPIDER had something for these guys or we were Rooster Dicks
I ran behind a stair well and too a few shots at the guardian bot on that side. Bing Bong
my bullets bounced right off their armor. Then I remembered. I had the ray gun!
DOOOOOOEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY went the ray gun's emitter and the Guardian bot suddenly
had a gaping hole in the middle of it. This didn't stop it entirely, until Spydro
ran up to it and tossed a frag grenade in it. That finished it off sure sure. The other one had made it
across the room and had forced us to take cover from it's rocket fire. BOOOMMSKI!!!
I tried with the ray gun again but it must have had some kind of energy shield up as the ray bounced off
SPYDRO busted out some kind of emitter that made the guardian bot go
BERZERK it started blasting all of its weapons at the same time.
There was rocket and cannon fire going off in every direction. PEW PEW PEW
When the guardian bot ran out of ammo it just started shambling SHITTILY
around the room like it couldn't control itself. That's when I took my shot DERRRRRRRRRRR
the ray gun did its thing and this time I must have hit something important as the guardian blew up.
We were dinged up pretty good but the way was clear now and we made our way into a hanger filled
with all the most boring utility shuttles. I stole this Bentley
1+1 and initiated the back up we are.
Khaos as played by Vin Diesel, and Tubular Steve as played by Shannon Elizabeth drew Weyland Yutani Corporation:
The Weyland Yutani Corporation terminal was going to be a fucktard
to break into. I wasn't sure I could do it alone, but luckily I had Tubular Steve
to help me out. We took a hovercraft to Lunar North Alaska
where the facility was located and made out way to it.
The perimeter wasn't too well guarded. There's no way there was more than 5
guards. But there didn't have to be when I tripped a sensor and we were in the cock membranes
2 mole popped up from the lawn and were blasting at us with stun pulses ZZZZKKKKUUMMM
We jumped behind a big rock and waited for them to reset. As soon as they were back in the ground
we would trip the sensors again and take care of them when they popped back up.
We went to either side of the rock and took out shots: BANG BANG BOOM KAKAKAKA
I busted off two rounds and and nailed that whore cock
on the other side of the rock things were going just as well. Tubular Steve
blasted their mole too.
We cleared the scrub lands and made our way up next to the wall. Stevie
used a scrambler to pop open a tower door and we were in. We cleared a fuckin bastard
maze of pipes, lines, conduits and cables. When we finally made it to a hall way, KAAKKOOWW
missed me by an inch. These guys weren't messing with stun. I busted out the .50 cal
and let 2 fly. By some miracle I had managed to nail the first guy right in the Head! BOOM!!
and he went down. 2 more shots from my left. I looked in time to see Steve
had taken out his guy too. More would be on the way so we had to move fast. We ducked into a
stairwell and made our way up to where the data center was. We had only made it another 2
floors up when we had to deal with security again. This time they were above us.
They had us pinned in the corner but luckily Steve
had come prepared. He busted out this weird looking transmitter and zamboozilllaaaaa
the guys he was aiming it at dropped their guns and then barfed
all over each other. It was the sickest thing I've ever seen but at least we could get past them.
We made it to the control center and took a look around. Not a soul in sight. No alarms. Nothing.
It didn't take us long to find the 1 secure terminal in the room. It was time for Steve
to shine. I was watching over their shoulder when I felt something brush my foot but I didn't see
anything. I was watching the door making sure something hadn't sneaked in when I got
the heebee jeebees, I whipped around guns blazing KAKOW KAKOW
What ever it was, I caught it square in the everything and exploded.
It's guts where everywhere and that's when things got really interesting.
What ever it was turned my gun into a puddle of melted piss
It must have some kind of acid for blood or something. Regardless, it was time to go.
Steve had only gotten 15% but it would have to do. We had to get the fuck out of there.
Still no alarms but we weren't going to stick around and wait. We hit out recall buttons but nothing
happened! Not good. So we ran out into the hallway only to be ambushed by a drone guard.
Steve got off a shot but nothing Luckily I had a Rambo Knife
for back up. I finished off the drone and we booked it down the hallway until we got to an open area.
*Steve * and I made our way around. Sneaking from desk to desk. I had just rolled behind some
lavish mahogany partner's desk and I saw this case, so I took it. We made it to an external facing hall
way and I caught a glimpse of a landing pad. But it was 4
floors down. We thought we were making out way to an elevator, but when the door opened,
21 security guards spilled out into the hallway, guns blazing. With out thinking I threw an
office chair through a window and we dropped into the courtyard below, landing right behind 2 guards.
Kapow! Kapow! Kapow! Steve had wasted one while I
took care of the other one with a left foot side kick to chin, shoving his mandible into his brain
One of them had a M-29 Incisor on him, which I gladly relieved him of, and all his ammo.
We slid down a support structure the rest of the way down to where the landing pad is. I took a look
using the scope on the Incisor and happened to see something moving
I pulled the trigger and 3 rounds WAP WAP WAP
right to its dome. It never knew what hit it. And I didn't want to know what it was.
There were a good dozen vehicles down there. I stole this sweet John Deere
1+1 and we made out way back here.
*Edited links and formatting
Please tell me what you do or do not like about this session? What are your thoughts on hybrid gaming? Thanks
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